[Guide] Borderlands 3 How to get the Legendary Weapons

[Guide] Borderlands 3 How to get the Legendary Weapons

Level up in a title like Borderlands 3 is very important not to be found unprepared by enemies too strong for our current level, but what is really essential is to get the best possible loot because facing a boss with small weapons, despite a high level, could really waste us valuable time.

The most reliable weapons, of course, are the rare ones, the legendary weapons, represented by the impatience to get your hands on them is so much since the beginning of the adventure.

Unfortunately, you can't buy what you need from the shops: sellers tend to sell junk with no blue/green rarity value.

Let's see, then, how to get the most legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 .

[Guide] Borderlands 3 How to get the Legendary Weapons
There are many activities that allow you to find legendary weapons.

Guide | Borderlands 3 How to find legendary weapons

Level up faster and get better loot. To level up faster, you'll need killer weapons, that is, special weapons that spread death and destruction. To get weapons of this type, you will need to find high-level chests. You won't find these chests very often during the storyline. You won't even find them exploring large areas of the map in broad daylight. They're hidden in secret areas.

In each region of each planet, you'll get special side missions called Crew Challenges. These seemingly minor activities are actually incredibly useful, especially the Typhon Crew Challenge. In each area, there are three Typhon records to find. They are usually hidden at the edges of the map, so go as far away as possible for individuals.

Find all three Typhon registers and unlock the hidden Typhon zones. Here you will find high-level crates containing weapons and equipment of purple or orange rarity. They are incredibly valuable, so check out the crew challenges and see which areas you need to complete.

Using golden keys

If you're really desperate for a high-level loot, you can spend some of these golden keys that you can earn for free with a SHiFT account in Borderlands 3 . You can access the SHiFT server in the game from the main menu and enter the codes that will give you one (or more) golden keys.

Some players recommend saving those keys until you're at the highest level, but we recommend you go ahead and use them whenever you're stuck.

These codes have been distributed in large quantities by Gearbox and once found online you can enter them to unlock all kinds of items. Take the codes and enter them for free in the game (main menu), or you can link your Epic, PSN or XBL accounts on the official website.

[Guide] Borderlands 3 How to get the Legendary Weapons
Some bosses are drugging legendary weapons, just repeat them over and over again.

Legendary Dropping Killing Unique Bosses

During the completion of secondary missions or main missions, sometimes you'll encounter huge bosses with health bars that occupy the entire screen. These are unique bosses, but they will reappear if you return to their dens.

What makes these bosses unique is a simple fact: they will almost always drop legendary weapons. They won't drug a legendary weapon every time, but the percentage is high, so you just have to go back to them until the weapon you want is drugged. You may have to repeat these bosses two, three or even more times before they drop a rare weapon, but it's absolutely worth it.

Borderlands 3 | Special weapons and easter egg

There's also some very special weapons in Borderlands 3 there, easter eggs that are about universes completely separate from the Gearbox game. You can find Rick & Morty's rifle and a weapon linked to the One Punch Man anime.

Where to find Rick & Morty's Rifle

The characters who will drug this weapon are called Wick and Warty, a clear reference to the two protagonists of the animated series.

You can find Wick and Warty in Lectra City, Promethea. This is the setting for the great Kill Killavolt side mission that takes place as if it were a battle royale. Luckily, you can go directly to the location shown in the image and find the two bosses that will bring down the Phebert, the special weapon.

[Guide] Borderlands 3 How to get the Legendary Weapons
In this location you'll find Wick and Warty.

If you do not meet Wick & Warty or, if once defeated, do not drop the loot you are looking for, you can simply return to the main menu and access the game again. This will ensure that, sooner or later, the two characters will be generated by the game.

[Guide] Borderlands 3 How to get the Legendary Weapons
This is the Phebert, a very effective rifle at close range that will be "delivered" to you by an alternative version of the Rick duo Rick and Morty, once defeated in combat.

Where to find the weapon of One Punch Man

The legendary One Pump Chump Rifle Borderlands 3 is a not too subtle reference to One Punch Man, and is one of the best weapons in the game. In fact, the One Pump Chump can give a bonus + 1,000% or more to the weapon's damage.

To find the location of the One Pump Chump, you must travel to Lectra City on the planet Promethea. Here you can launch a secondary mission called Wife-Proofing. You can get into position without activating the quest, but with the mission activated, you'll do it faster.

At some point, you'll have to go through a tunnel and run into a fence. There are buttons and levers inside. Activate them in this order: Left button, right wheel, right lever, left lever. You will be met by a character who looks just like Saitama from One Punch Man. Defeat him (with one punch he can take away all the HP) and he will drug the shotgun.

If you don't, you can repeat the procedure. To make sure you're in the right place, watch the film that explains the location of the legendary weapon.

Where to find the weapon of the Lord of the Rings

This crazy shotgun fires fire whips instead of standard bullets. It's called Burning Choppa and can be found in a side mission that is absolutely full of references to the movie Lord of the Rings: you'll fight a "Balrog" and visit a room identical to the location called Mines of Moria, where the Hobbits face the cave troll. There are so many references to Tolkien's work, later transposed to cinema by Peter Jackson, that we can define this unique weapon as the weapon of the Lord of the Rings, although aesthetically it is a shotgun.

The mission to unlock Burning Choppa is in Konrad's Hold, Pandora. Go to the marker "!" And accept the mission "The Demon In The Dark". This is an area you won't visit at the beginning of the story, but only by advancing quite a bit, so you'll have to wait before you can quickly unlock the Burning Choppa.

[Guide] Borderlands 3 How to get the Legendary Weapons
From an aesthetic point of view, this weapon doesn't recall The Lord of the Rings, but the mission where you can find it is full of references to Tolkien's work.

How to find Dr. Disrespect's sniper rifle...

Dr. Disrespect is one of the most famous streamers around. Gearbox paid him homage by including a sniper rifle called The Two Time in the game. Let's see how we catch him.

You can start this mission when you return to the Devil's razor on Pandora. This is the area where you first arrive when you start the game, so you won't be able to return there until the story allows it.

At the bottom left of the map, you'll find a character called Edgren, whose look, especially his hair and glasses, is very familiar. He will give you a mission called Echonet Neutrality. Once the mission is over, you'll be given a sniper rifle called The Two Time, a reference to a phrase often cited by Dr. Disrespect during his Twitch live shows.

It is a Hyperion sniper rifle and will be at the same level as the player when the mission is completed. While statistics will vary, the weapon will always be very effective against the shields and will have the possibility to get back the bullets that hit the shields.

How to get the Half Life weapon

Once you're on Eden-6, you'll be assigned to release Hammerlock from prison. You'll have to fight Brick, then meet Tina, who will want you to pick up some parts of a bomb. Fight and pick up the bomb parts, then go back to Tina.

He'll build the bomb and you'll have to find the doors to the prison's maximum security section. Fight on the bridge and place the bomb, then you are free to enter the prison.

This is where you will meet the Guardian. This boss has thick armor, so make sure you bring a good weapon to take it out. Once you do, he'll change into a stronger boss in the melee, but you can empty his health bar pretty easily. In the first stage, watch out for the huge missiles he launches, and in the second stage, don't let him punch you. Once he's dead, you might get lucky and find the legendary weapon near his body.

Otherwise, you'll have to repeat the fight until it is drugged. It's a rocket launcher whose missiles relentlessly chase the enemy.

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