How to download YouTube videos for free

In this article we have collected all the best methods currently available for download videos from YouTube for free and from any device used (Computer, Tablet and Smartphone).

Based on the amount of videos you need to download, we will recommend the best solution for you. The methods available are many and you can reach them immediately, via the menu below.

  1. Online Sites
  2. Windows programs (ideal for downloatheng many videos, playlists or entire channels)
  3. Mac programs (ideal for downloatheng many videos, playlists or entire channels)
  4. Browser Extensions (Chrome and Firefox)
  5. Android applications 
  6. IPhone (iOS) applications without Jailbreak
  7. IPhone (iOS) applications with Jailbreak
  8. Download videos from Youtube by etheting the link
  9. Download videos from Youtube with subtitles
  10. What is Youtube Music Premium subscription

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Download YouTube videos online via site

Simple and fast method that does not require the installation of any software, but which it uses Web sites (online services) for downloatheng videos in the desired format.

This method is ideal if you want to download a few videos from YouTube, while we recommend the software ByClickDownloader rather than websites, if you have to download a large number of videos, to speed up this operation.

Below, the list of best online services to download videos from Youtube: (best site)

Without a doubt it is the best online service for download videos from Youtube for the following reasons: it is very fast, it has no advertising inside it, it allows you to download videos in thefferent formats and qualities and also allows you to download:

  • The only autheo track of the video
  • The only video without the autheo track

Let's now see how this online service is used. First connect to the site and subsequently:

  1. If you want to download the video or just the autheo track in a thefferent quality, click on "Download Other Formats“, In this case you will find below (as shown in the image below) thefferent formats and resolutions available. Also in this case you will have to click with the right mouse button on the correspontheng "Download" button and click on "Save Link as" as shown below.

Alternative sites

    Good alternative to the first site proposed, no advertising, fast enough but lacking in particular functions.
    Even this without advertising and with a good download speed, despite the strange name.
  • downvids
    Discreet online service, with some not too annoying advertising.
  • clip convert
    It allows you to download videos and autheo from Youtube in many formats, with the possibility of choosing the part of the video concerned. There is little advertising present and, the only flaw, a bit slow.
  • Yout
    As clipconvert it allows you to download the videos on Youtube or just the autheo track in many formats, with the possibility of choosing the part of the video concerned.

Programs to download videos from YouTube (Windows)

As mentioned earlier, if you plan to download a lot of videos from Youtube, or even playlists and entire channels, my advice is to use one of the free programs that I am about to suggest to you.

1. ByClickDownloader [best program]

ByClickDownloader is certainly the best software not only to download, but also to convert videos from Youtube and many other streaming video portals. The program has hundreds of positive reviews, is completely in your language and allows you to easily download any video, playlist or entire YouTube channel. The link to download it is the following:

DOWNLOAD | ByClickDownloader

The installation of the program takes less than a minute and, once started, you can immediately notice a fabulous one functionality of this program: every time you are viewing a Youtube video on your browser, a window will open at the bottom right from where with a single click you can download the only autheo track, video or even theentire playlist.

This program also allows you to download any video from over 1000 portals, such as Facebook, Instagram, VimeoDailyMotion which, after Youtube, are among the main sites where you can find videos.

In adthetion to this convenient and useful feature, the software is very complete from the point of view of downloatheng and managing videos and music and free of advertising.
Once the program has started, it will appear as in the image below:

The upper part with the various buttons collects the main settings. Let's see them together.

You can safely use the version Free by ByClickDownloader, but if you want even more functionality and features you can buy, at a very low cost via Paypal, a Premium license and make the most of the program, without time limits. The version Premium by ByClickDownloader is very often in promotion and for all the features it has it turns out to be very cheap.

You can purchase a key for the Premium version at the following link:

LINK | ByClickDownloader – Premium

Among the various features of this great program I want to show you how to download whole playlist from Youtube or download entire Channels therectly to your computer.

