PS3: RPCS3 emulator can now launch all console games

PS3: RPCS3 emulator can now launch all console games

PS3 emulation has just taken a new step. RPCS3, the benchmark in the field, can now launch any game released on the console. However, problems persist. Currently, only 63% of titles are actually playable from a PC.

At a time when Sony seeks to more or less discreetly get rid of the PS3, gamers are looking for new ways to make their nostalgia live. The Japanese firm seems to want to push the backward compatibility of the PS5 with all its old consoles, but it will surely take several months, or even years, before this is actually the case. Also, there is only one other solution:emulation.

In this area, RPSC3 is surely the most advanced. Launched in 2011, the latter has just taken a giant leap. On Twitter, the developers announced that all PS3 games can now be launched on the emulator. “We are delighted to announce that RPCS3 now has a total of zero sets in Nothing status! This means that all known games and apps start at least on the emulator, with no regression going on that prevents games from starting. "

RPCS3 can run all PS3 games, but they are not playable

So what is this “Nothing status” that the developers mention? Well, this is where the shoe pinches. Indeed, if all the games can theoretically start via the emulator, that does not mean that we can play it. RPCS thus classifies the 6000 titles available on PS3 into 5 categories: Playable, In-game, Intro, Loading and Nothing. The Playable category is, as the name suggests, all games that run perfectly on the emulator, while the Nothing category refers to titles that fail to launch.

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Between the two, we therefore find the category At stake (30,53% of titles), which includes “games that cannot be finished, have critical bugs or performance issues”. In the category Intro (5,75% of titles) are classified the "games which appear on the screen but which do not exceed the menus" and in the category Loading (0,19% of titles), the "games that display a black screen with a framerate". Altogether, that's 36,47% of games that aren't really worth running on RPCS3.

Nevertheless, 63,53% of compatible games remain a very impressive score for the emulator. The developers have also let it be known that they are "looking forward to clearing Loading as well", which shouldn't take too long. In other words, RPCS3 is a serious candidate to become the best PS3 emulator on PC.

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