TStand, the definitive tablet holder

TStand, the definitive tablet holder
TStand review

Being comfortable is serious work. The daily commitments of life require our body and mind moments of relaxation to take a break and to start again with more and more loads. This is why it is important to use those moments to the fullest. For our health, physical and mental, it comes TStand, a stand for tablets and mobile devices designed to relax with the awareness of doing good to your back. Let's find out all the features of TStand in our Review.

Our review of TStand

TStand it's a tablet holder as simple as innovative born on KickStarter. The fundraising campaign began in 2015 and to date, with a goal of $ 10, she managed to raise over $ 190.

TStand initially looks like a regular tablet stand which hides a particular advantage that other stands do not guarantee. This stand allows users to enjoy their tablet while maintaining the right posture whether you use the stand on the table or use it in bed. In fact, modern tablets are not designed to be elegant, ultra-thin or have high performance, but not to be held in the hand. However light a Tablet may be, after a while, they become too heavy for our hands.

To solve this problem we place the tablet in the strangest positions ending up hunching in many awkward positions. Repetitive use can also lead to strain injuries such as carpal tunnel, and here comes TStand to our rescue.


TStand, the definitive tablet holder

il TStand has two main parts: a lower body it's one top, tied together by a sort of zipper. The lower base, as the name suggests, will support the upper arms and the device that we will insert. The upper part will contain the Tablet, Smartphone or portable console that we will insert. The upper part consists of the actual stable stand and an upper part that can be enlarged, thanks to the use of a solid elastic, to be able to insert devices of various sizes and remain stable in any case. The areas that hold the device have spots rubber areas so as not to damage it, while the rest of the stand is made of satin plastic, very light but very solid.

The hinge allows you to change the position of the stand according to the use we are making. In fact, there is one tabletop mode, which provides greater weight towards the back of the stand, so as not to drop the device forward, and a bed / sofa mode. In this mode the stand will lean forward slightly, once again without falling, so that you can see the screen while lying down without straining your neck or back.

Useful info

Beyond the logistical factor, in fact, TStand allows, as anticipated, to do so keep the right position. With its patented reversible base and adjustable viewing angle, Tstand improves tablet functionality and makes it easier to find a comfortable position. 

Physiotherapy experts, in fact, report that using a tablet in bed or even just resting on a surface can cause a variety of problems with the neck muscles and spinal curvature. In this regard, the Harvard School of Public Health found that maintaining an incorrect position while using a mobile device is equivalent to adding a weight of 25 pounds to the base of the neck. The Tstand eliminates all those problems lifting the tablet screen on its flexible stand so that the viewing angle and viewing distance are always optimal.

TStand in the field

TStand, the definitive tablet holder

During our test we used the TStand in multiple situations and scenarios. Its main role is obviously that of a tablet holder but it can also be used with portable consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or even with the smartphone, thanks to a practical rubber accessory that reduces the space of the upper arms. Before starting our test, we cannot deny having had a certain mistrust of the actual usefulness of the product. But we had to change our minds.

We used TSand with our 10 ″ Kindle Fire HD for watching endless TV series (For work huh!) and play. Both in Desktop mode and in "read" mode, TStand actually delivered what it promised. The lying position is extremely comfortable and having to be positioned above the belly, we can ensure that the weight is absolutely negligible and no steel abdominals are needed to keep the stand steady. A point in favor also from the point of view of versatility. We also have played with the Nintendo Switch having your hands completely free to use the Joy-Con.

Out of bed, thanks to the TStand, the Tablet can become an excellent substitute for the second PC screen for greater versatility even during work.

The review of TStand in a nutshell

Despite the first doubts, the TStand managed to win us over. Resistant materials, a remarkable lightness and great versatility make this product extremely useful for those who often use the Tablet or mobile devices. The stand can in fact be placed anywhere and easily transported once closed, it will no longer be necessary to buy expensive self-regulating covers or hold the tablet in your hand for hours.

Being comfortable is serious work but TStand can make it easier.

Prices and availability

Currently TStand is still in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign, so it can only be pre-ordered on the appropriate page. The price varies according to the plan you choose to support the campaign and ranges from around 60 euros for two TStands to around 640 euros for 10 stands. All the purchasing possibilities can be found on the dedicated website.

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