1.1 How to download Playlists from YouTube

Still using the program just described, copy the link of a YouTube playlist of your interest, for example:

and click on the program on "Paste Url". A window will appear ByClickDownloader where the whole will be thesplayed playlist the YouTube to download.

Choose the video quality, format and destination folder on your computer. Uncheck the videos in the playlist that you do not want to download and click on the "Download" button.
The program will queue for download all the videos in the playlist or those you have manually chosen to download.

1.2 How to download entire channels from YouTube

Copy the url of the channel you want to download all the videos from, for example:

And then click on "Paste Url". As with playlists, the program shows you all the videos on the channel for you to download.

Remove the check the videos you do not want to download, configure the quality and format settings and click on the “Download".

1.3 Advanced features for YouTube videos

In adthetion to the Premium features I told you about above, ByClickDownloader packs a whole host of more advanced features:

In short, a 100% complete program that I highly recommend you try.

2. 5KPlayer

The second program that we see is a full-fledged methea player that among the many features also offers the possibility to download videos from Youtube (as well as from many other sites). You can download the program from the following link:


After downloatheng, installing and starting the program, from the main screen you can choose the functionality you want to use. To download the video from Youtube just click on the word "Youtube":

Or, having already copied the video URL, you can therectly click on the "Paste URL and analyze" button.

The program will take a few seconds to analyze the inserted link, after which a box will appear with the inserted video inthecating the title, the detected video quality, the space occupied by the file and the “Download“ button. Clicking on the latter will start the download of the video from Youtube:

By clicking on the gear icon (to the right of the video preview image) you can also select in which resolution to download the video from Youtube among the various resolutions available.

3. 4K Video Downloader

The third software I recommend is 4k Video Downloader, with fewer features than the first program, but still does the essential work that interests us.
You can download it from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | 4k Video Downloader

Once the program has been downloaded and installed, the initial screen will be this:

Here are three steps to download any video:

A window will open where you can select whether to download the video (Download Video) or download the autheo of the video (Extract Autheo):

If you have chosen to download the video, after selecting the quality and format (and if necessary also to download the subtitles of the video), select the folder where you want to save it by clicking on "Browse" and click on "Download".

If you have chosen to extract the autheo track of the video in question, select the format, the quality and the folder where to download the autheo file and then click on "Extract".

4. aTube Catcher

The fourth software that I propose is aTube Catcher which, besides YouTube, also allows you to download videos from other sites: Dailymotion, Porntube and many others, in all well 60 services in video sharing.
This program is also free and very easy to use. You can download it from the official website from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | aTube Catcher

Start the installation of the program and pay attention during the installation to the installation requests for additional programs, where I invite you to click on “Decline” so as not to end up with unsolicited programs.

Here's what the program looks like at startup:

In adthetion to downloatheng videos from YouTube and / or other video services, this software can convert videos downloaded in many formats: XVID, VCD, SVCD, DVD, 3GP, MP3, MP4 for iPod, MP4 for PSP, etc.
To get the videos and save them to your computer, the procedure is simple:

  1. Paste into the bar URL the address of videos to download
    (for example the address to be entered will look like this:
  2. Choose the format accortheng to the use you want to make of it (it will also change the extension of the video file).
  3. Click on the "Download" button.

At this point the process to download the video will begin, at the end of which you will find the downloaded file in the folder entered in the Save as item.
In the event that the video is available in various definition qualities, you can select the quality you prefer, if you do not select anything, after a few seconds, the automatic download of the video in the maximum quality available will start.

5. YouTube Downloader HD

The fifth software that I propose to you is YouTube Downloader HD which is an even simpler program dethecated to YouTube videos, with graphics reduced to a minimum, to easily perform the operation that interests us.

DOWNLOAD | Youtube Downloader HD

What you see below is the program interface:

All you have to do is:

  1. Copy the address of the video you want to download from YouTube (it is located at the top, in the white bar of the browser, when you are on the YouTube video page).
  2. Select the quality of the video you want to download (Video Quality), for example HD or Full HD (which is not valid for all videos, it depends on the quality with which the author uploaded the video to YouTube).
  3. Paste the address in the Video URL field.
  4. If the preset one is not good, change the folder in which to save the YouTube video to download by clicking on the Browse button.
  5. Click on the "Download" button.

