10 Best Driving Apps on Android in 2022

Smartphones have become our digital assistants and they help us in almost every aspect of our lives. Whether it's a quick search or paying our bills, smartphones come in handy. Smartphones are also a great driving companion, and they offer a number of driving apps that can make the whole session fun for you. If you want to explore these apps, keep reading as we will be sharing the best driving apps on Android in 2022.

  • JustPark
  • Spotify
  • Android Auto
  • AutoMate
  • Google Maps
  • Drivemode
  • Google Sitting
  • Here WeGo
  • GPS Speedometer and Odometer
  • Waze


JustPark is one of the best driving apps on Android. Admittedly, finding a good parking space is not an easy task, but you can easily find the number of parking spaces using JustPark.

It is a community app where more than 4,5 million drivers contribute to the app and help you find the right place near your location. If you don't want to waste your time finding a good parking space, JustPark is the best option for you.


If you are traveling alone, you must need good music that will keep you from getting bored and keeping you focused. There are tons of music streaming apps available, but Spotify is our favorite because it offers the best overall experience.

The app contains millions of songs from popular singers around the world. In the app, you get thousands of playlists which you can enjoy while driving. Moreover, the pro version does not contain any advertisements which improves the overall experience.

Android Auto

Android Auto is one of the best driving apps for Android. If your car has Android Auto Support, you should consider this app as it will make your driving sessions more fun.

The best thing about Android Auto is that it comes with a built-in Google Assistant, and you can do a lot of things such as make calls, get updates on your ETA route, check your calendar, manage the music and many more with just saying "OK Google!" ".


AutoMate is one of the best driving apps on Android. The overall functionality of the app is very similar to Android Auto which makes it a decent Android Auto alternative.

In this application, you have access to basic services such as making calls, sending replies, receiving speed limit alerts, controlling media and maps. The advantage of this application is that it supports voice commands and you can use the services with voice commands which will help you stay focused on driving. You can use AutoMate for free, but it comes with in-app purchases.

Google Maps

Google Maps is arguably one of the must-have driving apps that will help you reach your destination faster. The app includes comprehensive maps that you can use for travel.

It offers turn-by-turn, turn-by-turn voice guidance and provides real-time traffic updates, which you can use to avoid traffic. The app also provides alternative routes to your destination which you can choose based on your choice. You can use Google Maps for free, but it comes with ads.


Using a smartphone while driving is a leading cause of road accidents, and Drivemode is the app that simplifies the whole process for you.

The app lets you send messages, make calls, receive calls, and do other things using voice commands. Besides that, you can also integrate your favorite navigation, music, messaging and voice assistant apps with Drivemode and use them right from the app. Drivemode is free, but it comes with ads.

Google Sitting

Google Assistant is one of the best voice assistants and you can use it to do a lot of things. All you'll have to do is set up your voice assistant, then you can command it to do things using the "OK Google" command.

The Google Assistant is very efficient and you can use it to perform various tasks such as setting reminders, making calls, Google searches and many more. Google is free, but it comes with ads.

Here WeGo

HERE WeGo is one of the best driving apps on Android. It is a popular maps and navigation app that you can use to travel from place to place.

The app offers turn-by-turn turn-by-turn voice guidance, making it easy to reach your destination. In addition to that, it also offers navigation for public transport in more than 1900 cities around the world. It also includes integrated services such as hotel reservation and parking, which are the icing on the cake. You can use HERE WeGo for free, but it comes with ads.

GPS Speedometer and Odometer

GPS Speedometer and Odometer is one of the best driving apps on Android. The best thing about this tracker is that it is 98% accurate which makes it a very accurate speedometer.

You can use this speedometer app to find your current speed, average speed, total distance, maximum distance and other aspects. It also includes many alarms that notify you when you drive more than the specified speed limit. GPS Speedometer and Odometer are free, but it comes with ads.


Waze is another very popular maps and navigation app that directly competes with Google Maps. Like Google Maps, Waze is also packed with features and offers accurate guidance.

On Waze, you get detailed traffic updates, real-time traffic alerts, and other hazards on your route. It also includes a built-in speedometer that sends you an alert when you exceed the speed limit. Also, it provides toll charges on your route so that you have money for it. Waze is free, but there are ads.

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Here are the 10 best driving apps on Android. Most of these apps are free and you can use them to enhance your driving experience. Also, we strongly recommend that you do not use a smartphone while driving and stay safe. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Also, if you want to get a new car, check out this guide where we have shared the best car buying apps for Android.

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