Best low cost sports cars: which one to buy if you love to drive

Cars are the passion of many of us, and very often the cars that ignite the passion of enthusiasts the most are the sport cars.
Often, however, the cars we all dream of have prohibitive prices and only desires can remain.
Looking instead at human figures, what are the best "low cost" sports cars? Are there any valid cars for those who love to drive without spending a fortune?
Let's try to take stock, and draw up one list of the best sports cars that you can buy without having to pledge your home.

It's easy to say “sports car”… that's how we chose them

Obviously the "sports car" theme is very subjective, and to avoid disquisitions or disappointments such as "but my favorite is not there!", And these are the criteria we used for the choice of cars.

-only new and in production cars were included in the list (there will be room for the best used sports ...)
-we considered a maximum budget of 50 thousand euros, and divided the cars into four price categories. From 10 to 20 thousand euros, from 20 to 30 thousand, from 30 to 40 thousand and from 40 to 50 thousand euros.
-We have considered both powerful and fast cars and cars that make driving pleasure their strong point. So don't be surprised when you also see "normal" cars that, however, drive themselves as (if not better) than much more "specialist" cars.
-in the end there is a personal judgment which obviously can be questioned or not shared, but this is also the beauty, among fans we discuss and compare!

Best sports cars between 10 and 20 thousand euros

After the necessary premises, we begin to get serious.
Even if you have a very tight budget, don't despair, the cheap cars to really have fun with are there!
Of course, the powers involved are not very high and don't expect thrilling lines or burning 0-100.
However, if you love to drive and have fun in the curves, here you will find bread for your teeth!

Abarth 595 

Let's start immediately with a bang with one of the best-selling sports cars in Italy, the Abarth 595.
In our budget enters "only" the 595, or the basic version of the Italian sports car, offered to a list price of 20 euros.
Thanks to the huge FIAT sales network though it's not hard to find 595 for less than 16 euros, making it the cheapest on the list.

The engine is the well known 1.4 T-Jet, in this configuration with IHI turbine, able to 145 CV and 206 Nm of torque, for a weight of 1120 kg.
Performance is great for the price: 0-100 covered in 7.3 seconds and 218 km / h top speed.
The gearbox is a classic 5-speed manual, precise but with a somewhat erratic clutch travel, which you have to get used to.

On the road, the Abarth is not the most precise nor the most agile among the curves, but thanks to the exuberance of the engine, to a sound that even with the basic exhaust is really engaging and to a steering that is not very direct but rather precise. will always manage to make you smile.

The long journeys and the space on board are not its strong points, as well as the quality of materials and assemblies.
On the other hand, in the city he is tremendously at ease, and thanks to the Lilliputian dimensions, finding a parking space is child's play.
Abarth is a champion in terms of price-fun ratio, as long as you don't overdo it with the powers and the fittings. The basic 595 is already really fun, and for the price of a Panda 4 × 4 you can have a pretty good sports car in the garage.
The important thing is that you avoid the 5-speed automated manual transmission (or MTA), which kills any sporting ambition. Stay with the manual and you won't regret it.

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Mazda 2

I already hear you: "But it's not sporty!“,“ It has only 90CV! ”,“ But put the Abarth back! ”.
You are right, the Mazda 2 has only 90hp, it is also quite expensive, and it does not have the sporty appeal of Abarth or others.
But trust me, try it, and you will understand that it makes us among the best cheap sports cars.

The engine is the appreciated 1.5 Skyactiv-G 4-cylinder naturally aspirated 90 HP and 148 Nm of torque coupled to a small electric motor, which makes it a mild Hybrid (with all the economic benefits that come with it). It is capable of reaching nearly 7 rpm, and is mated to a state-of-the-art six-speed manual gearbox, not just in the segment.

The Mazda 2 manages to be fun and incredibly agile thanks to a low weight of 1000 kg in running order, a very precise and direct steering and a gearbox that seems to be taken directly from the MX-5.
The performance doesn't seem like anything special (0-100 km / h in 9.8 seconds and 183 km / h), ma the beauty of little 2 is to drive it on a road full of curves.

The steering is very precise, chassis and suspension are perfectly calibrated, and the engine fits the car perfectly. The front inserts with great precision, the rear is alive, ready to “get out” of the trajectory.
The price is 19 900 euros for the Exceed version, already very well equipped with various ADAS, LED headlights and navigator.
Trust me, don't underestimate it. Try it, and you won't be disappointed.

Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki is a regular in this category. In fact, it has always produced the best economical sports cars.
With this new Sport, they don't lose their good habits.
The watchword of the new Suzuki Swift Sport is "lightness".

In fact, it weighs only 975 kg in running order, and thanks to his 1.4 turbo Boosterjet with 140 HP and 230 Nm performance is at the top of the category: 0-100 in 7.9 seconds and over 210 km / h of maximum speed, all with ridiculous consumption (20 with a liter are very feasible). The engine has little turbo lag and "pulls" from the very low revs, however it has little breathing room at the highs (the limiter "mura" at 6 revs) and the sound is anything but engaging.
The steering is precise, the 6-speed manual gearbox is pleasant to use and the chassis is able to make the Swift play through the tightest corners, with a rear end alive and ready to "bite" if you overdo it.

Unlike the previous Swift Sport, moreover, the presence of the turbo makes it fast even on the straight, and the engine has very little lag. Too bad for the lack of a self-locking differential which would have made the car even more precise in tight mixed conditions.

But the Swift to a list price of 22 500 euros (the "street price", however, is set at 18 500) It offers all the most advanced security systems, Full LED headlights and a successful infotainment system.
Once guided, its lightness will create addiction and, like the Abarth, it is an excellent base for future upgrades.

Volkswagen up! GTI

The latest car in the cheapest range is perhaps the most controversial, the VW up! GTI.
Certainly the up! it will never win a pageant and is certainly not the most eye-catching on the list.
Its pragmatic aesthetic, however, hides a nice peperino in the GTI version.
The engine is the smallest on the whole list: it's the well known 1.0 TSI, 3-cylinder turbo with 116 HP and 200 Nm of torque, coupled to an excellent 6-speed manual.
Thanks to the low weight of just over 1000 kg, the performances are there: 0-100 in 8,8 seconds and 196 km / h maximum.

Thanks to a striking frame and to the wheels placed at the corners of the bodywork, she is very agile and very fun in the curves, with an engine that must be pulled up to 6500 rpm to bring out all its grit. The brakes are also up to par, and the suspension is stiff enough to have fun without going to the osteopath.

The magic of the Up! GTI is that thanks to its very minimal dimensions and its non-exasperated performance it is fun on 99% of the roads even at code speed, managing to print a 32-tooth smile even on the boring commute from home to work.

Too bad for the decidedly subdued steering and the controls that can never be deactivated, but in any case the Up! GTI with its 20 thousand euros (price list) is the cheapest way to have fun like children.

Best sports cars between 20 and 30 thousand euros

Here we begin to raise the budget, finding the best sports cars that can be the only car of a young person, versatile and fun.
Here there are also cars with traction "on the right side", who can't wait to be scrambled on the mountain roads and, why not, even on the track.
Please note:: in this price range, we are waiting for the new peppery versions of Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio, which have always been among the best Hot Hatches in circulation.

Ford Fiesta ST

We start immediately with one of the most popular compact sports cars of recent years, the Ford Fiesta ST.
The Fiesta has almost always had a sporty version in its range that is very pleasant to drive, but with the seventh series the German-American manufacturer has reached a very high level.

Already the seventh series of the Fiesta is incredibly fun to drive even with the excellent 1.0 HP 95 Ecoboost, and deserves a place of honor in the previous list under 20 thousand euros.
The ST, however, combines the performance of a true sports car (0-100 in 6,7 seconds and 240 km / h) to excellent driveability, and for that it's the right compact if you really love to drive.
The rigid and very precise frame, the rear is almost as alive as a rear-wheel drive, an agile and very funny behavior and a precise, hard and direct steering make her the best Hot Hatch around on the 200 HP.

Furthermore, the engine is really underrated: the 1.5 degrees Ecoboost from 200CV and 250 Nm of torque, in fact, it sounds good, it pushes from the low up to 6500 rpm and loves to take turns, helped by an excellent 6-speed manual. It's a very bad engine, but at the same time smooth, smooth and damn fast.

The 1000 euro Performance Pack is also highly recommended: with this, in fact, it is equipped with Launch Control, gear change indicator and, above all, excellent Quaife self-locking differential, which makes understeer almost non-existent. With this addition, the Fiesta ST becomes the funniest car to drive on the entire list, able to excite and make you go very fast with little effort and lots, lots, lots of fun.
The price? Almost a theft: the price list speaks of 28 150 euros with the Performance Pack, but thanks to the always generous Ford offers we come to a price of 23 thousand euros. If you want a really sporty and fun compact, this is the right choice.

