Arbegas: the future in the hands of three young robot experts

We return to the world of super robots in the new column dedicated to the anime of the 80s. With a dip in 1983, we find out Lightspeed Electroid Albegas, the robot protagonist of an anime composed of 45 episodes, Manufactured by Toei Animation. Once again we come across bad aliens who aim to conquer the Earth and destroy its inhabitants, a step that will serve them to then go on to conquer the entire universe. To protect the Earth three young heroes driving as many robots of great strength.
So let's find out what Arbegas is talking about.

Arbegas: plot and characteristics of robots

Daisaku and the robot race

We are in an unspecified future, of course, in Japan. We immediately know our young protagonist who has lunch with his family (one of the few times in which we are not faced with an orphan!). The young man is called Daisaku and at the beginning of the first episode we see him fly away with his Jet Alfa to school where, in the meantime, the award ceremony for the best-built robots by the students is taking place. His is in fact a school of robotic design and is directed by Professor Mizuki, scientist and robotics expert, and by Dr. Saiko Asabuki. The contest will see our young protagonist take first place with his robot, followed in second place by Mizuki Hotaru (daughter of Professor Mizuki), and to the third from Tetsuya Jin. The three boys do not know that soon they will have to join forces to fight, with their robots, alien enemies.

Arbegas: the future in the hands of three young robot experts

The alien threat and the birth of Arbegas

"You must conquer all space, the entire Universe must be under our dominion". It is with these words that the Grande Deran, supreme leader of the Derinjer - the alien population that invades and tries to conquer the Earth - invites its henchmen to give their best to achieve the goal. Thus a series of evil robots begin to attack the Japanese territory (which they aim to become their strategic point). Meanwhile, Professor Mizuki gathers the three boys and their robots, complimenting them on their work. He therefore explains that, after a tuning, they will be the weapon to fight the aliens. The robot Alpha (black color) is piloted by Daisaku; the Beta robot (blue color) is led by Tetsuya Jin; finally Hotaru Mizuki completes the trio with the robot Gamma (Red). The initials of the three robots therefore form the name of what is then the Japanese anime Aru-be-gasu (Arbegas).

The combinations of the three robots and the power of the Electric God Arbegas

In addition to being able to fight individually, the three robots have the ability to combine into an even more powerful being and to use it for various functions based on combat needs. They can in fact assign it to the function Spazio, when therefore it will be necessary to fight outside the Earth; they will use the Sky Dimension for aerial combat; that underground and that again Best beaches for underwater combat. The most powerful combination, however, is the Dimensione Denjin: in that case the three robots, uniting, bring to light the most powerful Electric God Arbegas high 40 mt. This training gives the robot a hundred times greater strength, capable of handling better la Spada Sanbai, which arises from the union of the three swords

Arbegas: the future in the hands of three young robot experts

The war against aliens

Even before the Professor Mizuki have the opportunity to explain to the three boys the functions of the robots, they have already taken possession of the super machines to fight against the enemy. And if the first fight went very badly, the second - after the professor's review - goes very differently. So the battle comes to an end in favor of the three robot experts. A series of clashes follow one another for the three boys who, despite the great difficulties, still manage to keep the invaders at bay and keep them away from the goal of conquering the Earth and putting an end to the life of all its inhabitants. They do not know, however, that the Derinjer they still have an arrow in their bow, which will prove instrumental in the animated series finale.

The end

The battle between the two factions experiences a negative turn for our heroes when the enemies bring the mega-fighter to the field, a robot of twice the size and strength of normal. It is at this point that Professor Mizuki reveals to the boys that there is the possibility of a new transformation for the robot that becomes the Electric God Arbegas. The aliens do not give up: the Earth is under attack but they will not stop until they are all exterminated. The time for the final confrontation arrives. The Electric God Arbegas is in serious trouble but there is one last hope: to unite the solar force of the three robots into one and transport it to the Spada Sanbai. This is how the Ultrasolar Spanda Sanbai was born, which manages to put an end to the enemy robot, then making all the aliens disappear from Earth. Peace returns to Japan and the rest of the world. Before the final greetings, he goes on stage the marriage between Professor Mizuki and his assistant Saeko.

Arbegas: the future in the hands of three young robot experts

Arbegas: curiosity

The last of an era?

Arbegas is a 1983 anime produced by Toei Animation for a total of 45 episodes. It arrives in Italy a few years later but it is certainly not among the best known of the robot genre to date. This is because we are now towards the end of that era which has seen the proliferation of super powerful machines placed to protect the Earth against the very bad aliens. On the other hand, from the mid-80s onwards, only Sunrise would have continued to produce series on robots (especially Gundam spin-offs). The characters we see in the series, however, will be an inspiration for the production of other subsequent anime such as Saint Seya.

The abbreviation

The Arbegas acronym in Italy is no different from the Japanese one. Unlike what used to happen with anime in those years, an Italian edition does not arrive of the opening or closing music.

The characters

Daisaku Enjouji - The protagonist of the anime, he is one of the three pilots of Arbegas. He is driving the Alpha robot (the black one). It is considered the prototype of Seya of Saint Seya.
Tetsuya Jin - Beta robot pilot (the blue one), rebellious and lonely.
Hotaru Mizuki - She is the daughter of Professor Mizuki and the pilot of the Gamma robot.
Professor Mizuki - Creator of Arbegas and head of the Earth base and father of one of the robot pilots.
Saiko Asabuki - Assistant to Professor Mizuki, she becomes his wife at the end of the anime.
Gorou - Pilot of the funny and goofy robot Gorilla, helper of the three protagonists.

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