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The Guides of continue! This time the theme is football and we will learn together to juggle the multitude of internet sites that allow you to watch football in streaming legally. Let's find out what are the most famous services and platforms, how much they cost and how they work.

On which sites can I legally stream football?

The list is very long and complex. Today we will see only the main sites where you can watch football in streaming legally, limiting ourselves to the main leagues and the best and, in fact, legal services. You will not find an unknown site to see the Uzbek league, nor the pirated site with the Champions League matches with Arabic commentary.

Only official, recognized and safe sites.

Where to see Italian football in streaming legally?

Let's start with local championships, who are the most followed by attachment to the shirt, to their city or by habit.
How to follow the Italian top league, Serie A, and all the other national professional competitions?
Here are the answers you were looking for.

Where can I watch Serie A? (Now TV, Sky Go and Dazn)

Ahh, Serie A. The reason for conversation, confrontation and even clash of the whole country.
Until a few years ago we were faced with a monopoly of Sky and Mediaset Premium, which shared the football schedule equally.
However, after the Premium program was closed, a rift was formed, and today the main players are two, Sky and DAZN.

The division of the weekly matches is 70/30, with 7 games out of 10 exclusively on Sky and 3 exclusively on DAZN.
Traditionally, DAZN broadcasts on its own frequencies the Saturday evening advance at 20:45, the Sunday lunchtime match at 12:30 and one of the classic Sunday matches at 15:00.

For about a year now, there has been a nice surprise for “traditional” Sky customers, equipped with satellite dishes and decoders.
The British company of Rupert Murdoch and the English streaming platform have in fact agreed to creation of a thematic channel, DAZN 1, available on Sky Italia channel 209 which broadcasts the games held by the broadcaster "in black and white".

For those who want to follow the Italian championship in streaming, there are three services.
The first is Now TV, Sky's streaming service, where it is possible to watch a series of selected Sky channels live and various on-demand content, obviously including Serie A.
The second is of course DAZN, which makes its app and streaming platform the heart of its offer.
The third, on the other hand, is a streaming service available only for “traditional” Sky customers, that is Sky Go.
This service, which we will explain later, allows you to watch a selection of Sky channels on your smartphone, tablet and PC for free, with a limit of devices and accesses.

Where can I watch the Italian Serie B?

For many the Serie B is even more important than Serie A.
Of course, everyone follows the top football championship in our country, but many Italian cities are represented by militant clubs in Serie B.

Among historical Serie A teams in search of redemption such as Lanerossi Vicenza or Brescia, teams from Serie A such as Lecce or SPAL and small realities that dream of the big leap like Pordenone or Cittadella, Serie B represents many regional realities and the following is a lot.
The exclusive rights of this championship are in fact held by DAZN, which focuses a lot on the “cadet” series.
In fact, the English company broadcasts all 380 Serie B seasonal matches on its platform, including playoffs and playouts.

Where can I see the Italian Serie C legally?

As with Serie B, the interests around the Serie C they are many and varied.
Given the 60 teams participating in the 3 groups A, B and C, where the teams are separated according to the city of origin: North-West and Center-West (group A), North-East and Center-East (group B) and South ( group C).

The rights to this championship are held by the Eleven Sports streaming broadcast service, which holds exclusively those of the whole championship, including the Italian Cup Serie C, play-offs, play-outs and Final 4.
The traditional programs Rai Sport (channel 57) and SportItalia (channel 60) then broadcast a Serie C match for each round of the championship, including the Italian Cup and the other competitions (playoffs, playouts and Final 4).

Where can I see the Primavera Championship?

The only exception to the rule that we have given ourselves to follow only the professional football championships, talking about the Spring Championship.
This is in fact the top league for Italian youth teams: the youth divisions of Serie A and Serie B teams participate in the championship.

Given its role in forging the champions of tomorrow, ready to make the big leap in Serie A or B, it has always been very popular with the most passionate public.
In recent years, the Primavera 1 Championship (as the youth "top division" is called) has had only one holder of its TV rights, SportItalia.
The popular free-to-air TV football channel recently launched a online streaming service on its website, where you can then follow this championship and the others that we are going to see together today.

Where can I see the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup?

Obviously, the national cup is missing Coppa Italia.
For this competition and for the Supercoppa Italiana (which we remember being the one-off competition where the winning team of the Scudetto and the winner of the Italian Cup compete) the broadcaster is the RAI.

For the Italian Cup, RAI broadcasts three matches of the first three rounds, and then all the matches from the fourth preliminary round onwards, passing from the round of XNUMX to the final.
Even for the Italian Super Cup, the "monopoly" belongs to Rai, which has been broadcasting it in the clear since 2006.

Despite the extreme availability of RAI channels on digital TV, the RAI streaming TV service, RAI Play, one of the simplest to use.

Where can I legally watch international football?

For many, however, the most important football day is not Sunday, but Tuesday and Wednesday, the days of the Champions League.
For Champions League and Europa League all rights belong to Sky, but there are not only the two European cups. Let's see how to legally stream European football and on which platforms.

Where to watch the Champions League?

La Big Ears Cup it is certainly the most followed and loved competition in the whole world.
Winning the Champions League and becoming European Champion is the dream of all teams across Europe.
After years of Sky-Mediaset duopoly, satellite TV now has the exclusive reproduction rights of the Champions.
To watch football in streaming legally also in this case we rely on Now TV and Sky Go, which broadcast all the matches of the most famous international cup in the world exclusively.

