Airplane mode on Android, everything you ever wanted to know

Airplane mode on Android, everything you ever wanted to know

... and they never told you

Grab an Android phone, call up the quick settings and you will notice the voice Flight mode. You have probably seen this option on any mobile device you have ever owned.

But what does this modality actually do? And how can you use it to your advantage?

La Flight mode it is a setting available on virtually any smartphone, notebook or similar device. When activated, all signals transmitted by the device are interrupted and you will see an airplane icon in the status bar of your phone.

Is called Flight mode precisely because most airlines prohibit the use of wireless devices on board their aircraft. Controversies have arisen between those who argue that cell phones can interfere with radio equipment on board aircraft and those who say that the signals are too weak to be a danger: for the moment the line adopted is still the prudential one.

The wireless features that are disabled are:

- The cellular connection: you will not be able to make calls, send sms or even messages on WhatsApp or Telegram, since the internet is inaccessible

- Wifi: The mobile will cut off any Wi-Fi connection and will not connect to anyone else

- Bluetooth: it is a type of connection that allows you to connect your mobile phone to speakers, headphones and more

Il GPS, on the other hand, it is different because it does not transmit any signals (if anything, it receives them). So, depending on your mobile phone model, Airplane Mode may or may not disable it. And while apps like Google Maps work without an internet connection, services such as live traffic view may not be displayed.


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Does it save battery when in Airplane Mode? Yes, without a doubt. The various radios in your cell phone consume a lot of energy because they continuously interrogate cell phone antennas, communicate with Bluetooth devices and check your position. So when they are disabled, power is saved, and the battery also recharges faster.

Can I use Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode? It depends on the device: most modern mobile phones allow you to do this even in that circumstance. That is: you enable the Flight mode, Wi-Fi is disabled but after a few seconds it can be re-enabled manually.

Several airlines offer the option to have Wi-Fi (for a fee) during the flight, once you have exceeded 10.000 feet of altitude. Check with your company.

Does Bluetooth work in Airplane Mode? Again, it is disabled but can be reactivated by hand (as with Wi-Fi).

Does Airplane Mode consume data traffic? No, because the cell phone is prevented from connecting to your operator's cellular network.  

And what about the games? If you love to play on your mobile phone but hate advertising, the Flight mode can meet you. Like? Since the internet connection is completely disabled, the advertisements in the games will not appear. Obviously this won't work for constantly online games.

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