Mazda 3 2.0 Skyactiv-G 150 CV

Let's say you already have a family, and you can't afford a real sports car in the garage.
But, at the same time, you don't want to give up a car with which to really have fun in the curves. There is a solution?
Yes, and it comes from the Rising Sun: it is there Mazda 3, already tried and appreciated by us.

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Why did I add her to this list even though she is not overtly sporty?
The answer is simple: while not a "curb eater", it's one of the funniest cars in the real world.

The Mazda 3, in fact, uses a simple recipe: a naturally aspirated engine with over 6500 rpm, a weight reduced to less than 1300 kg, a precise and rigid chassis, a manual gearbox to applause and a precise, direct and not too hard steering.
The suspension also allows you to absorb roughness without being saggy, and allows you to have fun even when the road isn't perfect.

The engine is the well-known 2.0 Skyactiv-G with mild hybrid system in this case from 150HP and 220 Nm of torque.
The beauty of this engine is that it must be pulled up to the red line to have fun, and thanks to it everything is more sparkling, driving becomes a pleasure again.
And if the whole car is well done, comfortable and well equipped, and, personally, I find it aesthetically very successful.
All combined with a honest price of 27 500 euros for the Exceed version (already sufficiently equipped) it makes it a spacious compact, well made and that puts driving first.

Mazda MX-5

The queen of cheap sports cars cannot be missing either, the Miata, the Mazda MX-5.
For over 30 years, in fact, car enthusiasts have chosen the Japanese discovery, which always pays them back with one simple recipe, but very tasty.

Low weight, indeed, very low, two dry seats, front aspirated engine, rear wheel drive, manual gearbox.
Even in its fourth generation, the MX-5 offers emotions with very low running costs.

Under 30 thousand euros there is "only" the version with a canvas roof, engine 1.5 Skyactiv-G with 132 hp and 152 Nm, offer to a price of 28 500 euros. The "basic" version, however, is the best version.
The weight, with her, remains below 1000 kg, and the small, strictly aspirated 4-cylinder goes up to over 7000 rpm and is coupled to the best manual gearbox on the market. Dry, short, very precise, the change of the MX-5 is a joy and just using it and rattling off the 6 gears will always put you at peace with the world.

This is the beauty of the MX-5: it doesn't go very fast (0-100 in 8.3 seconds and 206 km / h), but with it you just need to pull a couple of gears, enjoy its rear-wheel drive and a steering that seems almost telepathic to get it right. return the smile.
Too bad that the 1.5 does not have a self-locking differential, that on the track and when it really pushes it would be useful, but for fun on the road few can beat the MX-5, even in the "basic" version.
To go fast, instead, go to the 2.0 184hp, the first really fast MX-5.

Toyota GT86

In a list of the best "low cost" sports cars, you can never miss the Toyota GT86.

The Japanese, in fact, together with its sister Subaru BRZ was created precisely for this: give maximum fun at the minimum priceThe recipe is simple.
Naturally aspirated engine, manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive with self-locking differential. Maybe add the Prius' Michelin Primacy tires, with little grip and inexpensive.
For those who want to spend relatively little and learn how to drive a rear-wheel drive properly, the GT86 is the perfect training ship.

The engine is the famous 2.0 D4-S 4-cylinder boxer by Subaru with 200 HP and 205 Nm of couple.
Likes to spin high, very high (7500 rpm), also because to bring out its power you really have to pull his neck. The performances, in fact, are not the top (0-100 in 7,6 seconds and 226 km / h), but pure performance is not the reason for the success of the “Toyobaru”.

The very precise steering, the weight distribution (53/47) perfect for having fun on the road, the very low center of gravity, the short, dry and precise manual gearbox and a not extreme set-up make it perfect to approach driving with rear-wheel drive and learn the sacred art of traverse.
The relatively few horses then allow you to have fun on any type of road and, why not, on the track.
Against a price list of over 32 thousand euros, the basic Rock & Road version is offered in promotion for 28 thousand euros.
The basic version, after all, has everything you need to really have fun. What do you do with a JBL stereo system on a GT86?