However, there is a nice surprise for Italian football fans.
One of the matches on Wednesday (basically those with the Italian teams or with the most famous teams) is broadcast unencrypted on Mediaset networks, from the group stage to the final. This means that one of these matches is available on Mediaset Play, the Fininvest Group TV streaming service.

Where to watch the Europa League?

Identical speech for the second most important European competition, theEuropa League.
The exclusive rights of the former UEFA Cup are in fact held by Sky, which transmits it in the usual manner on Now TV e Sky Go. So every Thursday you can enjoy streaming the exploits of the 64 teams trying to win the second continental cup.

But here too there is possibility to see a game in the clear, in this case, however, on Sky's free-to-air channel, TV8.
Here you can watch one of the most important matches of the day on channel 8 of the free-to-air TV, but also in streaming on the website. And we will talk more about this later.

Where to watch the European Super Cup?

There is only one continental competition missing, the European Super Cup, a dry challenge competition in which the winner of the Champions League and that of the Europa League compete against each other.
Also on this competition the rights are Sky, with the possibility of streaming on Now TV e Sky Go.
Even in this case, however, the free-to-air transmission on Mediaset networks, with the game traditionally scheduled on Canale 5. The vision in streaming on Mediaset Play, also in this case, it is insured.

Where to watch the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana?

However, there is not only European football.
For many, two of the prince competitions in the world are there Copa Libertadores and the "little sister" South American Cup, the Champions League and the Europa League of Latin America.
Physical teams and with that pinch of madness that can only be found in South America, hot fans, a lot of passion.
The Copa Libertadores attracts many fans, despite the night hours in which it is staged.

Until a few years ago it could only be found on Sky, but for a couple of editions the most important cups in South America have been on DAZN. A wonderful news for lovers of South American "futbol", who will be able to take advantage of both the live broadcast in real time and the possibility of watching the games on demand.
Given the prohibitive times at which it is broadcast in our latitudes, this is a great advantage!

Where to watch the foreign football leagues in streaming?

However, there are not only the Italian championship, on the contrary. For some enthusiasts the center of attention is the foreign football.
Leagues such as the English Premer League, the Spanish Liga or even the Dutch Eredivisie are of great interest to many.
Lovers of foreign football, we think of you: here's where you can legally stream your favorite football.

English Premier League?

Since its inception in 1992, heir to the First Division (the oldest league in history), the Premier League it went from being an important championship to becoming the most followed and loved football championship in the world.
To see the exploits of Liverpool, Manchester United and City, Chelsea, Tottenham and the "terrible little ones" Leicester, Leeds and Southampton, your reference point is Sky.

Since the birth of Sky Italia in 2004, the Premier League has been a constant in the offer of English Pay TV, and for now nothing seems to have to change.
The top English championship is in fact only found on Sky channels, and obviously also on its streaming services Now TV e Sky Go. To the delight of Massimo Marianella.

Where to watch the English FA Cup and Carabao Cup?

The success of the Premier League also affects the two national cups, FA Cup e League Cup, also known as Carabao Cup for advertising reasons.
Both competitions allow teams from all over the country to participate, even non-professional ones.

This creates incredible stories of real Cinderella, teams from small suburbs that host and challenge the giants of English football. The most recent was the FA Cup match between Tottenham and Marine FC, an eighth league team from Crosby, in Merseyside.
Where to see these challenges between David and Goliath? Up DAZN, which has the rights for both national cups (and not only, as we will see in a second).

Where to watch the German Bundesliga?

As with the Premier League, the German Bundesliga is a "habituèe" league of the schedule of Sky.
A highly spectacular championship, physical but with a lot of talent, and teams that never spare themselves until the ninetieth minute. From this apparently cold championship we always expect very hot cheering, great matches and avalanches of goals, with all the teams united to prevent the battleship Bayern Monaco to make his own for the umpteenth time championship trophy.

To see the exploits of Bayern, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and the "newcomers" Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig you have to always aim at the platforms of Sky, Now TV and Sky Go, with all 34 days plus the play-off salvation guaranteed.

Where to watch the Spanish La Liga?

DAZN has focused heavily on foreign football, going to offer in its portfolio not only the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, but many other top tier championships, such as the Liga.

The Spanish league may not have the appeal of a few years ago, with the Cristiano Ronaldo-Messi match, but it is still one of the most spectacular European leagues.
The goals scored in the La Liga are in fact always many, and it is always very interesting to find out who will win the championship match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, or if there will be outsiders ready to undermine the two battleships, such as Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad or Villareal.
All 38 matchdays of the English league are on DAZN.

 French Ligue 1?

It will not have the charm of La Liga, Premier League or Bundesliga, but after the construction of a great Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1, the French league, has gained a large following.
Between the Parisian giants of PSG and the smaller rivals such as Monaco, Marseille, Lyon and Lille, the championship is tight and interesting.

And it has always been drawn and interesting, given that the French championship has a hard-to-beat record among all the major European championships: in fact, in its 83 editions there have been as many as 20 different winners, and only Saint-Étienne have won 10 championships, a team that hasn't won a title in 40 years.
A tight and very competitive championship, which as you can find on DAZN.

