Borderlands 3: How To Get Secret Legendary Wotan Loot | Maliwan black site guide

    Borderlands 3: How To Get Secret Legendary Wotan Loot | Maliwan black site guide

    The Maliwan Black Site Raid released over a month ago for, but players have finally uncovered a big boss secret - you can earn twice as much Legendary Loot if you shoot the right parts of the boss. This insanely difficult encounter essentially requires four players if you're casual, and only a hardcore maniac will be able to take it out solo - but it's worth it, as you can earn a lot more loot by destroying secret parts of the boss.

    Well, the parts themselves aren't that secret - it's the HP counters that are hidden. Wotan, the massive raid boss encounter, has four giant legs that you can aim and destroy. Each leg you destroy has additional loot, and destroying all four legs, including Wotan himself, will earn you a lot more loot. If you are quick you can destroy the legs before Wotan spawns. You won't have much time. I will explain all the details to you below.

    After completing the story, you can join three friends and get into extreme difficulty Site noir de Maliwan raid. Here you will meet the super-boss Wotan - a giant robot. This is where you'll find some of the best loot in the game, and you can quickly increase your drops by targeting special spots on Wotan's body.

    Wotan has four hidden health bars - one for each leg. Each leg has approx 100 000 HP sur Mayhem 4. The legs have health bars and you can destroy each leg - when destroyed they each drop additional loot. On the highest difficult, Mayhem 4, you will most likely get double the legendary weapons. Even if you're not, you'll still get more loot.

    After destroying the main body, you can still aim and break all four legs. The more legs you break, the more rewards you will get - you will only have about 11 seconds after defeating the boss to continue cultivating the legs. The brain stays longer before it disappears, so you (and your allies) need to focus on the legs first.

    The hardest part is just overcoming Wotan l'Invincible at all. Make sure to eliminate any additional enemies that appear or they will overwhelm you, and watch your surroundings for targets. Go down to the lower difficulty levels if it's too hard and grind better gear - Wotan is beatable, even in solo!

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