Best sports cars between 30 and 40 thousand euros

Once the most crowded price range, thanks to the systematic increase in the prices of all cars (today you buy only in installments ...), the range between 30 and 40 thousand euros is a little more desolate.
In this price range, however, you can find real hidden gems, waiting for Toyota GR Yaris

Ford Focus ST

We tried it a few months ago, and it impressed us with the performance level achieved, which, however, has not eliminated the pure fun.
The "baby" Ford performance inherits the 2.3 Ecoboost of the previous Focus RS, here with 285CV and 420 Nm, capable of one 0-100 well under 6 seconds and 250 km / h top speed.

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For more opinions we leave you our full proof about her, where we discover how its greatest value is the ability to have a lot of fun both on the road and on the track, even with a 100% unconvincing electronic differential. All this to a lower price than rivals, which stops at just 33 thousand euros. Ford is always a guarantee!

Hyundai i30n

In this case the rule applies good the first. After the first sports car of the Korean company, the Genesis Coupe, Hyundai took a liking to it, and in 2017 it launched the Hyundai i30N, their first Hot Hatch, and it was one real surprise in the panorama of compact sports cars.

Hyundai's N sports division, commanded by Albert biermann, former head of BMW's M department, has created from scratch one of the most engaging and fun compact cars around.

It is not the most accurate on the track, nor the fastest on the straight, nor the prettiest or the most desirable.
The Seoul House, however, was capable of create an engaging, fun sports car with a great engine and an exciting sound, all in total autonomy.
There are, in fact, no Brembo brakes, Akrapovic exhausts or Quaife self-locking differential.
All of these components are there, sure, but they were developed in house.
The engine was also uniquely created by Hyundai, who churned out a 2.0 turbo with 275 hp and 378 Nm of torque in overboost, coupled to a really excellent 6-speed manual, with a very successful and very useful rev matching on the track.

On top of all this, for relatively few euros you will have a car that steers well, has a great set-up, sounds great and is a lot of fun in the corners.
In fact, just over 33 thousand euros (excluding discounts) are enough to take home the “basic” N version, with 250 HP.
However, we recommend the N Performance version from 37 500 euros. Not only does it add 25 HP to the 250 of the N “Base”, reaching 275, but it also adds larger brakes, electronically controlled suspension and the excellent self-locking differential, which makes the small N even more effective and fun.

Kia Proceed GT

On this tour I propose a decidedly unconventional choice.
What is a Korean station wagon doing in the list of the best sports cars? It's here for the same reason I put the Mazda 3 in: it is a normal car after all, but with which you can really have fun on the road.

The Proceed is the version shooting brake of the excellent third generation Ceed, and is also available in GT version.
This Kia model family is not as extreme as its Hyundai N cousin, but it gives a good dose of sportiness and fun to a car that can still be used every day and for long journeys.
The engine, in fact, is a 1.6 T-GDI 4 cylinders of 204 CV and 265 Nm of torque, available with both a good 6-speed manual and a very good 7-speed double clutch, fast and very smart.

The performances are very respectable (0-100 in 7.5 seconds and 225 km / h "tablet"), but what is surprising is the precision of the steering and chassis and the readiness of the engine, which they allow really enjoy driving while maintaining a very high level of comfort, a very large trunk and excellent habitability.
The finishes and equipment, then, are at the level of much more noble premium rivals, against which the Proceed GT wins on price: bin fact, there are 33 250 euros for the manual and just over 35 thousand euros for the automatic.

Those looking for a car that drives really well but has a nice presence, lots of space and can be the only family car or the "representative" car, do yourself the favor of do not underestimate this Kia, e give it a chance.

Nissan 370Z

This is the oldest car we are going to deal with, on a par with the Abarth 500.
It was in fact 2009 when Nissan launched the 370Z, and since that year the Japanese sports coupe has changed very little.

Indeed, almost for nothing, only one thing has changed: the price. For a couple of years, in fact, the 370Z is offered at 10 thousand euros less than its original price, reaching 34 500 euros in the list (discountable!).
A real rival to Toyota GT86 and Mazda MX-5, but with something more.

The 370Z, in fact, is truly an old school car: very few safety systems, antediluvian infotainment and, above all, a almost Jurassic engine, but loved by many enthusiasts.
The "Fairlady Z" jealously preserves his VQ37VHR, Or a 3.7 V6 aspirated with 328CV and 366 Nm of torque, to be chosen strictly with the 6-speed manual gearbox equipped with the first rev-matching system on a production car.