Where to watch the Dutch Eredivisie?

Always in limbo between the 5 main and second tier leagues, theDutch Eredivisie has great fascination for the history of the teams that participate in it including Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV, all three with at least one Champions League on their noticeboard.

Another reason for interest is the historic ability of Dutch teams to play beautiful football and find and cultivate great talents, including for example Johan Cruyff, Marco Van Basten, Robin Van Persie and in recent years Matthijs De Ligt, Luis Suarez or Virgil Van Dijk.
Like the other "major" leagues, we can find the Eredivisie on DAZN, with dedicated programming.

Where to watch the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Championships?

In addition to the top 5 leagues, now is the time to talk about the new frontier of streaming football.
In fact, in the last period the Nordic football.
After the exploits of Erling Haaland, Dejan Kulusevski and more recently Jens-Petter Hauge and the success of Bodø / Glimt in Norway and Molde in the Europa League, Nordic football has really caught on in Italy.
Organized teams, physically strong and with an increasing number of talents arriving on their playing fields.

the Norwegian championship, the Elite Series, the place to look is eurosport, which comes into play with its streaming service EuroSport Player. The EuroSport platform will also be of great importance as the pan-European channel has earned the rights for the Tokyo Olympics and for the upcoming 2022 Winter and 2024 Summer Olympics.
Then there are two other interesting Nordic championships, the Swedish championship (the Allsvenskan) and the Danish one (the Superligaen) can be found along with the spring league on SportItalia.

Where to watch national team matches?

Finally we arrive at National. As for the matches of Italy, being the team from our country, the presence of the matches is obvious RAI channels. In addition to the obvious presence on RAI 1, the friendlies, matches of the Nations League and European or World Championships of the Azzurri are also guaranteed on Rai Play.

As for the other national teams, the Covid situation has complicated things a bit.
La Nations League, the new "super-championship" between national teams that is giving away a place for the European Championships, is only up Mediaset, with the presence therefore on Mediaset Play.
As for the Europeans scheduled for 2021, there is still no certainty. In theory, the rights should be Sky's, but never say never. As soon as there is certainty we will give you

What are the main platforms to legally stream football?

Now we have told you where you can find all the major leagues in streaming.
Now obviously where did you tell you where to watch football in streaming now it's time to tell you how to legally stream football.
A guide in the guide therefore, to understand in a few steps how to watch a football match on all streaming platforms available on the market.

How to stream football on Now TV?

Let's start with Now TV, the platform of Sky to watch Pay TV programs on Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablet and PC and more.
Born in 2014 as Sky Online, in 2016 it was renamed Now TV and enhanced in terms of functionality, schedule and stability.

Where can I watch Now TV?

To start watching programs on Now TV, what you need is an internet connection, a device tra smartphone or tablet (both Android and iOS), PRAÇA (both Windows and iOS and with Linux operating system), a Smart TV (practically all Smart TVs are compatible with this service) the console (PS4 e Xbox One in primis).
If then until a few days ago Now TV was only available for dongle (i.e. a small device with HDMI output inside which there is an operating system and allows you to make even older TVs smart) Google, chromecast, And Xiaomi, My TV Stick, is news of the very last days ofagreement between Amazon and Sky due to the presence of Now TV also on the dongle of Amazon, the widespread Fire TV Stick! Beautiful!

For those who only want the Sky service, there are also two proprietary dongles, the Now TV Smart Stick e la Now TV Box, which contain the interface for Now TV along with other third-party apps, such as YouTube or RedBull TV.

Download QR-Code NOW Developer: Sky Italia S.r.l. Price: Free Download QR-Code ‎NOW Developer: SKY Italia Price: Free

What do I find on Now TV?

In addition to all the football I told you about a moment ago, on Now TV you will also have access to other sports on which you have Sky rights, such as Formula 1, Moto GP, the NBA and, if you wish, also the more "classic" Sky programming including films, documentaries, TV series and original programs such as X Factor or Masterchef.

How much does Now TV cost?

Like all Sky products, Now TV isn't exactly cheap.
Unlike the other "players" who offer a single subscription for all the contents of their platform, Now TV has a “Pass” system that allows you to buy only what you want to see.
Il Pass Sport allows those who subscribe to see all the sport of Sky, therefore including all football and the aforementioned sports (F1, MotoGP, Basketball, ...), and costs 14,99 euros for a day pass, or 29,99 euros per month.
If you also want the Entertainment Pass, including films, TV series and original productions, you have to expect to spend additional € 14,99 per month.

How do I stream a football match on Now TV?

We figured out which platforms it works on, so let's see how it works briefly.
On Smartphone and Tablet, the basic operation is as follows:

  • Download the Now TV application from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Click on the "Now TV" icon which will appear after you download the app.
  • Once downloaded, you will already find yourself in front of the contents that you can watch, such as the match of the day, or the TV series that aired that night.
  • Click on the content of your interest.
  • The login page will open, the one where you enter your username and password.
    If you already have the credentials, enter the details and you are ready to go.
    If you want to make a subscription from scratch, click on "Visit Now TV".
  • Once the page is open on your web browser, click on "Discover the Offer".
  • Here you can choose between the Sport Pass and the Cinema and Entertainment Pass. If you would like to choose both, you can do it later.
  • Once you have chosen the pass of your desire, continue by entering your email, personal data, password and the payment method.
  • Once done, it will be enough return to the app, enter your details and voilà, here you are ready to watch Now Tv.
  • To watch a game by opening the app live matches will immediately appear on the home page under the "Sport" section, for example “Udinese-Crotone (direct)”.
  • Click on the match and click "Watch", or "Add to Calendar" if it has not yet started.

