Xiaomi AmazFit Bip review: halfway between smartwatch and acitvity tracker

Xiaomi AmazFit Bip review: halfway between smartwatch and acitvity tracker

Xiaomi AmazFit Bip it is such a complete activity tracker that it can also be considered a basic smartwatch. How it behaves, we explain it to you in our video review that you find at the beginning of this article.

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip: packaging and aesthetics

The packaging of Xiaomi Amazfit Bip it is very simple, totally white except for the appropriate writings. Inside, the activity tracker, the charger that also acts as a table stand and a small instruction manual.

The device features a dial made of well-made plastic and a display protection in glass 2,5D. The only one physical button it is represented by the classic button normally used to adjust the time in a “classic” watch. Obviously, in the case of Amazfit Bip it does not have that purpose, but it allows you to recall the device from the stanb-by, to quickly start recording physical activity and to return to the main screen from any menu.


On the back of the tracker there are the two contacts to recharge the battery and the sensor for the heartbeat detection. The strap included in the package is black silicone, well built and ultra light. In any case, you will have the possibility to change it by purchasing one of the many available online. The overall dimensions are 7.68 × 1.38 × 0.31 centimeters for a weight of about 30 grams.

Hardware features

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip is not as basic as the activity tracker that we could buy for the same amount. In fact, for measuring sports activity, the device is equipped with an accelerometer, GPS and - as already mentioned - heart rate monitor. The latter can constantly detect the heartbeat during the day (at intervals) and also increases the accuracy of recording the quality of sleep.

His square display it is in color and backlit. Also being transflective allows you to take advantage of the always-on feature without taking advantage of the backlight. Visibility is also excellent in direct sunlight. The presence of certification should not be overlooked IP68, which makes it resistant to water and dust. But be careful, it is not a diver and is not suitable for recording sports activities such as swimming or water aerobics.

Communication with the smartphone takes place via connectivity Bluetooth 4.0. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip is equipped with 190 mAh built-in battery. The presence of a transflective display guarantees optimal autonomy, after about a week of use it was still at 60% with push notifications, heart rate monitoring and GPS during the (very few!) Sessions of sporting activity.

Xiaomi AmazFit Bip: functionality and synchronization with the smartphone

Xiaomi's device is primarily an activity tracker. Its software is capable of recording running (outdoor and indoor), walking and cycling. For each, the device records the distance traveled (dividing it between uphill, downhill and flat sections), calories burned, speed and heart rate trend.

In addition to sporting activity, Xiaomi AmazFit Bip it is also useful for keeping smartphone notifications under control. You can set alarms and a reminder that will remind you when you have been sitting for more than an hour. The device doesn't ring, but it vibrates hard enough to wake me too, who am quite a heavy sleeper!

The official application with which the device interfaces is We Fit. It is a well-made, precise app with a particularly clear interface. It is not necessary that the device is constantly connected to the smartphone, the data will be synchronized when you decide to connect it. Obviously, if you need to receive notifications on the activity tracker then the constant connection with the smartphone will be mandatory.

The official application is well done and does not cause battery drain. However, Mi Fit has limits:

  • notifications supported are only those of the main instant messaging services and phone calls;
  • It is not possible to customize the watchfaces of the acitivity tracker;
  • If you do not purchase an activity tracker with international firmware, you will not be able to change it;

Don't despair though! there are alternative applications that will allow you to fully customize your Amazfit Bip.

Our experience

I kept in testing Xiaomi AmazFit Bip for about a week and I was pleasantly surprised. It's easy to forget on the wrist, even for those who - like me - can't stand watches.

I don't run and I don't cycle, so I tried it with walking. Its accuracy is certainly much more accurate than classic devices equipped only with an accelerometer. The help of the GPS allows you to collect more precise data. When I didn't do any physical activity, the pedometer and the heart rate monitor still monitored my condition, reminding me - on occasion - to get up and do some movement!

Xiaomi AmazFit Bip is a very interesting device, but when buying, pay attention to the firmware. If it is not the international one, but the Chinese one, you will still have the possibility to change it using one of the many guides available online notifications, using only the main application, they are not the best. If you are "lucky" and will receive only one WhatsApp then you can read it from the display. From the second message on, you will only get a notice of how many there are. For this, and other limitations, I decided to combine it with Mi Notify in PRO version and I was able to customize my device to the maximum.

The selling price of the hybrid between activity tracker and smartwatch fluctuates between 40€ ed i 70€, it depends on the store you choose and the type of after-sales assistance you will have. In any case, the price of Xiaomi Amazfit Bip places it rightly among the devices with the best quality / price ratio. A reliable all day companion, well built and so light you can forget you are wearing it on your wrist. Definitely a must have if you are looking for an activity tracker "different from the usual" that does not cost too much!

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