The 370Z feels the weight of the years in many things, except driving. The steering is precise (it is still hydraulic), as well as the manual gearbox, the set-up and the chassis are more like a Gran Turismo than a hard and pure sports car, allowing you to use it even every day. And then the star, or his 3.7 V6, who screams, yells and pushes like hell up to 7500 rpm, giving emotions to every gear pulled.
Performance also does not feel the weight of the years: 0-100 in 5.3 seconds and 250 km / h of top speed.
If you are not interested in having a 10-year-old infotainment and a few modern frills and you are willing to pay the superbollo shopping (cabbage Italy, why are you doing this?), The 370Z can really make you happy: driving it is always fun and special.

Best sports cars between 40 and 50 thousand euros

We have reached the “top” of our list of the best affordable sports cars.
The price achieved is really important, but compared to the basic prices of products such as Porsche 911, BMW M2, Jaguar F-Type and other purebred sports cars we are facing outlet prices!
The powers involved are starting to become really important, as well as the 0-100 and the maximum speeds.
And get ready, why new competitors will also arrive this year such as Toyota Supra 2.0, The new VW Golf R, The new Audi S3 MINI Cooper S GP all-wheel drive ...

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The first car in this section is undoubtedly one of the most talked about in recent years: theAlfa Romeo Giulia.
Undoubtedly the Giulia project has its beautiful shortcomings, first of all the level of multimedia and security systems not up to par with German or Swedish rivals. But what makes the Giulia special is the way it drives.

Thanks to the low weight, also obtained thanks to elements such as the carbon propeller shaft, the first rear-wheel drive Alfa of the last 30 years manages to thrill even with the “basic” 2.2 turbodiesel.
Within the 50 thousand euros you can aim for the 2.0 Turbobenzina with 200 HP and 330 Nm of torque in version Sprint, offered at a list price of 48 500 euro. To many it may not seem like an engine up to par, but in reality, thanks to its low weight (only 1429 kg in running order), the Giulia manages to have excellent performance (0-100 in 6.6 seconds and 230 km / h "flat out").

The change is the "parsley" eight-speed ZF automatic, used by many manufacturers (BMW, Jaguar, Volvo, Jeep, ...), fast and very fluid. It pairs well with the 4-cylinder turbo of the Giulia 2.0, very ready for low but a narrow rev range: the limiter is in fact at 6000 rpm, but it is rather useless to go beyond 5500.

The highlight of the Giulia, however, is the steering: it is simply the best steering on the market under 100 thousand euros. Precise, very direct, with a great feeling, if you love to drive you will love this steering wheel.
Too bad for the traction control that cannot be deactivated, but even so the Giulia, thanks to a great chassis and a very successful suspension setup, will always satisfy you on the road. Finally, very often the price list is helped by substantial discounts at the dealership: happy heart and wallet.

BMW 320d

The only diesel car on our list could only be the favorite car of those looking for a comfortable and spacious car that can have fun.
In fact, since 1975 the BMW Serie 3 is synonymous with sports sedan, and with the new generation, the G30, this fame is even more consolidated.

The new 3 Series, in fact, is even more fun in the curves, precise and stable on fast and agile (even if not too much) in tight mixed conditions.
The best version is, needless to say, the 320d. Why, you ask?
In fact, the 2.0 diesel from BMW sports no less than 2 turbos in the 320d version, capable of 190 hp and 400 Nm of torque.
The push is always strong, decisive, and consumption can be incredibly low.

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If you want to know more about the BMW 3 Series, I refer you to our road test of the 3 Touring.
Under 50 thousand euros (if you are careful with the options ...) you will not find a more versatile car than her, capable of doing 1000 km and then having fun in the curves without batting an eye.

Cupra Ateca

In a world that dotes SUVs and crossovers, a “high-wheeled” car could not be missing from the list.
But beware, do not brand it as a "useless bin": the Cupra Ateca has some great arrows in its bow.

Meanwhile, she is equipped with the immortal 2.0 TSI 4-cylinder from the Volkswagen Group, which we have seen on almost all the compact sports cars of the Group, from the Polo GTI to the Audi S3 and Golf R.
In fact, from the latter the Cupra Ateca inherits the MQB platform, Haldex all-wheel drive and engine specifications, which here reaches 300 HP and 400 Nm of torque, combined with the equally immortal 7-speed DSG double clutch.