On a PC, the operation is more or less the same.
La main difference is that to get to "Discover the Offer" it will be enough for you click on this link, which takes you directly to the page of your interest.

If, on the other hand, you have a discount code or a subscription code, da browser web o PC click on this link to get to the page where to activate your subscription.
For use on the Smart TV, on the other hand, we recommend that you sign up on a smartphone or PC and then enter the credentials on the TV, much more convenient procedure than entering all the data via your TV remote control.

Are there any limits on the devices?

Unfortunately. In fact, there is a limit of 4 “logged in” devices, therefore ready to play, which can be subscribed to the Now TV service.
In this count all devices are considered equal: there is no difference between TV, smartphone or PC, they can only be 4.
Attention then: add and change devices with care.
In fact, 4 devices can be added in a single day, but you can only delete one device per month. A big limit for some users.

Are there any limits of devices that can be used at the same time?

Si. In fact, only two devices can be used at the same time: any third device will not be able to access the service.

How to watch football streaming on DAZN?

Let's move on to Now TV's "rival", DAZN.
Quotation marks are a must. The English streaming platform has indeed soon renounced an inconvenient duopoly for its subscribers, going to sign aagreement with Sky last year which included DAZN in Sky devices such as Sky Q or Now TV Box, and led to the birth of a thematic channel, DAZN 1, within the Sky schedule.

Nonetheless, it is obviously also open to non-Sky customers, with a much more affordable subscription.

Where can I watch DAZN?

DAZN is a very flexible platform, and present on a large number of devices.
The DAZN app is indeed available for all smartphones and tablets (both Android and iOS), for all PCs (both Windows and Mac and Linux), for almost all Smart TVs, on consoles (PS4 e Xbox One) and for all dongles: Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google ChromeCast, Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and so on.
There are no dedicated peripherals, but thanks to its presence almost everywhere you do not miss it.

Download QR-Code DAZN: Live Football and Sport Developer: DAZN Price: Free + Download QR-Code DAZN: Live Football and Sport Developer: DAZN Limited Price: Free +

What do I find on DAZN?

Unlike Now TV, DAZN is a uniquely sports platform.
Its core business is obviously football, with the large amount of leagues and competitions to be found on the platform.
However, it is not just football, because there are so many sports covered.
From the most niche such as American Football, Darts, MMA, Gymnastics to the most popular such as various car series (WRC, IndyCar, Formula E) and, from this year, the entire World Championship is also available on the DAZN networks.
For the entire catalog, just take a look at the DAZN website: it is really large, almost endless.

How much does DAZN cost?

Compared to Now TV and also compared to other competitors, the price is quite low.
The monthly cost of DAZN amounts to 9,99 euros.
And if you are a Sky customer you can activate the "Sky-DAZN offer" which unlocks the DAZN1 channel and gives the opportunity to also access the service on a smartphone, tablet or PC.
The cost of this offer, however, varies according to the subscription to Sky, and the years of stay with Sky (the service Sky Extra).

How can I watch a live football match on DAZN?

Also here, using the platform is quite simple.
Let's start with Smartphones and Tablets.

  • Download the DAZN application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the DAZN icon that will appear in your applications.
  • Once here, you can choose to discover the offer available by clicking on "Explore DAZN", or create an Account by clicking on "Create an account".
  • If you have already been provided with credentials, skip the next three and click on "Login" below.
  • After clicking on "Create an account", enter all the personal information requested: e-mail address, password ...
  • Once done, click on “Start Watching”.
  • After checking the data entered with the summary, enter the payment information you prefer.
  • After entering the payment method, you will be "catapulted" to the main page of DAZN: here just click on the game you are interested in to start.
  • In case there is not, click at the bottom on the ball with the words "Sport" under it.
    Here you will find all sports divided into macro-areas: Football, Motors, MMA, Boxing, ...
  • Click on the one you are interested in.
  • Select the event you want to see, for example a Serie A match.
  • Sit back ready to stream your football match.

As for the use on the PC, as before, the operation is almost the same.
The only difference is the position of the "Sport" button, top left.
Again, if you want to use it on your Smart TV or on your Stick, we recommend that you sign up on your smartphone or PC, for greater convenience.
On TV and Smart TV, the operation is practically the same as in the PC version: using it is child's play.

Are there any limits on the devices?

Si. A maximum of 6 different devices.

Is there a limit of devices that can be used at the same time?

Si. Come per Now TV, the limit of devices that can be used at the same time is 2.

How to watch football streaming on Sky Go?

Sky Go it is a service to mention, but definitely different from the others on this list.
Unlike all the others, it cannot be signed by anyone, but it can only be used by Sky customers.

Sky Go in fact acts as “Extension” of your Sky subscription away from home, and in fact it is usable only your smartphone, tablet and PC. No dongle, Smart TV or similar: mobile devices only.

Download QR-Code Sky Go Developer: Sky Italia S.r.l. Price: Free Download QR-Code ‎Sky Go Developer: SKY Italia Price: Free

What do i find on Sky Go?

