Refurbished iPhones: what they are and why to buy them

In the fast-paced mobile phone market where theobsolescence is lurking already after a few years, opt for a Refurbished or remanufactured iPhone it is an increasingly widespread and considered practice to modernize their Apple devices

Despite this growing popularity, the questions that users ask themselves on the subject are increasing: what does "refurbished iPhone" mean? What are the benefits? Is it really that affordable compared to a used iPhone? Let's do some clarity.

Refurbished iPhones: what they are

Let's start immediately by specifying that they are not only the iphone to be able to undergo this reconditioning process. Even computers, tablets and apple watches.

Refurbished apple products come after use reported in conditions similar to the initial ones. In short, they are almost the same as those of the first purchase. This process takes place through a meticulous processing and verification of all technical, functional and design features. The reconditioning process is not carried out by the manufacturer but by companies specialized in this type of processing which usually issue a guarantee to the buyer.

This is the main feature that differentiates them from devices used. The latter, in fact, are placed on the market in the state of wear or malfunction in which it was in the hands of the previous owner. The used car is then re-proposed on the market without the analysis process and the technical tests that characterize the regeneration. In fact, to overcome this process, every smartphone used is subjected to over 30 functional tests.

Refurbished iPhone: the phases of the regeneration of a smartphone

The remanufacturing process is somewhat complicated and aims to solve the critical issues of the product both in terms of software and hardware. Usually, the process is divided into five main stages:

  • Verification of components - The first phase of the regeneration aims to ascertain the current state of the device. During this phase, elements such as the internal components, the body, the display, the audio quality, the performance of the battery in charging operations and so on are analyzed.
  • Test Hardware and Software - The second phase involves numerous tests, hardware and software, to verify correct operation. The ability of the smartphone to connect to the internet is tested, both via Wi-Fi and with the data network of various Sims. The power supply and the USB cable, the jack input and the supplied data earphones (if present) are also tested
  • Regeneration - At this point the actual regeneration process begins: damaged or worn components are replaced and all the problems encountered in the previous phases are solved. If the battery is replaced, a few charge-discharge cycles are carried out to check for any defects
  • Verification of the procedure - After the regeneration, a new check of all the functions takes place to make sure that the problems encountered in phase 1 and 2 are no longer present
  • Sanitation - In the last phase, the smartphone is thoroughly cleaned (both inside and outside) with specific products and techniques

Refurbished iPhones: Advantages of Buying Refurbished Devices

Now that we know what remanufacturing actually entails, the question we want to answer is: why buy a refurbished iPhone?

The first advantage of buying a refurbished iPhone is, of course, the price. Their cost varies according to the grade given by the company that took care of them. There are three degrees of regeneration: A, B and C. A refurbished smartphone of grade A it is considered like a new one but is sold for a 15% lower cost than the original one. The grade B it concerns those devices in good condition but with some aesthetic imperfection that determines the cost. The smartphones of grade C instead they have large visible imperfections and, for this reason, they are sold at a price up to 30% lower than the initial one.

A more extensive advantage is in terms of environmental impact and CO2 emissions. In fact, regenerating a smartphone means saving materials, resources and energy that would otherwise be used in the creation of a new object. The realization of electronic devices in fact requires large quantities of resources and so-called Rare lands. Furthermore, in recent years, the processes of metal mining, transportation and processing have multiplied. The environmental impact translates, on average, into 20kg of CO2 released into the environment up to the peak of the 80kg of CO2 needed to build an iPhone.

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Are Refurbished iPhones Reliable?

This is certainly the most popular question when it comes to refurbished iPhones. After this rosy scenario, it is necessary to specify that, although a refurbished device has conditions similar to a new object, it is not comparable to a product that has just left the factory. 

A useful element to understand the duration of the life cycle of a regenerated product is certainly guarantee of the company that dealt with the process. Usually, in fact, companies offer coverage that can range from two to 12 months (against 24 for a new device). The number of months of warranty can provide us with interesting information. A dealer who offers a long period of protection is assumed to be quite confident of the work done and the condition of the product which could therefore offer you excellent performance and long life.

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The market of Refurbished iPhones is constantly growing thanks to the trust that this process has been able to give to users. Relying on this process could not only be the ideal solution to get a more up-to-date model while saving on the purchase but, as the recent attention to environmental protection teaches, conscientiously contribute to the construction of a better habitat for each of us.

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