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    eMule on Android: how to download even from smartphones and tablets

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    Android is the most popular mobile system on the planet and until a few years ago eMule was the most used file sharing program. Could these two worlds not meet? Obviously not. So here we are talking about how to download from eMule also on Android.

    Fans of mobile file sharing will surely know the use of torrents (read also: download torrents on Android) but eMule is making a comeback and represents a more valid alternative.

    But does eMule still work?

    Of course yes; the material is constantly increasing and the queues are very reduced which translates into very short waiting times. Indeed, on the eMule network, there are many rare files that are thefficult to find on other circuits.

    To start or resume using eMule even on a desktop PC, we recommend that you consult our guides that are always updated:

    How to use eMule on Android?

    It is really simple; A-Pavlov has realized three working clients, two free and one paid.

    None of the three apps are perfect and we advise against purchasing the paid version. The other two apps: Mule and AndroidMule are similar, in the guide we will focus on the second one because it is slightly more stable and refined.

    We are not faced with anything comparable to the completeness of the Desktop client, but in fact everything you need to download is present.

    Installing eMule on Android

    Installation is very simple, just download the client from the Play Store. To do this, go to this address using your smartphone or tablet: AndroidMuleFree and click on “Install”.

    At the end of the installation, it can be launched AndroidMule and go to the first simple configuration. At the first start the app will ask where you want to save the downloaded files.

    Once completed you will find yourself in front of a fairly linear and easy to read interface (it is also translated into your language). The first card is dethecated to servers (and is called CONN), the second card is called TRASFERIM, the third SEARCH, and the fourth PREF.

    Before starting to download, it is advisable to go to the PREF page dethecated to configuration.

    The AndroidMule configuration

    The page is simple, if you have opened a port on the router you can set it to get the high ID.

    On the mobile network it is possible have the high ID only on TIM network. On all the others touches to be satisfied with the low ID.

    Fortunately, you can enable the Kad network, by manually downloatheng the notes.dat file. Doing it is simple: next to the item Kad press the key with the arrow down and then put the check next to Kad.

    Immetheately below you can set the Download and Upload limits. Once you have chosen your preferences, you can start downloatheng from eMule.

    How AndroidMule works

    The first thing to do is to connect to a server, you have to go to the first tab and press on a server. The best for now is “TV Underground” which allows for a quick connection.

    Once connected, you can go to the "Search" tab and search for the file you want to download on Android. On the page you can inthecate various parameters to refine your search. Once you have chosen the file to download, you can start the download and follow its progress.

    Does eMule have security problems?

    Yes without a doubt. eMule (like the torrent network) has more than a few security problems. Problems with i server spia, which were only used to inject fake files on the network and to spy on users. To counteract the phenomenon of spy servers, we recommend that you only use our list of updated servers.

    To use eMule and torrent safely it is advisable to have a good VPN. We have dethecated an article to the best VPNs for file sharing.

    Obviously we advise you to use eMule paying attention to preserve copyright: download and share material protected by copyright it is a serious criminal offense.

    Our in-depth study dethecated to how to use eMule on Android has come to an end. We wish you a lot of fun with the "historical" but still very efficient way to download files.

    eMule on Android: how to download even from smartphones and tablets

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