On Sky Go you can find the live streaming of one Sky decoder channel selection.
Not only sports then, but also classic entertainment channels, cinema, show, documentaries and even channels for children.
As regards the sport, on Sky Go we find practically all Sky sports channels, 10 Sky Calcio channels, Sky Sport F1 and MotoGP themes and the Sky Sport 24 sports information channel.
Furthermore it is also possible to access the Sky On Demand platform, isload your favorite shows to watch them on the go without internet.

How much does Sky Go cost?

Its anomaly continues here too. Sky Go for the majority of customers is in fact included in the Sky subscription.
Therefore, for those who have a subscription to the satellite platform it is free, and contains all the channels for which you pay the classic subscription.
So, if I don't have football channels on my Sky subscription, for example, I won't be able to watch all football in streaming.
But be careful: check via the Sky Fai Da Te page if it is included in your subscription.

How do I stream a football match on Sky Go?

As mentioned, there is only for smartphones, tablets and PCs.
Let's start with smartphone e tablet:

  • Download the Sky Go application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Once downloaded, log in with your Sky iD credentials.
    If you don't have them, click on "I don't have a Sky iD". In this case, keep an invoice for your Sky subscription at hand, as it will ask you to enter yours client code.
  • Once you have entered your credentials, you are ready to go. Click on "TV Channels", scroll to the channel of your interest, for example 201 (Sky Sport 1) and enjoy the game!

For PC, on the other hand, it's a bit different.
You will indeed have to download a PC application from the Sky Go website, which however works exactly like the app for smartphones and tablets, with an almost identical interface and therefore the same procedures.

Is there a limit on the devices?

Si. Sky Go follows the functioning of Now TV but tightens its measures. There are indeed only two devices allowed with the usual annoying wipe limit of one device per month.
If two devices are not enough for you, you can choose to add to your Sky Go Plus subscription: With € 5,40 per month, the limit will reach 4 devices.
For some, it can be added to an offer or a particular subscription: if you are interested, ask for it during the subscription phase or from the Sky consultant.

Is there a limit of devices that can be used at the same time?

Si. Viewing Sky Go is limited to the main device and a second device only. So if two non-primary devices want to watch Sky Go, it won't be possible to do so. So be careful when choosing the main device.

How to watch football streaming on Eurosport Player?

EuroSport Player it is certainly not the first service to see football in streaming that springs to mind.
It might even seem a little pointless, as it offers the only (and little following) Norwegian league, but there is a reason for its presence on this list.

EuroSport Player is indeed a platform that will be very important in the coming years, since EuroSport has managed to "snatch" from the usual names the exclusive for all the upcoming Olympics. It is therefore better to be prepared.
The Eurosport group platform is young and very complete: let's find out in detail.

Where can I watch EuroSport Player?

EuroSport Player is available on all major devices: smartphones and tablets (both Android and iOS), PC (Windows, iOS and Linux), Smart TV, consul e HDMI dongle (Fire TV Stick, ChromeCast e Mi TV Stick).

Download QR-Code Eurosport Player Developer: Eurosport Price: Free+ Download QR-Code ‎Eurosport Player Developer: Eurosport Price: Free+

What do I find on EuroSport Player?

Of everything. The EuroSport schedule is really great.
In addition to (a little to tell the truth) football (to which the MLS, the American championship is sometimes added), the European sports platform includes many sports: basketball, tennis, volleyball, winter sports, chess, billiards, as well as a very important presence of motorsport, whose spearhead is represented by the marvelous 24 Hours of Le Mans, transmitted in full and exclusively.
All broadcasts of all sports are then recorded and stored in the EuroSport Player archive, allowing you to watch the games or races at any time.

How much does Eurosport Player cost?

The monthly cost is quite affordable, set at 7,99 euros per month, and can be deactivated at any time. If you choose instead to subscribe theannual subscription, the cost is 59,88 euros, or 4,99 euros per month.

How can I watch a football match on Eurosport Player?

As always, let's start with smartphones and tablets.

  • Download the “EuroSport Player” application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the EuroSport Player icon comparsa tra le vostre app.
  • You will immediately find yourself on the main page, with all the sports you can see: football, basketball, skiing, motoring.
    To subscribe, click on the little man at the bottom right.
  • Click on “Subscribe”.
  • Choose your subscription that interests you the most between monthly and annual.
  • Enter all credentials requests and payment method.
  • Once everything is entered, you are ready. In fact, the app will return to the main page. To find the sport you are interested in, click on "Select sport" at the top.
  • Select the sport that interests you most, in this case "Soccer".
  • Click on the match you want to see, and voila here is your game!

As for the use on PC, the "Subscribe" button is immediately present by going to the official EuroSport Player page at the top right.
By continuing from there you can complete the registration, and the button "All Sports" remains at the top left, next to the EuroSport Player logo.
As for use on Smart TV, the advice to register on other devices is always valid, and the interface is the simplest of all: enter your credentials, click with the remote control on "All sports" and here is the game you were looking for.

Is there a limit on the devices?

There doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of devices with which to log in with a single account.
But maybe it's just very tall and no one has reached it yet, but in the EuroSport FAQ there are no references.

Is there a limit of devices that can be used at the same time?

Si. As we are used to now, the limit is 2 devices that can be used at the same time.

