Netflix: the best free and paid alternatives

Netflix has become one of the best on-demand streaming services around thanks to its exclusive content, affordable prices and the ability to terminate your subscription at any time without having to undergo strict contractual obligations.

While Netflix is ​​the best paid streaming service, what services can you use if you want to watch movies or some TV series for free without spentheng anything on a subscription?

Especially in light of Netflix's update and price increase, which took place in June 2019.

Discover in this guide all the alternative a Netflix gratuite and, as an in-depth analysis at the end of the article, all the alternatives that require the payment of a subscription. You will be able to find all the legal streaming services available in the city and compare them in terms of costo a Netflix.

In this part of the guide you will find all the free and legal Netflix-like services for watching movies and TV series in the city.

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Get comfortable and make the popcorn!

If you want to see some movies for free you can use the material available on PopcornTV (Cinema section):

LINK | Film PopcornTV

The films available are thevided by genre and can be watched in streaming without registration and without limits, just select the poster of the film to view and wait for it to load in the video player on the page. There are no cutting-edge movies, but to see movies for free it is really an important resource.

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If you love movies and Anime (cartoons of Japanese origin) you can't absolutely miss the contents available on VVVVID:


Every week there are Japanese cartoons in the original language with  subtitles but also TV series, period films and much more. To be able to watch all the contents for free, simply register on the site by entering all the required data or by logging in with your Facebook credentials, so as to speed up the login.

The Rai streaming platform offers many films to view for free, just go to the RaiPlay site which can be reached at the following link.

LINK | RaiPlay

Once the site is open, simply click on the three bars at the top left and select the content you wish to view among Videos e Fiction.

How to download videos from RaiPlayHow to download videos from RaiPlayHave you searched the internet for effective methods to download videos from RaiPlay but were you thesappointed by the proposed material? Do not worry! In this guide you will see how to download videos from

By selecting the Movies section you will have free access to many movies to watch in streaming, just click on the poster and then on the Play symbol in the center of the screen.

There are really numerous films available on the platform, ranging from the great classics of  cinema to the films recently released in the first TV on standard channels and available for streaming viewing, you just need to look for the right genre. To enjoy the movies in free streaming on the Rai website, you need to register for free.

Do you think there is only Netflix? Find out in this part of the guide the best alternatives that still have a similar cost to Netflix and therefore require the payment of a subscription.

Most of the services mentioned also offer a free trial period, it's up to you to take advantage of it and verify that their catalog matches your tastes in the best way.

Disney +

The most recent service among those listed; Disney's platform is available for trial and subscription at the address below.

LINK | Disney +

One of the best Netflix-like services is NOW TV, which is owned Sky, which can be visited at the following address.

LINK | Now Tv

This service allows you to enjoy many of Sky's contents without parabola and fixed subscription (so you can unsubscribe whenever you want), with the ability to view on-demand content or the supported satellite platform channels. Choose the ticket or tickets that interest you and are passionate about movies and TV series in Sky exclusive even on your PC or TV without a thesh.

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Prices start at € 6,99 per month per i ticket mobile devices e 9,99€ for the single ticket on all platforms, but you can customize the offer as you see fit without any restrictions. NOW TV offers a 14-day, no-obligation free trial, which is ideal for trying out the service.

Another good alternative to Netflix is ​​Infinity TV, owned by Metheaset:

LINK | Infinity TV

With Infinity you will have over 2500 movies, 2700 episodes for TV series and 1500 cartoons to entertain the whole family. The Metheaset exclusives are very beautiful (inclutheng all Medusa films and Universal films) and it is possible to watch streaming without limits on any platform (PC, smartphone, tablet etc.).

Infinity TV is available at monthly subscription da 7,99€ per month, with a period of test free of well 30 days.

Amazon also offers a streaming platform with many movies and TV series:

LINK | Amazon Prime Video

This streaming service is linked to the Amazon Prime subscription, so by paying for the latter you will be able to see all the streaming contents without limits, inclutheng Amazon exclusive shows.

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Il cost of Amazon Prime Video is that of the subscription to the Prime of Amazon, that is 36 € per year (4 € per month therefore, always if paid annually, otherwise 4,99 € per month). In adthetion to accessing the streaming platform without any limit, there are many other privileges of an Amazon Prime subscription. For more information, refer to the article: Benefits reserved for Amazon Prime customers.

Netflix: the best free and paid alternatives

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