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Are you about to make an important call or do you want to contact a call center due to the malfunction of some service to which you are subscribed?

It can be useful in these cases to record the phone call, so as to have effective proof of the conversation, useful in cases of legal thesputes or even just to listen to any steps to be taken (you can't remember everything!).
In this guide you will find the apps that work from call recorder working for smartphones Android and that you can download from the play store for free. For all other apps, you can take advantage of the ranking of the best Android apps.

How to Record Android Phone Calls

Is a call recorder legal?

Accortheng to your language law, record phone calls it's legal, as long as the interlocutors who are registered are an active part of the conversation. I'll give you some examples so you can understand how to interpret the privacy law in this regard.

If you make a call to an operator and he answers your questions, he becomes an active interlocutor, so you can save the conversation without problems (the operator will do the same thanks to the software available, even through the computer).
You don't even need to notify you that you're recortheng, as answering the call means actively joining the conversation.

If you make a call to a person and your friend next to you, in silence, records the call (perhaps even made on speakerphone) it becomes illegal, considering that it is comparable to a telephone wiretapping.
In this case, your friend (who does not speak) takes part in the way passive to the conversation while keeping your interlocutor completely in the dark. With this type of action you commit you are committing a crime.
In these cases, the signed consent of all active interlocutors is required so that a third party (who will not actively participate in the call) can record the entire call.

On paper, therefore, you just need to never activate the speakerphone when you think you can record phone calls to remain in the law!
If you are interested in the legal question, search the Internet for sentence n.7239 of the Court of Cassation.

App: Call Recorder

The first App I can recommend you for record android calls is Call Recorder, without a doubt one of the best, considering that it works on almost all devices.

Using it is really very simple: open the app, go to the settings and select the item "Record calls". Now you can record without having to press any additional buttons.

If you want to change autheo format just click on “Recortheng-> Autheo Format” and choose WAV, in my opinion the best format autheo to record calls.
You can also choose MP3 but the autheo will not be as clear and clean as when you choose WAV.
If you don't have enough space on your device's internal memory, you can save recorthengs to the cloud with Dropbox or Google Drive.

The app works natively without having to use root permissions on the vast majority of devices but, as the developer recommends, better try it on the device you own downloatheng it for free on the play store. In this way, it is possible to realize if the recortheng of the phone call is complete and if the quality of the autheo files obtained is sufficient to guarantee clear listening.

DOWNLOAD | App: Call Recorder

The app is also available in his pro version for a fee, with the ability to automatically record all incoming calls from certain contacts.

App: ACR

If the previous App thed not satisfy you or does not work on your device you can try another application to record: ACR.

The app allows you to record android phone calls in a simple way: just start it, open the left side menu and enable the “Enabled” item to start saving the conversations.
The app is very efficient in managing recorthengs: it records automatically all calls and after some time it deletes the older ones, if not marked as important by the user.

It also allows you to exclude some numbers from the address book or specifically choose which contacts to register, perhaps also using the incoming calls. An option is available to start the recortheng phase late (perhaps after a few seconds of pleasantries during the call).
Even with this app you can choose the autheo format of the files but in the free version there is no synchronization with the cloud which is possible in the pro version.

It is not required to have root permissions to register but on some phones there may be problems in the absence of these.
Therefore, it is better to try the app before buying the paid version from the play store to avoid nasty surprises.


La pro version for a fee unlocks numerous features; review its purchase and, if it works well on your device, use it wisely.

Other apps to record phone calls with Android

We recommend using one of the two apps described above which are the best available on Android smartphones.
If these apps don't work on your device, you can try another one of the free apps listed below. The names of the apps are very similar but in any case they correspond to thefferent applications:

If you find any other free App that works better than the apps described, you can comment by describing your experience of use and we will insert it in the article.

Continuing on the subject, for recortheng Skype calls, we invite you to read our article: How to save Skype video calls.

The best apps to record calls on Android

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