How to watch football streaming on RAI Play?

Let's move on to the platforms born from generalist TV, starting from RAI Play.
As many of us will know given the great advertising campaign made by RAI, RAI Play is the totally free TV service on Via Mazzini.

This service is the oldest on the list: was even born in 2005 with the name of Rai Click, then became in 2007 and finally Rai Play in 2016.
The RAI multimedia platform was a nice surprise for many, given its excellent functioning over the years.

Where can I watch RAI Play?

It can be seen on all the "classic" devices of this guide: smartphones, tablets, PCs, Smart TVs, consoles and on the most popular dongles.
In addition on some Smart TVs (such as those of Samsung) you can also access it by clicking the blue button while watching a RAI channel: very convenient!

The app was not found in the store. ? Go to store Google websearch The app was not found in the store. ? Go to store Google websearch

What can I find on RAI Play?

All RAI programming, both present and past.
There are therefore all the TV series, dramas, news programs and films available on all RAI channels.
Then there is the live broadcast of all RAI channels, from RAI 1 to RAI Storia, Rai YOYO, RAI Sport or RAI Parliament.
As regards the football, I find all matches of the national team and national cups, even on demand.

How much does RAI Play cost?

The beauty of RAI Play is that it is free.
All you need is a Google, Facebook, Twitter account or a simple e-mail address, register and voilà, that's it.

How can I watch a football match in streaming on RAI Play?

Let's start as is now customary from viewing on smartphones and tablets.

  • Download the RAI Play app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the RAI Play app just appeared in your apps.
  • Once you open the app you are almost ready to go. Click on "More" at the bottom right to access your profile.
  • Click on "Register" top right
  • On the page that will appear, choose the social network you want to log in with between Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple or Huawei ID, or fill in the data below to log in with the email.
  • Once done, you are ready to watch what you want. Simple!
  • For football, the fastest way is click on the "Search" magnifying glass at the bottom right.
  • Write "Football".
  • Choose the one you prefer, for example the matches of the national team, and click on it. Off with the 90 minutes.

As regards the PC, it's even simpler. Go to the website, click on "Login" top right e follow the guide used for the phone from the fifth point, and also on the PC you will be ready to go.

instead on Smart TV, console or HDMI dongle the procedure is a little different.

  • Open the "RAI Play" TV app.
  • The TV will show you a code, with a link to insert it:
  • Open the site on your smartphone, tablet or PC ed enter the 6-digit code superimposed on the TV.
  • Once entered, the TV will be associated with your Rai Play account: And that's it!

Is there a limit on the devices?

No. There is no limit of devices that can be associated with a single account.

Is there a limit of devices that can be used at the same time?

No. RAI Play is one of the few devices without a maximum limit of devices that can be used at the same time by the same account. In addition, offline use of the titles is available via Download, for maximum convenience.

How to watch football streaming on Mediaset Play?

Mediaset Play is a platform that is a direct rival (as the name suggests) to RAI Play.

With this it has several points in common, including extreme ease of use.

Where can I watch Mediaset Play?

Come RAI Play, Mediaset Play is available for all major multimedia devices. Smartphone and Tablet, PC (Windows and Mac only), Smart TV, HDMI dongle (Fire Stick, Chromecast and Mi TV Stick). No console for Mediaset Play: a definitely surmountable lack.

Download QR-Code Mediaset Infinity Developer: RTI Spa Price: Free Download QR-Code ‎Mediaset Infinity Developer: Price: Free+

What can I find on Mediaset Play?

You can find all the Mediaset programming.
Fiction, reality shows, TV series, films, successful programs such as Verissimo, Men and Women or Forum, ed obviously football with Champions League matches, Serie A matches, Sport Mediaset news, Tiki Taka and Pressing programs and Nations League matches.
There is no lack of it as on Rai Play possibility to watch all Mediaset channels live, from Canale 5 to thematic channels such as 20, Focus or La5.
For radio lovers it is also available listening in streaming to all the radios in the Mediaset universe, such as Virgin Radio, Radio 105 or Radio MonteCarlo.

How much does Mediaset Play cost?

Like RAI Play, Mediaset Play is also totally free.
Just log in with your email or your social account and you can start watching all the programming.

How can I watch a football match on Mediaset Play?

Also here, simplicity is the watchword.

Your smartphone and tablet:

  • Download the “Mediaset Play” application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the "Mediaset Play" icon present in your app list.
  • Once opened, you will already have in front of you the catalog of Mediaset programs. But you click on the little man with "Personal Area" below.
  • Open your personal area, click on the purple button "Login".
  • Log in with your Apple, Facebook or Google accountthe register with your e-mail.
  • The app will ask for yours date of birth, to recommend the most suitable programs for your age group: enter it.
  • Once done, you can freely use the service.
  • To find the program you are looking for, in our case a football match, click on the Magnifying glass at the top right.
  • After clicking it, the keyboard will appear: write "Football".
  • Choose the program that interests you most: Champions League, Uefa Nations League and thematic programs like Tiki Taka or Pressing.
  • Choose the game you are interested in and voilà, here's the kick-off!

Su PC, there is no big difference:

  • Go to the official Mediaset Play website.
  • Click on the three horizontal bars top right.
  • Scroll through all the items all the way to find the item "Login".
  • Also here, log in with the account you prefer.
  • Once done, click on the magnifying glass again, write "Calcio" and follow the same instructions as before: very easy.

