PS4: beware, the 9.0.0 update crashes some consoles!

The PS4 is the victim of a failed update. According to testimonials that appeared online, the 9.0.0 update completely crashes some consoles. Sometimes it is not possible to launch a game or turn on the PlayStation 4. You are instructed how to correct the problem. 

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On September 15, 2021, Sony deployed the 9.0.0 update on the PlayStation 4. The firmware brings a host of minor improvements. In the process, Sony has also deployed an update to the PS5 to support 3D audio on the speakers of the TV connected to the console.

According to the changelog published by the Japanese giant, the update of the PS4 adds the possibility “to display the trophies of PS5 games on a PS4”, to “delete a group if you are the owner”, “to use the PS Remote Play app to access your PS4 ”plus some parental control enhancements. More generally, the update is designed to bring the PS4 closer to the PS5.

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How do I fix the bug in the version 9.0.0 of the PS4?

Unfortunately, the 9.0.0 update also comes with serious malfunctions. According to testimonials on social networks, including Reddit and Twitter, some PlayStation 4s experienced big slowdowns just after installing the update. Obviously, all models of PS4 (PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro) are affected.

In some cases, the console does not start anymore or constantly reboots in safe mode. According to some Internet users, the PS4 sometimes restarts without difficulty but it is no longer possible to launch any game. It is therefore completely unusable. When the console crashes, an error message appears on the screen: " An error has occurred. (SU-42118-6) ". Obviously, not all consoles have encountered any issues with the update. Only a handful of units are affected.

Fortunately, the PlayStation Support forum provides a solution for this error, visibly recurrent. Indeed, this error message appears following a bug in the PlayStation software. Users periodically encounter this concern, and have been doing so for several years. To correct the shot, simply follow the following procedure:

  • On your computer, create a folder called PS4 at the root of a FAT32 formatted USB drive. Within this folder, create a subfolder UPDATED
  • Download the update file directly from the PlayStation support site.
  • Right click on the button PS4 Update File and press Save link as.
  • Then drag the PS4UPDATE file into the UPDATE folder of your FAT32 formatted USB drive
  • Connect the USB drive in question to your PS4
  • Start the console by Safe mode. To do this, simply hold down the power button and release it when you hear a second beep.
  • Choose option 3 of Safe Mode, namely Update system software
  • Finally, click Update from USB storage device> OK.

In theory, this manipulation should solve the problem. If not, you are encouraged to contact Sony customer service.

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