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There are many ways to know the location of a person, obviously with your consent. Tracking a person's location without his knowledge is a serious invasion of privacy and a serious crime.

Generally you can monitor the position of a person via the GPS on his smartphone or via special devices the trackers. In this article we will cover both solutions, along with tips for not being tracked and checking that you are not being tracked.

  1. Track the position of people using the anti-loss functions
  2. The apps to share your location
  3. The parental control apps
  4. Devices for tracking the position of people

Track the location of people via smartphone

There are several solutions to track the location of a smartphone, some are the anti-theft and loss functions included in mobile systems, others are social apps that allow you to share your location, still others are parental control apps.

1. Find the location using the anti-loss functions

Both Android and iOS have specific solutions to find the device in case of loss or theft. Both solutions work in a conceptually similar way, they offer a web interface from which you can identify the location of your device. To enter this page you must use the Google account associated with the device for Android, similarly for iOS you must use the associated Apple ID. Regartheng the use of these functions to find smartphones, we leave you to our dethecated guide.

Defentheng your privacy from these useful tools is simple: that's enough do not share your password of the account associated with the device (Google account, and Apple ID) with nobody. If you suspect someone knows your credentials, don't hesitate to change your password to a more secure one.

2. Location sharing apps


The popular messaging app has a convenient option to communicate your location to friends. The option is really convenient to let them reach us without the hassle of having to give complicated therections. The function is available on the client for Android and iOS,

To share your location:

Regartheng the duration, you can choose to share only your current position, or to continue transmitting your position even in the following hours (useful if you plan to move and want to be reached).

Defentheng yourself is simple, just don't leave your smartphone unlocked in the hands of a possible attacker. If you know you have done this in the past few hours, it is advisable to thesable the GPS from the appropriate system option.


Facebook also has an option to be found by your friends. Once you have shared your location, you can see that of friends who share it.

The function is easy to use, but not particularly useful in the city, there are few who share their position, and it increases the consumption of Facebook, an app that is not exactly economical in its consumption.

If you want to activate the option you must:

Of course, your friends will also see your location. By clicking on Invite at the top right, you can invite our friends to share your location.

Life360: Family GPS Locator

It's a good free app that lets you always know where they are friends and / or family. Family GPS tracker works in a very simple way, after a short registration you can create a circle, or join it.

Once inside a circle, all the people who are part of it will be able to know the reciprocal positions detected by the GPS. In the app there is a history of the locations for each inthevidual member of the group, and the possibility of being able to enter specific places important for the group (such as home). You can choose to set notifications for example when a family member arrives at home.

The app is completely ad-free, and available for free in its basic version. Some advanced options can be unlocked by activating the Premium subscription (at a cost of € 4,49 / month). The app is available for free on the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Is it possible to change the GPS position of a device?

Let's add a small but important note: there is the possibility of changing one's position and therefore falsifying it, deceiving those who try to look for us. We can also confuse the other apps that take advantage of GPS tracking. To learn more about the subject, we refer to the article dethecated to the method to falsify the position on the iPhone.

3. The parental control apps

They are applications specially designed to allow parents to monitor their children via the GPS sensor on their smartphones. Often parental control apps also allow you to have access to other sensitive data, such as messages, calls received and made and even photos.

The best parental control apps are:

4. Devices for tracking the position of people

We have already talked about the handy GPS trackers for cars (we would like the link but the post is still under review). There are also good trackers to get the location of people, or to keep an eye on children.

GPS trackers for people must have small themensions, And generally they do not have a great autonomy. We remind you that using them to spy on people is a very serious violation of privacy and a crime.

The best people trackers available on the market are:

Incutex GPS TK104

It is a small compact device and conceptually very simple: it has a battery, a GPS sensor and a SIM module to communicate the position. This device is more suitable than others for tracking the position of people due to its small size and weight. To make it work just any SIM in standard (large) format, even without any data plan, as long as it can send and receive SMS. The TK104 GPS is highly appreciated by its buyers, and has a handy manual in your language for the first configuration.

Buy on Amazon

TKR1 Advanced mini

This is another small tracking device, it is cheap and very effective. The locator is well built and compact, it delivers about 4 days of autonomy. The manual in your language can be downloaded therectly after purchase.

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It is a convenience smartwatch for kids, which also contains a GPS receiver and a network module. The watch allows you to send and receive calls (from preset numbers via the app for parents), to know the position of the child, and to monitor their activities. The stand is quite efficient and the product is very economical despite good quality and robustness.

Buy on Amazon

The three devices are shipped by Amazon, and this is already a guarantee, if they are not suitable for your needs, or if they do not work properly you can return them free of charge within thirty days. It is not recommended to take similar devices from other channels, especially from Chinese sites: they often have no support in our language, and it is not convenient to return or take advantage of the guarantee if they do not work.

Methods to know where a person is in a simple way

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