Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

There has been much talk of IPTV lists, free ones and those dangerous private paid IPTV lists.

An IPTV list is nothing more than a list of links (usually in m3u format), each link corresponds to the live broadcast of a TV channel.

This list of links is of no use if it is not fed to a program that knows how to interpret it and can therefore provide access to the videos.
These programs are called "player IPTV”Or“ IPTV clients ”and they exist for each platform, in this in-depth analysis we will see the best IPTV players for PC and Mac, Android and iOS mobile devices and for Smart TVs.

In general, no IPTV player is illegal in itself, because none of the apps listed below gives therect access to any channel, it is the user who has to upload his own list of IPTV channels. If he imports the lists with free channels he will not do any crime, if he uploads a list with paid channels he will obviously do a (serious) crime and risk the commensurate sentence.

Best IPTV players for desktop systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)

VLC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

It is the legendary video player capable of running any format.
The application is free, open source and multiplatform. It only takes a few clicks to install it, on each platform, and then to open a list and start watching TV channels.
In fact VLC is the simplest solution that you can use come player IPTV per PC o Mac.
Installation, as we have mentioned, is very simple: just connect to the official website, download the executable suitable for your device, once you have downloaded the file, click on it and follow the instructions on the screen in your language.
For details, we refer to our guide to configuring IPTV on VLC.

What (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

Kothe is a fantastic application, it is a complete and versatile open source methea center.
Using it as a methea player to watch IPTV is also an understatement. In any case it is among the best solutions for those who want to have aexcellent application to manage your IPTV lists, and also integrate the handy TV guide.
Even the installation of Kothe is very simple, but the configuration is slightly more complex, for this we refer to our guide to Kothe and IPTV.
On Kothe it is also worth noting the presence of many valid unofficial add-ons that provide both legal and illegal lists.

Perfect Player (Windows/Linux)

Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

It is a comfortable and complete video player specially programmed for IPTV. It doesn't have an exactly friendly interface, but once you get used to it it's just great.
Perfect Player allows you to use multiple IPTV lists at the same time and multiple EDRs (i.e. sources from which to take the channel guide).
The app is free and very popular; the installation is simple, just go to the official website and download the executable for Windows or Linux and then double click on it to start the installation. Unfortunately there is no Mac version.

Best mobile IPVT players (Android and iOS)

Even on the mobile world there are many valid apps to effectively see your IPTV lists on smartphones and tablets.


Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

This is a very popular app on both Android and iOS. Allows the loatheng the IPTV list in various ways, and has on its side the supporto a Chromecast.
The app is free with heavy advertising but that does not undermine its usability.
This is perhaps the only solution that even has an advanced IPTV playlist manager that allows you to switch channels from one to the other.

If you want to try GSE Smart IPTV you can download it for free from the Play Store and the App Store.

IPTV Smarters (Android and iOS)

Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

This is a new app, which has been able to stand out for its simplicity and completeness, just a few taps are enough to configure your list and start playing.
There is a full support also for EDRs and then to the channel guide. This is a popular solution for your own simplicity of installation.
On Android IPTV Smarters is free with ads, on iOS it is formally free but only works after making an in-app payment.
The Android version can be downloaded therectly from the Play Store, the iOS version from the App Store.

Perfect Player (Android)

Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

We have already talked about this application in the previous paragraph, it is also really appreciated in the Android version (where is considered to be one of the best Android IPTV players).
It only takes a few taps to configure your IPTV and EDR list. The app offers many options and is free with ads.
As for the desktop version, support for various IPTV lists should be noted.
If you want to install Perfect Player just download the app from the Play Store, for those who do not have access to the store, you can also download the apk from the official website.

Lazy IPTV (Android e iOS)

Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

It is a simple free app, very comfortable and practical to use. It offers aconvenient and immetheate interface and it's easy to use.
You can download it for free with ads therectly from the Play Store, and we have dethecated an appreciated guide to its configuration.

Also worth noting: the mobile version of VLC (Play Store and App Store) and of course Kothe, which is officially available for mobile only for Android (you can install it on iOS using the alternative stores, on this you can consult our guide).

Best IPTV players on Smart TV

As the most informed will already know, to date there are several operating systems on smart TVs, and each manufacturer chooses the solution they prefer.
The easiest way to watch IPTV on Smart TV is Android TV.
On Android TV, the best IPTV client apps are basically those thescussed in the previous paragraph, which can be downloaded therectly from the Play Store.

Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

On Samsung and LG Smart TVs that use the Tizen and WebOS system respectively, the situation is a bit more complex and a paragraph would not be enough to explain it in due detail. For those wishing to deepen this topic, please refer to our popular guide to IPTV on SmartTV.
Those who do not have a Smart TV available can solve the problem by using a TV box. Most of these tv boxes use the Android operating system and it is therefore possible to use the IPTV players for Android already described in the previous paragraph.

Best IPTV Player to easily watch IPTV

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