Agent Carter: The Heroine We Need - Why Watch Her?

Even before that Carol Danvers e Natasha Romanoff cleared the female protagonists in Marvel projects, another heroine made her way into the franchise, in one of its most underrated products. We are talking about agent Carter, 2015 television series, centered on the character of Peggy carter. A show that had little luck, but which despite this managed to carve out a space in the hearts of the fans. Let's see together why you should watch it or at least give it a chance.

What is Agent Carter talking about?

We are in the mid 40s. There Second World War ended with the outcome we all know, but the United States had a major loss. Their great hero captain America he sacrificed himself to finally defeat Red Skull, protecting his homeland and the world. In reality he managed to survive, remaining hibernating in the ice, but the planet still does not know this. Above all, he doesn't know Peggy carter, companion of adventures on the battlefield and eternal love.

She is at the center of this show. Returning from the front, she finds herself stuck in an office job atSSR, an agency that will give life to the SHIELD, the secret organization that collaborates with Marvel heroes. As she struggles to establish herself in a world that doesn't seem ready to welcome a woman at the top, she carries out a secret mission, assigned to her by Howard Stark, destined to become the father of Iron Man. To help her, the latter's clumsy butler, Edwin Jarvis.

Agent Carter is the fruit of an era when it seemed really possible that the Marvel Cinematic Universe pushed its boundaries beyond the big screen. Agent Carter was born as a spin-off of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the first TV series of the franchise, inspired by a successful short film of the same name dedicated to this character.

So let's travel back in time (no Infinity Stones or quantum tunnels), discovering the origins of the organization that Peggy will help found. In doing so, we find ourselves entangled in an intricate story, which mixes in equal parts concrete actions of espionage that he already knows about the Cold War, a mystery to be solved and that pinch of paranormal and science fiction that characterizes the most classic superhero stories. And above all one unforgettable protagonist.

Peggy Carter is the real reason to watch this series

Agent Carter: The Heroine We Need - Why Watch Her?

Like the series from which it was born, also Agent Carter it does not aim to be a masterpiece of seriality. It is a project that simply wants to tell a story, entertaining spectators for a dozen episodes per season. Nothing of particularly ambitious, also compared to the agents of the SHIELD that we have already told you about. So why did we choose to recommend it in our column? The answer is simply "Peggy carter".

This character seemed destined for stay in the second line in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The hero's companion, the eternal unattainable love (except for some science fiction tricks) that strikes but cannot shine. Agent Carter does it justice, finally bringing her to center stage and giving life to one of the most unforgettable heroines in the world of superheroes and beyond.

Peggy is determined, combative e with nothing to envy in terms of character to other more noble 'colleagues'. She is determined to achieve her goals and fulfill her missions, despite the society around her hindering her at every step. And it does all of this without giving up her femininity, rejecting the tradition that heroines have to be more masculine in order to be protagonists.

Agent Carter is a show that anyone should see, if only to be able to appreciate the potential of a woman as the main figure in an action project. This series creates a new myth, a new icon that has nothing less than the great heroes. It is important that this awareness is created and for this reason we would like to recommend it especially to the younger ones, to become passionate about an exceptional figure, unhinged by an outdated tradition.

Agent Carter was unlucky, but still deserves a chance

Agent Carter: The Heroine We Need - Why Watch Her?

The downside to Agent Carter's log is his close. Unfortunately, the ratings did not reward it and for this reason it closed after only two seasons, moreover with an ending that leave some doors open. To this is added the unfortunate fate of the projects of the old Marvel Television, stuck in a limbo of uncertain canonicity compared to the films of the franchise: in short, the same problem that hit Agents of SHIELD as we have told you.

Despite this though, it's worth the effort give it a chance at this show. If not for its intrinsic quality, at least for the importance of its main character. Once concluded (indeed, already after the first episode) it is really impossible not to stay overwhelmed by the power of Peggy Carter. A heroine who may have arrived too early and in the wrong context to really make a name for herself, but who still remains fundamental to the MCU and entertainment as a whole.

And who knows what the series Disney + forthcoming What If…? can't give new life to this truly unforgettable character ...

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