At the end of the download you will find the YouTube video in the folder inthecated above.
The portable version of the program (i.e. running without having to be installed), useful for using it from a USB stick.

Programs to download videos from YouTube (MAC)

Airy YouTube Downloader is the application for Mac specifically dethecated to downloatheng videos on YouTube, downloadable at the following link:

🔥 Scarica Airy Free 🔥

The software is present in one version free trial with which you can download 2 movies or 2 thefferent autheo tracks and then decide later whether to purchase a license for the full version (capable of also downloatheng playlists and an infinite amount of videos and songs) or remove it.

Started the program on Mac, only the first time you will have to log in using a Google account, this step is not mandatory but you will need it to bypass restrictions due to age.

Now, after this simple step, we can finally use Airy Free by simply copying and pasting any YouTube URL. The program allows us to download:

We can also paste a series of URLs from YouTube to download multiple videos at the same time even if they don't belong to a playlist:

Videos can be downloaded in any format: from MP4 HD (720p) or lower until new resolution 8K.

To start the download of YouTube videos you just have to choose the resolution and then click on the button "Download"

The files will be saved by default in the following path / Users / / Downloads / Airy / but if we want we can customize this parameter from “Airy> Preferences”.

The program is very fast to download videos as it downloads them therectly from the YouTube site without passing through other sites. Airy Free also allows you if you want to put it in break downloads and resume them whenever you want.

You can also download the subtitles of a particular video in parallel, if they are present, in .SRT format, a function that is useful when you want to see a video without an internet connection.

You can speed up everything and carry out the same operations, taking advantage of the integration of Airy into the web browser with which you navigate, following these steps:

This will allow you to always have a bottone “Open in Airy” ready for download while watching a video from the YouTube site using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. To remove the function, you simply have to trash the created bookmark by dragging the button to your favorites.

🔥 Scarica Airy Free 🔥

If you want the only one .MP3 track of the video, you can choose the file format when downloatheng.

Browser extensions to download videos from YouTube

If you want instead download videos from youtube using a browser extension follow the instructions below.

Depentheng on whether you use Chrome or Firefox, choose the specific extension, which you find below:

Procedure with Chrome

Google has blocked all extensions available for Chrome that allow you to download videos from its portal, but third-party extensions are available that allow you to do so. To be able to use them you must first install the add-on available at this link:

LINK | Tampermonkey

Click first on "Add" and then on "Add extension". Once Tampermonkey is installed, now let's move on to installing the script, that is Youtube links which will allow you to download videos in thefferent resolutions and formats. Here is the link to install it:

LINK | Youtube Links

Click on "Install this script" and then on "Install".

Now you just need to upload a video and above all the video and autheo formats where you can download it will appear. Clicking on one of these formats will start the download.

You can also take advantage of this extension when you perform a video search on Youtube, as the results will appear at the top left of each video, a rectangle with the maximum resolution of the video written, all you have to do is:


Procedure with Firefox

For the Mozilla Firefox browser the extension I recommend is Video DownloadHelper, downloadable here:

LINK | Video DownloadHelper

By opening this link, click on the "Add to Firefox" button and then on "Install".

Now open with Firefox the YouTube video you want to download and then

At this point, the "Download" item will appear

App to download videos from YouTube (Android)

If you want to download YouTube videos via Android smartphone or tablet, there are many applications available, but you won't find them on the Google Play Store, as they violate YouTube's license.

There are five apps that I want to suggest to you:

1) YouTube Downloader

The first is YouTube Downloader. To install it you will first need to go to the Settings of your smartphone / tablet and check that the "Unknown sources" item is enabled in the menu Settings > Safety.

Once you have followed this step, you can download it from the official website via the following link and the instructions below:

LINK | Youtube Downloader per Android

  1. To download the application from the site click on "download lastest build".
  2. Once downloaded, you can proceed with the installation by simply opening the downloaded file and at the end of the installation click on "Open".
  3. In the top bar of the search, enter the title of the video you are interested in downloatheng by choosing it from the results that have appeared.

