Microsoft launches the Windows 10 mobile Anniversary Update

    It was expected on August 9, 2016 but, as always when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile, once again the wait lasted a few more days.

    What matters, however, is the result: during the past few hours Microsoft has (finally) started the release of Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update!

    Not all users will receive it at the same time: the distribution will vary according to the country, the device model and, of course, whether or not the brand is present. As always, branded devices will have to wait a little longer than the others, as the update will have to go through the operator validation process.

    Microsoft launches the Windows 10 mobile Anniversary Update

    Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update brings with it numerous corrections and many additions, which in part reflect those also made in the Windows 10 desktop / tablet Anniversary Update. To know them all, we refer you to our dedicated presentation article (the news related to the furniture are listed in the second part)!

    When the update is available, Windows 10 Mobile users will receive a notification; to force the search, simply go to Settings> Update and security and check for updates.

    We remind you that, given the extent of the update, it is absolutely recommended proceed with the download only if connected to a WiFi network not charged by time or by consumption. We also advise you, before proceeding with the installation, of have a charge level equal to or greater than 80%.

    The update process, depending on the device and its status, could take up to half an hour; We therefore advise you to update when you do not need your device and, above all, do not be alarmed if it seems to take too long.

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