Google Chrome: How to use Windows Hello for easier, safer shopping

How to use Windows Hello for payments on Google Chrome

Chrome makes it possible to use the biometric solutions of Windows Hello to carry out transactions on the web. By going to the browser settings, then in the section Payment method, be sure to check the option Save and enter payment methods.

This will bring up a feature Windows Hello proposing "to use Windows Hello to confirm cards faster".

Activate the Windows Hello option in the Payment methods section

Once this step is completed, Google Chrome displays a pop-up window. This now offers to use facial recognition or the fingerprint reader when making a transaction instead of entering the CVC security code on the back of your bank card.

Windows Hello makes it easier to confirm purchases on Chrome

There you just have to click on the button Use Windows Hello.

Gradual deployment on Chrome

Everything suggests that this is a gradual deployment on the server side. If you can't use Windows Hello on Google Chrome yet, you just have to check that your browser is up to date and wait a little longer.

Remember also that the recent version 83 of Chrome relies heavily on improving security and privacy options.

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