How to change Apple ID

How to change Apple ID

You want to change your Apple ID without having to create a new account. The reasons for such a decision can be many. Whatever they are, changing your username is simple and that's what we'll see in this little tutorial.

Un Apple ID is like the key that opens the doors to all of the firm's services, whether on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or even on Mac. To get the most out of iOS devices and synchronize your data, you must make sure that each of them uses the same Apple ID which is none other than the email address used when creating the account. If you don't use it anymore or just don't want to link it to your Apple account without having to create a new one, here's how to change the address.

How to change Apple ID

Apple is open to the use of identifiers. You can use any email address: Gmail, Outlook, etc. If you want change apple id and that you have an address using a domain name belonging to Apple (@, @ or @ you can only replace your username with one using an @ address, @ or @ and who is already associated with the account. Before making the change, therefore, make sure you have associated the new address with your account as a secondary address. Next :

  • Go directly to the page and sign in.
  • In the section Account, Click on the button Edit bottom right.
  • Click on the blue link Change Apple ID just below your Apple ID
  • You see a list of email addresses associated with your account. Choose the one you want to use as the main identifier knowing that the address must be mandatory of type @, @ or @
  • Click on Continue.

If you use a third-party address as an identifier

If you want to change your Apple ID and the address used does not have an Apple domain name, you can replace this address with any other third-party address (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) or with an Apple address already associated with the account. The procedure to follow is almost the same as the one above, but before starting disconnect from all the devices on which you are connected with the identifier to modify, except of course the device in use.

Finally, note that by changing your Apple ID using a third-party address to an Apple address, you will no longer be able to switch to a third-party address such as the main one. It can only remain secondary.

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