With regard to the Smart TV, access Mediaset Play here too it is possible by clicking the up arrow from a Mediaset TV channel.
You don't even need to log in here - you'll be able to see everything in a second.

Is there a limit on the devices?

As for RAI Play, also Mediaset Play does not have a maximum device limit with which to log in to a single account.

Is there a limit of devices that can be used at the same time?

Here too follows RAI Play: no limit of devices that can be used at the same time. Perfect!

How to watch football streaming on Eleven Sports?

We arrive at the third to last legal streaming site of the day, Eleven Sports.

This international provider is new to the Italian scene, but already has a lot of experience around the world.
So let's see what it offers to watch football in streaming.

Where can I watch Eleven Sports?

Eleven Sports is available on smartphones and tablets (Android ed iOS), PC e on very few Smart TVs.
At the time of writing this guide, Eleven Sports is not available for Samsung and LG TVs, but only for Android TVs like Sony's.
We therefore recommend if you would like to watch Eleven Sports on TVuse of HDMI dongles such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google ChromeCast or Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.

Download QR-Code Eleven Sports Italia Developer: Eleven Sports Price: Free

What do I find on Eleven Sports?

Eleven Sports' offering is still slightly poor compared to other players.
Alongside the Serie C in fact we find the SuperLega of volleyball, the CIV of motorcycling (the Italian Speed ​​Championship), the A1 Series of water polo and some E-Sports, such as those of Formula E and DTM.

How much does Eleven Sports cost?

The monthly subscription to Eleven Sports costs 7,90 euros, With the 'annual set at € 69,90.
For those interested only in volleyball, the price drops to 4,99 euros per month.

How do I watch a football match on Eleven Sports?

On smartphones and tablets, the procedure is now the same.

  • Sload the “Eleven Sports” app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the Eleven Sports icon just appeared in the list of your apps.
  • Once the app is open, click on "Start Now".
  • To register, click on “Register Now”.
  • You will be directed to registration form. Fill it in, and once done click on "Register".
    Alternatively, you can register quickly using Facebook or Google: find the buttons at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you have taken this preliminary step, choose the rate plan you want and enter your payment details.
  • Once done, confirm your e-mail address by opening emails that arrived at your address, click on "Click here" And that's it.
  • After doing this, log in with your new credentials and you can enjoy Serie C.
  • To watch a live match, click on "Live Events".
  • Once done, you will find the match of your interest: click on it and enjoy it!
  • If, on the other hand, you want to see the schedule or review a past game, click on "Schedule" to find the event you are interested in!

On PC, the situation is the same: one time go to the Eleven Sports website, click on Register top right e the procedure is the same found on smartphones and tablets.
As always, for viewing on Smart TVs enable vi we recommend that you register on your smartphone or PC first and then to enter the credentials on the TV.

Is there a limit on the devices?

From the Eleven Sports website FAQ, there seems to be no constraint on how many devices can be registered with the same account.

Is there a limit of devices that can be used at the same time?

Si. Eleven Sports together with Sky Go is the most restrictive: only one device at a time, no sharing.

How to watch football streaming on Sportitalia?

This famous TV channel SportItalia has recently launched his own Whatsapp.
On this app (and on the SportItalia website) you can watch the four thematic channels of SportItalia and much more in streaming, without registration. But let's see everything in detail.

Where can I watch SportItalia?

Given its presence on digital TV, SportItalia is not available on Smart TVs or devices such as Amazon Fire Stick or Mi TV Stick.
Or rather: it is available using the web browser installed on the dongle and viewing the content on the TV directly from the web page.
Sportitalia is however available in the form of app per smartphone e tablet (both Android and iOS), and also, as mentioned, on all web browsers on the SportItalia website.

Download QR-Code Sportitalia Developer: Kineton s.r.l. Price: Free Download QR-Code Sportitalia Developer: Andrea Capitano Price: Free

What do I find on SportItalia?

SportItalia has brought a different way to watch football in streaming.
Through the app and the site it is possible see the whole offer of SportItalia: services, full matches of the Primavera, all the Highlights of Serie A and B, services on Serie D and on foreign football and much more.
The fulcrum of the offer, however, is the presence of the four new thematic channels of SportItalia, always in live streaming.
There are indeed SportItalia HD, the classic channel that can be seen on channel 60, SportItalia SoloFootball, the monothematic channel on football, SportItalia Motors, the channel that focuses on motorsport, e SportItalia Live24, the sports news of SportItalia.
For the Udinese fans then there is good news: it is in fact available in streaming on the channel Udinese Channel, to follow the feats of the Friulians 24 hours a day.

How much does SportItalia cost?

SportItalia is not only free, but it does not even require a registration: just download it and go.

How can I watch a football match in streaming on SportItalia?

Although it is not the fulcrum of SportItalia's operations, to watch the matches of the Primavera Championship or the two Nordic championships from a smartphone or tablet, the steps are:

  • Download the SportItalia app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the SportItalia icon appeared in the app list.
  • Once opened, you are ready for viewing.
    You can watch one of the 4 channels live, or if you want to watch a game of the Primavera Championship for example scroll the "Home" page (the one you enter as soon as you open the app) down, up to reach the video group “Si Primavera”.
  • THU click, for example, on “Roma-Juventus: the full match”.
  • In a few seconds, the game will begin. Good vision!

