The review of Dreame T30, the cordless vacuum cleaner you were looking for

Dreame T30 review

Dream T30 it's a cordless vacuum cleaner, one of many apparently. After all, by now they all tend to look very similar: the same "pistol" design, the same use of cyclonic technology and a package that contains more accessories so as to give the product a bit of versatility because now, in 2021, a single brush is not enough. So why should this product be the cordless vacuum cleaner of your dreams? What makes it more interesting than others? To find out, we put it to the test for 3 weeks. We tell you everything in this Dreame T30 review.

The Dreame T30 review

Dreamer it's probably not the first brand that comes to your mind as much as you think about vacuum cleaners and that's normal. It is certainly less widespread than other brands but no less valid.
But let's take a step back: who is Dreame?
The born in the 2015 with the aim of improving the quality of life of users with highly technological appliances dedicated to cleaning environments. In 2017 Dreame joins the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, that is to the program with which Xiaomi supports other companies by selling their products in the Mi Stores or by applying the Mi brand to promote their diffusion.
Basically there is a bit of Xiaomi in Dreame.

Now that you know a little more about the company that produced the T30, let's try to understand what this cordless vacuum cleaner is like, which has recently also landed in Italy.

Excellent build quality

We confess it immediately: Dream T30 fell there. More than once. This, net of the initial small heart attack, allowed us to notice two fundamental aspects:

  1. The vacuum cleaner that comes from China is really very resistant. No cracks, no scratches, no blemishes. Although the body is polycarbonate, the product is very solid, really well built and designed to withstand even the slightly cursed users.
  2. A support base is missing. Or better, Dreame has provided a wall support which, in our opinion, is impractical. Fewer and fewer people are willing to pierce the wall to position the vacuum cleaner, either because they are rented or because of the desire not to be tied to a single product or a single place. In short, in two years I could decide to change the vacuum cleaner or in three months to rearrange the furniture in the house. Perhaps a floor lamp would have been more comfortable but we would not have disdained even a product capable of self-standing.

These two observations, however, came after a few days of use. At first the first thing you will notice are the accessories included in the package, starting with'carbon fiber shaft which tries to compensate for the weight of the central body, which amounts to 1,76 kg. Many? In reality it seemed to us in line with what the rest of the market proposed.
The box also includes the 2-in-1 brush, the soft brush, a mini electric brush, a crevice nozzle with built-in LED and a smart multi-brush. In addition we find a folding joint to reach the other darker ones in your home.

The central body deserves particular attention. First of all we have a display which performs three distinct functions:

  1. lets you know which one mode you have selected from the 4 available: Auto, Eco, Medium and Turbo;
  2. show un graph, in real time, of the dirt detected, complete with a LED ring that changes color (from green to orange) to give you further visual feedback;
  3. communicates to you when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

We also have the key that allows you to change modes and what instead activates the lock that allows you to suck without holding the trigger. The overview ends with the button for releasing the dirt - quick and painless - and the one for removing the battery, which can be replaced if you decide to buy a second one.

How do you get Dreame T30?

There are several aspects of Dreame T30 that have won us over. First of all can rely on new 5.0w Dreame Space 550 brushless motor and 150.000 rpm. The numbers may not tell you much but the result does: aspires everything. Once put in Turbo mode it will be able to lift even heavier elements, albeit at the expense of the battery. In fact, in Media mode you can use it for about half an hour but at maximum power the autonomy even drops below 10 minutes. Let's be clear, you will hardly use it in Turbo mode for more than a few seconds, which means that the battery should cover an entire cleaning session without difficulty.
Once the power is finished it will take 3 hours to fully charge the 2.900mAh battery.

Duration and power, as mentioned above, depend on the mode. The one we liked the most is that automatic, with the Dreame T30 which, combined with the large brush, recognizes the different surfaces and adapts accordingly. We have then another sensor which is inside the vacuum cleaner e which measures each half according to the level of dirt. The latter works regardless of the accessory connected and allows the vacuum cleaner to vary its power to always guarantee the best possible result.

You can also opt for the other 3 modes available. Eco it's perfect for those who vacuum daily, while that Media it adapts a little to any situation. Turbo instead it is more suitable for emergency situations, where you need all the power that this T30 can bring out.

The accessories also fully convinced us, especially the smart multi-brush that comes with an unusual roller. Indeed, design is to V, the tube is not completely covered by the bristles and the latter remain raised with respect to the central part. All of this makes it hard for anything to get caught in the bristles or rolled around the tube. Of course, it happens occasionally, especially with the hair but it only takes a moment to remove it.

Finally also promoted the filter system consisting of a pre-filter, which traps dirt and self-cleans, and a HEPA E12 filter, washable and designed to retain.

Dreame T30 review: is it worth buying?

Dreame T30 is definitely one of the most interesting cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. Powerful, smart, well built, easy to handle and very low noise compared to the average. Difficult to find any defects, if not perhaps the absence of a floor lamp and the consequent need to install the wall support.
Then the price is really competitive: you can find it on Aliexpress for about € 330. At the end of July, however, it will also land on Amazon with direct delivery from Europe in 7 days.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Power to sell
  • Clear and convenient display
  • Dirt sensor
  • Noise below average
  • Lots of accessories


  • Wall mount only

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