Borderlands 3: Can you do a vertically split screen?

Borderlands 3: Can you do a vertically split screen?

A significant issue with Borderlands 3's split screen mode is the fact that players are faced with the issue of seeing text while playing. The standard horizontal format does not cut it on consoles. PC gamers do not encounter this problem as they cannot have local co-op and instead have to rely on online co-op play. Can console gamers change their format?

Can a split screen in Borderlands 3 be vertical?

At the time of writing, Gearbox Software does not have a vertical format for their split screen game. Players are forced to endure the process of playing horizontally, which a lot of players don't want to use due to the text format. This prevents a lot of players from enjoying their time in the game, having to squint to read the text or understand what they are doing.

Hopefully Gearbox Software fixes and sends a patch to format this structure. A lot of players find this frustrating and it ruins their experience on day one of launch. Given the general dismay over the situation, it would seem odd for Gearbox not to react appropriately and come up with an action plan to incorporate it into the game in a post-launch patch.

For now, players are going to have to wait for something to happen on the Gearbox Software side. There isn't much you can do to fix the problem. If gamers would like to express their dismay for the format, they can contact Gearbox Software on their official website. The more people there are talking about it and expressing their opinion, the more the problem will be taken into account and a solution will be found.

Good luck, Vault Hunters. We hope that your first few days are not marred by this unfortunate problem.

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