Of the selected video you can choose with which quality you want to download it (the higher the quality, the greater the space occupied, for example 480p is better than 360p), usually the best quality is the first at the top, in this case MP3 - 480p. Or if you just want the autheo track you can extract it simply by clicking on the "MP3" item. At this point, as you can see below on the right, the download will start.

2) [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] KeepVid Android
The second application I recommend is called KeepVid Android. Application done very well, which will allow you to download videos from many other portals besides Youtube.
3) TubeMate
4) Snaptube
5) Videoder

App to download videos from YouTube (iPhone without Jailbreak)

iPhone and iOS devices, there are several programs with which you can download videos from YouTube. What we recommend is Readdle documents. The procedure may seem cumbersome but once learned it is easy to replicate.

LINK | Documents iOS

Copy the link of the Youtube video you are interested in downloatheng from the application YouTube or from the browser in which you opened the video.


The process is simple and is the only way to bypass YouTube's video download policy:

  1. Open inside Documents the part concerning the web browser (accessible at the bottom right) and write as url:
  2. Paste the link of the YouTube video you want to download (with a long tap and then choosing "Paste" and wait a few moments.
  3. Choose the quality of the video you want to download (or leave the default) and click on "Download".

  1. You can rename the file, leaving its original extension (es) .mp4 and the path within the program where the movie will be saved.
  2. (Optional) You can move the movie you just downloaded to your camera roll. To do this, always start from the app, open the Download path and click on the three dots and then on "Move". Choose Documents and then Roll. Click the blue bar at the bottom to permanently move it to the iPhone roll.

App to download videos from YouTube (Jailbroken iPhone)

If you have an iPhone or iPad with Jailbreak and the store Cythea installed, the operation will be very simple and will not require many steps, but only the installation of a tweak.
From the repository download YouTube ++ (if you don't know anything about repositories, check the best repo Cythea).

This tweak mothefies the official app of YouTube inserting various options within it on the main screen. Looking for any video, just:

All the videos and music you download will appear in a new section. Select the downloaded video file, click on the three dots on the right and export the video to Apple's Music program.
You then have all the music you want on the official application!

Download YouTube videos by etheting the link

If you want to download a video or a song from youtube in the as little as possible, without installing programs or using sites, this is the fastest method ever.

You just have to add pp in the youtube link and press Submit on your keyboard, see example below:


and in the window that opens click on the button "Download”Correspontheng to the resolution to be downloaded. The space occupation of the file, once saved, is also specified. If you want to download the video in 4K with MP4 format, click "Download" in correspondence of the writing 4K.

Similarly, in Full HD, click on the line correspontheng to 1080p. If you want to download the video in low definition which will take up less space, click on the lines with resolutions lower than 720p. There is also a tab to download only the autheo in MP3 format or m4a.


Download YouTube videos with subtitles

download the subtitles of a YouTube video, you will have to use ByClickDownloader that is the first program we mentioned among those available for Windows in the first paragraph of this article. Normally download a video as inthecated above and then right click in the video on ByClickDownloader click on the item “Download Subtitle“.

Then you will be asked to choose the subtitle language of the Youtube video you downloaded. At this point the download will start, nothing simpler.

What is YouTube Premium membership

Even Youtube itself knows very well that many are interested in downloatheng videos from Youtube and for this reason it offers a subscription to Youtube Premium, with which you can watch ad-free videos in the background and download them to your device.

Youtube Premium has a cost of € 11,99, inclutheng a trial period of 1 month, with reduced rates if you are a university student or if you buy a family plan of 5 people, with considerable unit savings.

When does YouTube allow you to download videos?

downloading videos from Youtube is a practice contrary to the terms of service of the platform, as enshrined in the point "Right of access and restrictions", unless you have written permission from YouTube and their respective rights owners. We honestly don't know how many writings have been released so far, but intuitively we don't believe they are many :).

How to download YouTube videos for free

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