Doom Eternal review: on my signal, unleash the Slayer

After 3 years from its presentation atE3 2018 and an initial postponement of 5 months, Doom Eternal is just a few days away from our hands! The new chapter of the famous saga of first person shooter (FPS) it will indeed be available on PC and console on March 20th. But is it worth buying? To find out, we spent the last few days killing demons, and now we tell you about our gaming experience in the terrifying world of Doom Eternal.

Let's find out what the fury of the Doom slayer!

Doom Eternal review

In Doom Eternal the demons of hell have begun a ferocious invasion of Earth, from Mars and slaughtering over 60% of the now ruined population. There Union Aerospace Corporation (UCA), the largest space company on the planet, is trying to stop the raging invasion but to no avail. The future of humans seems to be destined to end, in the bloody agony that belongs to them, in the underworld but to their rescue comes, the mysterious Doom slayer; a brutal marine capable of foiling and disemboweling the demonic threat.

With the support of VEGA, an advanced artificial intelligence and some members of the terrestrial resistance, it will be up to our protagonist to put an end to the invasion. To do this, we should start looking for the priests of a demonic cult who, together with the Khan Maykr, the spiritual leader of the infernal army, are intent on sacrificing the souls of humans for an arcane energy. A long search then begins which, among other levels, will bring us back up Mars, in the heart of the underworld and even in "XNUMX. Paradiso".

The bloody adventure of the Doom Guy is divided into a series of levels interspersed, usually, by a visit to the base of operation of the protagonist located in space. From here you can leave for the next mission, repeat those already passed and freely explore the base, in search of collectibles and power-ups with which to slaughter hordes of demons.

The smell of burning demons in the morning

Doom Eternal reinforces, once again, all that the series has to offer by improving the gameplay, the variety of weapons and enemies and the graphics, all immersed in that frenetic pace that we love so much. The action at all levels, in fact, is characterized from a climate to say the least unleashed in which we will have to make our way through hundreds and hundreds of enemies just waiting to fall under our blows. In this new chapter of Doom, however, we can no longer afford the luxury of drawing our weapon and shooting wildly. The game indeed features a strategic component interesting to say the least it will force us to think (very quickly) our next move.

In addition to various main firearms such as the shotgun, the heavy cannon, the rocket launcher, the plasma rifle and so on, the Doom Guy has a number of secondary weapons essential for the success of the game. These secondary weapons are the flamethrower, an electric saw to tear apart (literally) the enemies and the powerful punches of the protagonist. It is real resource collection tools: giving the final blow to the enemies with one of these weapons you can in fact obtain ammo, life or armor in addition to a series of glorious executions to satisfy your digital bloodlust.

We will therefore have to carefully evaluate our next action and how to finish the opponent so as not to be left without ammunition or without a protective shield, all in the shortest possible time because the demons are not waiting for anyone. Although this variant may seem too cumbersome, we can assure you that, already in the early stages of the game, you will know how to juggle the keyboard to use that particular move at the right time. The result is a more than satisfying, fast and adrenaline-pumping gameplay.

Password: adrenaline

Each level in Doom Eternal features a fairly linear and similar sequence for all missions. There game map features generally quieter transition areas, with some enemies to defeat and locations to explore in search of resources, extra and collectible lives. These are alternated with larger areas-arenas in which an exaggerated amount of enemies are concentrated that will put your skills to the test. The variety of demons that will try to stop you is wider than ever and well characterized. Each of them has certain attacks, strengths and weaknesses that you will need to learn as soon as possible if you want to survive. In addition, each demon is dedicated to different ones glorious executions which vary depending on the secondary weapon used or your position relative to the enemy. You will have fun discovering them all!

As already mentioned, the game is studded with many collectible items ranging from soundtracks, to cute puppets with the features of the game's demons, to documents that deepen the plot of the game. These are alternated with objects that go to actively modify our Slayer's arsenal and abilities. Each weapon that we will find, in fact, can be modified in two variants which, in turn, can be further enhanced. Your Shotgun, for example, can become a grenade launcher or semi-automatic weapon if needed to adapt to any situation.

Likewise, thearmor and secondary weapons can be upgraded and upgraded to reduce reload times or add devastating effects. This in addition to the possibility of increasing the shield, the life and the amount of ammunition available so we advise you to don't underestimate secret areas and collectibles, they are not so useless. To give more variety to the game we find some mini challenges within many levels where you can kill certain enemies in no time or cross the mythical ones Slayer gates for a truly extreme fight.

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The Doom Guy has never looked so good

That Doom is a series full of adrenaline is certainly not new but with Doom Eternal this feature reaches a new level. Every element of the game, from the gameplay to the graphics, from the animations to the vibrant colors, creates a state of constant and satisfying tension typical of the series. There graphic rendering of this chapter is nothing short of spectacular. In fact, the game uses the most recent version of the id Tech 7, the graphics engine of Id Software that gives its best both in closed spaces and in open spaces in situations of great movement. The result is a smooth and graphically pleasing game in which we didn't encounter any kind of glitch with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060.

Likewise also the colonna sonora, now a trademark of the series, it helps fuel the hectic atmosphere we love so much. Back in fact Mick Gordon, the Australian musician behind the Doom column, the 2016 remake of the first chapter. Every song on the soundtrack is imbued with that metal essence without which Doom simply wouldn't be Doom. The guitar riffs and drum machines constantly hammer, adapting also to the game action or the enemy that we find ourselves in front of for a more than immersive and full of energy experience.

Beyond Doom

In addition to the main campaign, lasting about 15-20 hours (depending on your love of secret areas), the game also offers one multiplayer mode called Battlemode. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an opinion as the Doom Eternal online mode will only be available with the official launch of the game scheduled for March 20.

The game, like any self-respecting Doom, also boasts 4 different difficulty levels that will test the most tenacious in favor of a high replayability. During the game, new arenas will also be unlocked in which to fight and according to what was said by Bethesda and Zenimax, more maps and updates will be released later.

Doom Eternal review: buy it or not?

If it wasn't clear yet, Doom Eternal is a game to play and savor to the last level and beyond. All the elements we loved in previous chapters come back here more loaded and bad than ever. Get ready for a fight with the underworld that you won't forget so easily!

Doom Eternal

  • The quintessence of Doom
  • Gameplay news more than spot on
  • Great variety of weapons and enemies
  • Spectacular graphics and sound
  • A few bugs here and there
  • Too bad we couldn't try the online mode

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