The fish not to be missed in October in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The arrival of October, like every month, it means for Animal Crossing New Horizons new fish and new insects to capture. Let's go into the discovery of all the fish to catch in October in Animal Crossing New Horizons! (The October insect guide can be found at this link instead)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - October fishes

The guide refers to the fish that can be found in the islands located in the Northern (Northern) Hemisphere

Let's start with the list, which contains the newly arrived fish and "expiring" fish. You can compare it with theEncyclopedia present on yours Nook Phone to understand which of these are still missing from your collection (and that of the museum of Blathers). For when you go fishing, we remind you that when the captured creature is new the dialogue line will say "Yes","evvai”Or something else on this tone before announcing the name of the species taken.

There are not only fish in the sea! Here is our guide to sea creatures

Fish on the way

  • Flounder: one of the two fish arriving a October it is the Plaice, which we have not seen since April. You can find it in sea ​​all day at the medium shadows.

  • Golden Perca: the second incoming fish, which we do not see from March, is the golden Perca. You can find it in rivers all day at the medium shadows.

Departing fish

  • Snapping turtle: the first "fish" (actually a reptile) to leave is a turtle, which you can find among the 9 pm and 4 in the morning in rivers at the large shadows

  • Catfish: passing to the real fish, we find the Catfish, which is found in the ponds between 4 of the afternoon and 9 in the morning at the large shadows.

  • Tilapia: continuing with the fish of river, we have the Tilapia, which you find all day at the medium shadows.

  • Angelfish: another fish of river, which you find among the 4 of the afternoon and 9 in the morning at the small shadows.

  • Betta: complementary to the Angelfish, you can find the Betta among the 9 in the morning and 4 of the afternoon in rivers at the small shadows.

  • Rainbow fish: analogous to Betta (available in rivers From 9 in the morning  4 of the afternoon), it only differs in having one ombra extra-small.

  • Murena: we pass to the first of the two departing moray eels. We find it in sea all day at the long shadows.

  • Ribbon moray eel: the second starting moraine. It is located in sea ​​all day at the long shadows.

  • Giant Carango: we conclude with two fish of molo. The first is the Giant Trevally, which is found all day at the ombre extra large.

  • Lampuga: second fish of molo. Is situated all day at the extra-large ombre

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