Borderlands 3 - How to kill Killavolt

Borderlands 3 - How to kill Killavolt

Borderlands 3 is all about killing and guns. Sometimes you kill because you can draw a great weapon from it. Sometimes you do it because Moxxi asks you to too. While walking through the streets of Prometheus, you can find the mission to kill Killavolt. In this guide, we will tell you how to survive in combat.

Borderlands 3 - How to kill Killavolt

Now, despite this mission being level 13, Killavolt has three more levels than that, and that makes a significant difference in Borderlands 3. My first tip is to get certain levels. The closer you are to 16, the better. Killavolt is also a generally tricky fight, with a few different mechanics.

First, his shield. These mechanics mean you have to constantly go around the arena to hit it in the exposed sides and back. This spin is a good thing because you always want to keep moving to avoid his melee attacks.

Then pay close attention to the floor and ceiling. Every now and then Killavolt will live up to its name and electric arcs will move from the roof to the ground. If you're in the wrong place, you're going to get zapped. I would say it's worth prioritizing avoiding these things over everything else. There will be safe places for you to stand, make sure you are under a part of the roof that does not rain at high voltage.

Now your bosses with shields with damage over time. This allows you to trigger the effect and then give you a window to focus on movement when they can't get their shield back. Bring fire damage carrying weapons with you in this fight, and you'll be in a good place.

The trick for Killavolt is patience. Any of his electric attacks hit hard, so keep moving, always give yourself good angels, and don't get locked in nowhere. Just focus on not getting hit, work it out when you can, and watch that cap.

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