How to disassemble the new Samsung Galaxy S22

How to disassemble the new Samsung Galaxy S22

The smartphone line Samsung Galaxy S22 made its debut a few days ago, but there are already hundreds of videos about it on YouTube. Among these there is also the usual teardown, hence the practice of disassemble a device to show how it is assembled and what exactly is hidden under the body. Here you are how to disassemble the new Samsung Galaxy S22!

The guide on how to disassemble the new Samsung Galaxy S22

The teardowns were posted by Pbkreviews and there are more than one: the first video, published 5 days ago, is dedicated all’S22 while the second video concerns the‘S22 Plus and in the last few hours the video of the latest smartphone in the series was also published, theS22 Ultra.

The three videos are very similar to each other, in fact the differences are minimal, and the real usefulness of this kind of content - as well as satisfying the curiosity of the fans - is to be able to have a guide available when there is a need to repair your device. We will talk in detail in the video about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus teardown, but keep in mind that many things also apply to the other two models.

How to disassemble the new Samsung Galaxy S22
Photo credits: PBK Reviews.

To disassemble the Galaxy S22 Plus you need starting from the back cover, which is fixed with an adhesive to the rest of the body. There is therefore a need for heat, suckers and above all patience to avoid further damage. It is important to point out that such a process compromises the water resistance of the device, even if new adhesive is applied when reassembled: to keep the waterproofness intact, you must go to an authorized repair center.

What is under the rear shell

Immediately under the back cover, there is a panel that houses the wireless charging and integrates several graphite zones for heat dissipation. After that it's just a matter of disconnecting cables and components, most of which are interlocking. The motherboard includes a graphite sheet on the RAM, SoC and other "hot" components. There is also some thermal paste to facilitate heat transfer.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not thought of putting tabs to facilitate the extraction of the battery. But he didn't exaggerate with the adhesive either, so that with a little isopropyl alcohol and patience you can proceed with the removal without too much effort.

remove the screenFinally, it is not necessary to disassemble the entire back of the smartphone. Just heat up the front of the device and proceed, always very carefully, with the right tools. The most delicate point is the connection to the rest of the components: there is a flexible cable but it just protrudes. So you have to be very careful, especially when reinstalling the replacement component. This process is much easier if you proceed to disassemble the back cover as well.

However, we recommend that you proceed to disassemble a smartphone only if you are an expert, as you will have to handle very delicate components. If not, the best solution is contact one of the repair centers authorized for the brand of your device.

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