Borderlands 3: can you skip the intro sequence?

Borderlands 3: can you skip the intro sequence?

People are very concerned about whether they will get the chance to skip the Borderlands 3 intro cutscene. A lot of players see it yet again as they start the game over with a new character, trying something new. to see if they like it or not. While console gamers are probably stuck with it, PC gamers have the option of doing it, but should they?

Can you skip the intro scene for Borderlands 3?

For starters, console gamers should know that they're not going to be able to prevent the intro scene from appearing. It's a streak they're going to have to get used to every time they start with a new character or start a game with a friend. The intro will play, and they will see it every time. It's much harder to stop this stuff on consoles than it is on a PC.

That said, PC gamers can use a method to remove the intro sequence from the game. But you might want to see how other people handle the method first, before committing to it. A handful of players on Steam have listed the method on a forum, explaining how they got to the in-game files and deleted the footage entirely.

One gamer stated that this is how they were able to get rid of the Gearbox software Forums introduction. We recommend that you follow this file link at your own risk, but if it's something you want to get rid of, then we'll figure it out. however, Borderlands 3 released shortly; you might not need to worry about it after enough fan uproar. However, there is a potential method for those who feel insatiable from the introduction every time they start a new game.

For those who have played Borderlands from the start, the must-see scene is nothing new to you. They have always been flawless, mixing cinematic and cinematic music alongside them. It takes less than five minutes, so hopefully that won't deter too many players from enjoying the game.

Good luck, Vault Hunters.

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