One would expect a slightly understeer, heavy and very effective behavior in a straight line and less in curves.
Well, the technicians of Cupra (a spin-off brand of SEAT) did a great job with the Ateca. The roll is contained to the maximum, the weight (of 1700 kg) and the high center of gravity are mitigated very well by an excellent chassis, a rigid suspension setting (but not back splitter) and a very precise and communicative steering, and an understeer required to look after a great all-wheel drive setup.

If you then add one 0-100 km / h in 5,2 seconds, a top speed of almost 250 km / h and a truly successful and engaging sound, well, the Ateca becomes a somewhat atypical sports car which, however, also thanks to not excessive consumption, it can be the right choice for a family SUV with which you can also have fun in the curves.


Here we are at the most powerful car of the lot, the one that moves the emotional strings the most, the Pony Car par excellence: the Ford Mustang.

Each version of the Mustang is under the 50 thousand euro threshold (except the Bullitt), and although the 2.3hp 290 Ecoboost is great for 90% of situations, it is proven that anyone who takes a Mustang without even considering the GT with the V8 took a hit on the head a short time ago.

In fact, the Mustang is not a purebred sports car: it is heavy, the steering is not very precise, the set-up tends to be soft and does not like the track. All these characteristics (we can't talk about defects, that's how it is!), However, they fade into the background when under the endless bonnet is the glorious 5.0 V8 naturally aspirated. A very full-bodied engine in the low but surprisingly handsome and bad in the highs, which gives 450 hp and 529 Nm of torque. The performance is sporty for almost double the price: 0-100 in 4,6 seconds and 249 km / h at maximum speed.

The manual gearbox is in tune with the car: hard, with grafts that must be sought with force, as well as you must be fast and strong because due to the gigantic V8 front the Mustang is very nervous, and requires driving skills and readiness to be tamed.
It is also quite spacious (and God forbid, being almost 4 meters long and 80), finished ... not very well (in America it is considered as a Golf, there is a bit of "cost savings") and despite driving well through the curves , does not hold a candle to European rivals.

Ma once you do the toe-heel to downshift a couple of gears and make his V8 sing ... I doubt you will go back. And for 48 euros, there is nothing that makes you feel more special than the Mustang.

Honda Civic Type R

The last car on the list is perhaps the most effective on the track of all the ones we have seen, and it is without a doubt one of the best front-wheel drives in the history of the car.
We are talking about the unbelievable Honda Civic Type R. The tenth generation of the Civic is already truly splendid to drive, with all its engines.

The Type R adds nastiness, and lots and lots of power.
Il The 2.0 Turbo VTEC is indeed capable of 320 hp and 400 Nm of torque, with a red line a 7000 laps: few for a VTEC, many for a 2.0 Turbo. The performances on the forehand are high but not very high (0-100 in 5.8 seconds and 272 km / h), because the Civic it's not a quarter mile car.

Its maximum reaches it between the curves, where it is razor sharp and almost glued to the asphalt, with a planted rear end and a front that never hints at understeer or torque steering, thanks to perfect steering and a very badly set self-locking differential.
On the track, then, it comes to life, where is the 6-speed manual gearbox loves to be mistreated and pays off with an experience second only to the change of the MX-5.
Of course, it is as discreet as a chrome tuxedo and as elegant as a romantic dinner at your trusted kebab shop, but the aesthetics worthy of Mazinger-Z pays you back with a very well studied aerodynamics, which guarantees a crazy cornering.

If you are not looking for a car that makes you go unnoticed and you place the utmost importance on the driving experience, then i 41 500 thousand euros price list will be the best money spent in your life.

The best "low cost" sports cars: you don't need to win the lottery to have fun

We have reached the end of our journey through the best sports cars at a human price.
Of course, they are still on average expensive cars, but this list serves to show that there are cars out there that can be the everyday car, that do not force you to give up or divorce to be bought and maintained, but that, on the right piece on the way, they can get a 32-tooth smile on your face.

Some more extreme, some more moderate, all the cars on our list put a goofy smile on our face, and being as passionate as you are, we are confident that they can be an elixir of happiness for anyone who chooses them, petrolhead word.

E you? What about it think? Do you agree with our choices? Which car what is missing in the list would you have put?

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