TES Legends: Jaws of Oblivion review, the Dremoras arrive

After introducing the exotic cards of Khajiiti with the Moons of Elsweyr, The Elder Scrolls Legends definitely changes register introducing in the game the dark world of daedra with the new expansion Jaws of Oblivion.

TES Legends: Jaws of Oblivion Review

The expansion takes place during the storytelling events in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The conflict between the imperials of Cyrodiil and the Daedric Order of the Mythical Dawn reaches its climax with the death of Uriel Septim triggering the so-called "Crisis of Oblivion". The 75 cards introduced with the expansion are all inspired by that period in the history of Tamriel. We therefore find the imperial forces engaged in the conflict, the members and magic of the mythical dawn, the order of the Blades, characters such as Martin Septim and of course, the inevitable Dremora.

The Gates of Oblivion have opened

Jaws of Oblivion brings with it a new mechanic to master called Invasion. This ability allows you to summon a Oblivion Gate, a full-fledged card that is placed in the Dark Zone of the field, imprisoned and silenced. The Gate's abilities vary according to his level, which increases each time a card that has the Invasion effect is played. This mechanism makes it necessary to have more spells or units with this ability in the deck in order to make the most of the gate's advantages.

Il Oblivion portal allows Daedra to have + 1 / + 1, cost less magika and gain random effects. Everything varies according to the level of the portal as well as its resistance against attacks or spells of the opponent. The gate is in fact a targetable card from enemy units and you will have to spend a lot of resources to protect it. Many cards of the nationwide in fact, they perform this function often having skills such as Protection or Guard, to be given to another unit. It must be said, however, that despite these tricks, getting rid of a gate is quite simple. This makes its importance and the effectiveness of the Invasion trait marginal.

For this reason, it is not advisable to focus your deck exclusively on the new mechanic, but to adapt it wisely to the cards already present in the game. Most of the new cards, in fact, are more neutral and similar, in terms of gameplay, to the cards of the base game. If on the one hand we have the inhabitants of Oblivion, on the other, in fact, we find the other creatures and units inspired by The Elder Scrolls IV. Among new thieves and murderers, there is obviously no shortage of interesting variants such as the card of Martin Septim that can turn into it l'Avatar di Akatosh thanks to the magika.

TES Legends: Jaws of Oblivion Review - Final Opinion

As big fans of the series, we hoped that Jaws of Oblivion could give us more emotions and more effective cards. The absence of a single player campaign, once again, made itself felt and it seemed to us a real waste given the potential of the Daedra world. The new mechanic introduced has little or no impact on games, which makes theentirely marginal expansion. It is also true that the authors want to avoid making the game overly confusing. They thus focused attention on card design which remains unparalleled anyway.

Along with the DLC, however, several improvements have been made to Legends as well as many aesthetic contents. It was in fact introduced a new game table, four new backs, two new themed decks, new music and new video effects.

It is difficult to understand if Bethesda e Say Wolf Digital they wanted to limit themselves so as not to distort the game excessively or if the interest in The Elder Scrolls: Legends is fading. What we know is Jaws of Oblivion has proved to be a weak and poorly characterized expansion.

The Elder Scrolls Legends: Fauci dell'Oblivion

Pro TES Legends: Jaws of Oblivion review, the Dremoras arrive
  • Stunning cards inspired by TES IV: Oblivion
  • Invasion proved to be an interesting mechanic ...
Cons TES Legends: Jaws of Oblivion review, the Dremoras arrive
  • ... although completely marginal
  • Once again, no DLC story has been introduced
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