On the PC or dongle, on the other hand, just go to the website. Once there, just scroll down and choose the content of your interest, and the game will start. Very easy.

Is there a limit on the devices?

Since there is not even an inscription to do, there are no limits on devices.

Is there a limit of devices that can be used at the same time?

In the same way, there are no limits of devices that can be used at the same time.

How to watch football streaming on TV8?

The TV8 service is the simplest of those available, as it is just your web browser, without apps for mobile devices or for television.

In fact, by going to the TV8 website it is possible to simply watch the TV8 channel, the one that is on channel 8 of digital TV.
No registration, no cost, no special schedule: only the TV channel streaming on your PC, or on the browser of your mobile or tablet (or as we told you before on dongle browsers).

What can I see on TV8?

On TV8 you can see the live programming of TV8. To watch a football match then turn to the good old schedule of schedules, to find out when and at what time there will be the match of your interest.

How do I stream a football match on TV8?

Watching a football match streaming on TV8 is very simple.

  • Open your browser (for example Chrome or Safari) on your PC or on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Go to
  • Your live stream has started. All you have to do is open full-screen playback if you wish and enjoy the programming.

Is there a limit of devices?

As for SportItalia, since access to a website without credentials, there are no device limits.

Is there a limit of devices that can be used at the same time?

Same thing for contemporaneity: no limits, no problems.

Tips & Tricks

We would have liked to have filled this section with a series of links to take advantage of a trial month to these platforms.
But, apart from the deliberately free platforms such as RAI Play, SportItalia or (with all the distinctions of the case) Sky Go, these promotional campaigns are unfortunately over.

All four paid services indeed have decided not to offer a longer or shorter trial period anymore.
This trend, started by Netflix a couple of years ago, is aimed at stop the "crafty" who, in order not to pay for the service, created and canceled accounts every month, never having to pay the subscription.
This bad habit spread worldwide has then also found a follow-up by the other online streaming players, tired of this decidedly annoying practice.

However, there is still a way to save something.
Share your subscription with a friend it can be a good way to avoid having to spend 50e more euros every month for all the necessary subscriptions.
Check only for restrictions on simultaneous use of devices, or see if the things you're interested in don't match.
For example, if you are interested in DAZN matches but your friend only in MotoGP, there may be some hitches in some races: take a good look at the calendars and see if it can be a good solution!

Then there is a tip for those of you who own or use Sky Go: even if it is not allowed to play on TV or dongle, you can always connect the PC or the (few) compatible smartphones and tablets with an HDMI cable to the TV!
A somewhat ancient solution that, if you tolerate the (deliberately in our opinion) not exciting resolution, it can be a lifeline on the move or on vacation!

Finally, check carefully the offers of the telephony operators, both mobile and fixed.
Many companies in fact offer within their packages and offers the subscription for one year or six months to one or more services.

Vodafone for example, a few months ago he offered a contract with Fiber, 6 months of subscription to DAZN and also 6 months of Now TV Pass Sport included for about 30 euros: not bad!
They are not the only ones to offer these solutions: Fastweb and other competitors do the same.
Given the variable nature of telephone offers. we cannot make a list of offers that offer these services valid over time: however, check the official websites of the largest telephone companies, they may have some nice surprises in store for you!

The history of football on TV

Il football it is the most followed sport in Italy, and one of the most loved in the world.
In our country, for some football faith is much more than a pastime for the weekend: it is almost one religion.
For others the football "fever" also leads to following championships far from the Italian one, and the passion leads to wanting to see it all, absolutely everything.
In recent years, however, it is no longer so easy to follow football. After decades of state monopoly and "90th minute", at the end of the 90s private TV arrived, it is in the last two years that there has been the entry of new protagonists: streaming services, legal or otherwise.
And with all these sites born in recent months, the question arises spontaneously in the mind of every enthusiast: how to legally stream football?

And it is to this question that today's guide will answer.
We have left nothing to chance. We have prepared a one small map where you can orient yourself and find the league that interests you most, and then you will find one short guide dedicated to each streaming service, which explains the logic of use, costs and compatible devices.

How much is football followed in Italy?

It is not new to discover that football is the most followed sport in Italy. But how much is followed?
From the data collected by the FIGC (the Italian Football Federation), 4,6 million Italians regularly play football, equal to 23% of people who practice a sport, a percentage that rises to 33,6% among the under 35s.
And these are just those who play football regularly. If we also consider those who follow the Italian football championship, Serie A, the number rises to dizzying levels: out of 60 million Italians, it is estimated that over 31 million follow the game of football in various sizes.

The team most followed and supported is obviously there Juventus, with nearly 9 million fans, followed by Inter e Milan.
However, football is a popular but very varied sport.
If we put aside our own rivalries for a moment, in fact, the archetypes of the different football fans are many.
There are fans of English football, those of Nordic football, to move on to those who would never be able to stop watching a game even in the most unknown leagues.

Given the global success of this incredible game that has moved the crowds and hearts of millions of people for nearly 160 years, the volume of TV rights business has grown dramatically over the past 20 years.
In fact, we have gone from having only the report of the matches on Sunday at 18 pm to having a match for every day of the week between championships, cups and international competitions.

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