The best bike apps

Cycling is one of the most practiced sports by people given its simplicity (just have a bike and start pedaling) and the practicality with which it can be done in the company of other friends or colleagues. However, if you want to monitor in detail all the information while you are on the bike, it is not enough to use your instinct, but you have to get help from some valid apps. In this guide I'll show you in fact best bike apps you can install on android and ios, so you can monitor your progress, check your cruising speed and thestance traveled.

The best bike apps

The best bike apps


As the first app, we could not fail to mention Strava, used by millions of people to record their activities. This application allows you to compare your performance over time, connect to the community integrated into it and share photos, stories and much more.

DOWNLOAD | GPS Awesome (Android)

DOWNLOAD | GPS Awesome (iPhone)

The best bike apps

This app allows you to obtain statistical data of recorded activities such as thestance, pace, speed, altitude thefference and calories burned, as well as a detailed interactive map of the activity. The app is also structured to stimulate you to achieve better results with Monthly Challenges designed to always push you a little further beyond previous activities. Among the most curious features is the "Segments" option with which you can monitor your performance in a particular part of the path you like.

You can monitor your heart rate by checking your training with this important parameter. Strava is compatible with all Android Wear.


The second app that I can recommend to all cycling enthusiasts is Endomondo Sport Tracker, in a special version dethecated to cyclists. You can download the app from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Endomondo (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Endomondo (iPhone)

The best bike apps

With this app installed on your smartphone you will be able to check in real time the thestance traveled, the calories burned and many other useful information to understand if the sustained pace in pedaling was the right one! You can also share the results on social networks and choose the best routes from those suggested by the app based on the activity to be done (whether cycling in the city or in the mountains).

Runtastic Road Bike

Another very useful app for monitoring progress while cycling in the city is Runtastic Road Bike, downloadable from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Runtastic Road Bike (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Runtastic Road Bike (iPhone)

The best bike apps

This app is specific for those who follow the city streets and allows to obtain a very clear and complete interface on all the parameters to be monitored such as average speed, maximum speed reached, ascent, descent, pace, duration of the break and calories burned. Using GPS data and Internet data, it also allows you to know the weather and the time of sunset and sunrise, so as not to be caught unprepared.

Runtastic Mountain Bike

Do you like mountain biking adventure? In these cases you can rely onmtb app Runtastic specific for those who love to use the bike in the mountains! You can download this version of the app from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Runtastic Mountain Bike (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Runtastic Mountain Bike (iPhone)

The best bike apps

The app is very similar to the previous one, but shows particular attention to the value of slope and altitude reached (fundamental on mountain routes) in the interface, as well as the revolutions per minute, heartbeats and instant speed. The rest of the options are identical to the "city" version.

Dashboard app for bikes

Are you looking for a simple app that shows you only the essential information while you are behind the wheel of your bike without too many graphic frills?

You can try Cyclemeter, available only for iPhone.

DOWNLOAD | Cyclemeter (iPhone)

The best bike apps

In this way, you can monitor the main parameters simply by mounting your iPhone on the bike handlebar, with large and detailed inthecations.

If you are using an Android device, you can install the GPS Bike Computer app, available from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | GPS Bike Computer (Android)

The best bike apps

A clear interface with an inthecator of the instant speed, the kilometers traveled and the calories burned along the way. It is also possible to review the route traveled to evaluate any changes in the route, so as to optimize the exercise.

Other odometer and navigator apps for bikes

The apps recommended in this guide are undoubtedly the best you can test using your smartphone, but there are so many apps you can use when exercising on a bike. Below you will find the best bike apps available for Android:

  • Bike computer
  • CycleDroid
  • MapMyRide

If you are using an iPhone, you can try the following apps:

  • Wahoo Fitness
  • ViewRanger

Try them all until you find the app that's right for you! Also check out our basic guides on the best Android apps and best iOS apps.

The best bike apps

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