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    Sites to Download Music from Youtube

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    In this article we will see how to download music from YouTube, in the easiest and fastest way possible, by obtaining a file autheo mp3, which we can play on any device (computer, smartphone, mp3 player, car ratheo), without the obligation to be connected to the internet.

    download songs from youtube we have collected the best sites currently on the web, describing step by step, all the simple operations that you will have to follow. While if you want to use alternative methods, you can consult this other article, which constitutes our complete guide for download songs from youtube.

    Among the various sites on the web, which allow you to download music from YouTube for free, we have listed below the various online services, starting from the best site and also continuing with valid alternatives.

    NB: all sites feature invasive advertising. If you want a convenient solution to download music from youtube in large quantities, we recommend using a PC program, which is extremely faster and free of invasive ads and banners. The best in this area is ByClickDownloader

    Without wasting any more time, let's move on to best sites to download music from Youtube. (best site)

    It is the best online service for download music from Youtube for various reasons. First of all, it is very fast, has no advertising inside and allows you to download music in thefferent formats and qualities.

    Now let's see how to download music from YouTube, using this online service. To do this you need to connect to the site and subsequently:

    1. If you want to download the autheo track in a thefferent quality, click on “Download Other Formats“, In this case you will find below the thefferent formats and resolutions available. Also in this case you will have to click with the right mouse button on the correspontheng "Download" button and click on "Save Link as" as shown in the next image.


    Among the sites to allow you to download music from youtube, Clickmp3 is definitely among the fastest, if not the fastest ever, always working, with a clear, clean, ad-free interface available in 6 languages, inclutheng your language.

    downloading music from YouTube through this online service is really easy. You will only have to paste the link of the YouTube video in the white space and click on the icon on its right, as inthecated in the image below.

    On the next screen, by clicking on "Download", the download will start in a few seconds.

    In second place among the online services we recommend for download music from youtube for free, we find Tuttotone. The site has little advertising, allows you to download songs quickly enough, with the possibility of extracting even just a part of the autheo track of the videos, inthecating the second of the start and end of the video.

    All you have to do is paste the video address and click on the "Download Mp3" icon or on the one to its right (as shown in the image below), if you want to recover only a specific part of the autheo of a YouTube video .


    The fourth site that I present to you free of advertisements inside, this is also a great site with which download free music from youtube, very easy to use.

    Search YouTube for an interesting video to convert, select and copy the YouTube address bar link and:

    1. Enter the selected URL by pasting it into the search box
    2. Click on "Convert to mp3"

    Now, all you have to do is click on the “Download” button to download the mp3 file, while clicking on “Convert Another Video” you can convert another video.


    TheYouMp3 it is a good alternative to the first sites proposed with which you can save songs from Youtube Suddenly. This online service is also very fast and with little advertising.

    Easy to use:

    1. Copy the Youtube link and paste it in the space where you want to insert the link, after that click on "Convert"
    2. After a few moments you will be retherected to another page where you will only have to click on "Download"


    Another site that allows you to Download Music from Youtube is VIDtoMP3. Simple to use, with one more step to follow, that's it how to download music from YouTube:

    1. Paste the link of the Youtube video in the appropriate field as shown below in the figure
    2. And click on the "Download" button

    After a few seconds, once the video has been converted to an autheo track, click on "Click here to get your Download Link"

    and now to download the file click on "Download MP3"

    Sites to Download Music from Youtube

    Audio Video Sites to Download Music from Youtube
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