Excel tutorial: How to hide and unhide elements?

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For security or anonymity reasons, you may need to hide certain elements of your workbook. Here are some examples that will be very useful to you.

How to hide a column?

Right-click on the column (here B) and choose "Hide".

Column B is no longer displayed in your sheet.

How to show a hidden column?

Select the two columns 'surrounding' the column to display (here column A and C): choose “Display”.

How to hide or show a line?

The principle is identical to the columns:

How to hide a sheet?

Right-click on the sheet you want to hide: choose "Hide".

The “Sheet1” is no longer visible.

How to display a sheet?

Right-click on a workbook sheet: choose "View".

All you have to do is select the sheet you want to display in your Excel workbook.

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