The review of LG UltraGear GP9: a soundbar with a thousand functions

During the winter holidays we had the opportunity to upgrade our gaming station thanks to LG UltraGear GP9, a soundbar that promises the ultimate audio system for all gamers. Indeed, these speakers do not lack anything, from the optimized equalization according to the content, passing through its small size, up to the integrated microphone. But let's go with order in ours review di LG UltraGear GP9.

LG UltraGear GP9: our review

Let's start by saying that LG UltraGear GP9 it can be connected to our PC either via a wireless or cable connection. In the first case, this device can count on a 2600 mAh, which also makes it possible to use it in portability, favored by the very dimensions of the speakers. We are in fact faced with an object that measures X x 376 83 106 mm, which houses two sets of 20mm tweeters and two woofers ”.

There is also a headphone output with lots of support DTS Headphone: X and, very interesting, the presence of a microphone complete with noise cancellation - something not often seen in soundbars. The design is also particularly functional, designed to adapt to the small space under each gaming monitor and facilitate its use.

The knob to adjust the volume is positioned in the center of the soundbar and from here you can also activate the integrated microphone at will. On the back, however, we have all the connectivity options and the jack for the power supply. Just the microphone it amazed us during our test, since it is able to guarantee a really excellent audio performance, and the noise reduction does its duty without muffling the voice too much.

If you want to customize the speakers then, there is the application LG XBoom, which allows you to adjust the color of RGB lights, as well as create and share various audio profiles: an option that is nothing short of saving for the less experienced, who can then rely on a database of profiles to choose from.

Our test

During our test we had an excellent user experience to say the least. Playing with LG UltraGear GP9 as the main speaker we were able immerse ourselves in the various titles in an all-encompassing way, to say the least, thanks to an almost perfect audio rendering, with crystal clear voices and well-marked sounds. Not to mention the soundtracks, when present, which can only be defined with the term "thrilling".

However, the accuracy of the sound is slightly less when using the speaker via the connection bluetooth, not to mention that in this case the battery life does not exceed four hours. An understandable compromise, but which severely limits the use of the device in portability.

In any case, to highlight the versatility of this soundbar, we underline that it is an excellent option also for the enjoyment of films and TV series, as the overall sound definition remains more than good. Of course, some problems can be encountered with an ear attentive to higher volumes, but considering the immersion that LG UltraGear GP9 guarantees, this is a feature that is barely noticeable.

In short, it is undeniable that we are faced with a high-end accessory, and the price reflects this virtue, given that it is sold at a list price of € 499,99 (although you will almost always find it discounted by at least € 100) . Despite this, if you are looking for the soundbar of your dreams for your gaming station, we can only recommend purchasing it.

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