Windows registry backup: complete guide

Windows registry backup: complete guide

There are many tutorials on the net that they suggest make changes to the registry to obtain this or that result and there are just as many programs that intervene on it for repair various system problems, mostly related to malware or unwanted programs.

Although it is known - and also confirmed by the aforementioned programs - that making hasty changes to the registry could lead to damage to the system, due to distraction or in a hurry it could happen make one change too many and would induce the system, once restarted, a behave in a "strange" way.

To avoid such a situation it is always good have a backup of your registry available, to be created when your system is still “healthy” so as not to be caught unprepared: in the guide below you will learn how to create a backup of the Windows registry and restore it.

Preliminary information

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How to create a backup of the Windows registry

TO KNOW: the backup must be created BEFORE making any manual changes (or through a diagnostic program) and not after as, in the latter case, it could be completely useless.

The first thing to do is start the registry itself, by typing the WIN + R key combination and writing the command inside it


followed by Enter.

Once the configuration register is open, select the File> Export menu, give the backup a name that will help you remember when you made it - for example BackupReg_15-01-2015 and save it in a convenient destination, for example the desktop. Make sure the check mark next to Export range is set to Tutto and click on “Save”.

That's it: the backup has been created. For safety, I recommend that you also keep a copy on an external device (such as a USB stick).

How to restore a backup of the Windows registry

TO KNOW: to perform the recovery, the system needs to start at least in safe mode, a plausible scenario if the "damage" concerns only the registry and not other system components.

The first thing to do is to start your computer in Safe mode: if you have Windows 7 or lower you will be able to access the advanced boot menu pressing the F8 key immediately following the BIOS POST message (or EFI graphical screen).

If you have Windows 8 or higher you will be able to access the advanced start menu in the same way only if you have previously enabled it and you can do it by following the guide below.

In all cases, once you have accessed that menu, select "Safe mode" (or Safe Mode, if the screen is in English).

You will come face to face with your desktop, presumably with an out-of-the-ordinary resolution. At this point you can proceed to restore the registry: look the backup file you created earlier, fate right click on it and select "Union".

The backup has been restored as follows: you just have to restart your computer and hope that things will at least return to normal; if not, the damage could go well beyond just the register and you might have the need to restore the entire operating system.

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