Ace Combat 7 Review: Skies Unknown - Master of the Sky

Ace Combat 7 Review: Skies Unknown - Master of the Sky

Have you ever dreamed of being able to enter the cockpits of the most advanced warplanes and fly over the sky, ready to defend your companions and live your adventure? If you are passionate about the genre or have always dreamed of flying similar aircraft, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is the title for you.

The title of Bandai Namco will be available starting from January 18 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for PC on February XNUMXst. Did he make an impression on us? Let's find out together in this new review!

A modern conflict

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is a genre title air arcade: is theeighth chapter of the Ace Combat series and the first to support VR (which, unfortunately, we have not been able to test due to various problems). The title is set in 2019 during a conflict between the Osean Federation and the Kingdom of Erusea, also known as "Second Continental War".

In this new chapter we will take on the role of Trigger, a pilot who fights for the Osean Air Defense Force against the unmanned drones of Erusea. Following some events, Trigger is sent to Osean's Spare Squadron, a criminal military unit.

I state of do not particularly love this genre and at the beginning I really struggled to get used to this game mode totally unknown to me. Despite this small divergence, however, Ace Combat 7 still managed to positively surprise me.

At the beginning of each mission we will be asked to set the difficulty level, in order to facilitate or make the mission more difficult than expected: it all depends on you and your desire to get involved.

Subsequently a radar will appear in which we will be shown various coordinates and where our mission will take place. Finally, after choosing the type of aircraft (which later we can also personalize to our liking) and weapon to use, the mission will begin.


Film graphics and soundtrack

We will immediately notice a graphic nothing short of exceptional: the colors are intense and vibrant while the sky, the main place of our adventure, will seem real on numerous occasions.

In the previous titles, in fact, the clouds were two-dimensional and used mainly as a decoration. In Ace Combat 7, the clouds come to life: thanks to the Unreal4 engine used for the title, the clouds take on a more dynamic, cause turbulence and even lightning storms to make flying even more difficult.

The soundtrack was entrusted to Keiki Kobayashi who, once again, proved to be up to the mission assigned to him. The melody that accompanies us in the course of Ace Combat yes fits very well to our missions in the sky, making the atmosphere sometimes more relaxed and others more tense.

Points, missions and an error

What I really liked about Ace Combat 7 is the missions. Initially I was sure that they would all be the same without any difference, for better or for worse - except for the weather. But it is not so!

Each mission is different from the other: sometimes it will be enough for us to remain fixed in the sky to fight, others instead we will have to get closer to the ground because our targets will be right there. There will also be occasions when these two elements will come together and therefore we will have to be careful both on the ground and in the sky.

It won't be an easy task, some missions will test your patience: hold on.

In addition, at the end of each mission, we will receive gods points based on the time taken to complete the mission, our performance and whether or not we will suffer damage. These points will allow us to unlock new planes in theAircraft Tree, which looks like a kind of "skill screen".

Through these points we will also be able to to unlock o buy various parts that will make our plane the strongest of all, new weapons that we will need during missions and various upgrades, useful for improving our performance in flight.

Ace Combat 7 is a very good title but, despite that, there is a small element which made me turn up my nose and I found it in the dexterity. I honestly don't know if it's a my problem since I am totally denied but I had difficulty, at least at the beginning, in maneuvering the plane (okay, maybe even towards the end but let's not make a drama out of it).

In Ace Combat 7 we also find the Muliplayer Online mode, characterized by intense aerial battles for up to 8 players which will surely make your hours of play even more fun and interesting: remember this mode unfortunately it is not compatible with VR.


We can conclude by pointing out that Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is an excellent product, which has noteworthy graphics and is accompanied by a soundtrack that adapts to any type of mission. The missions are varied and this is good for those who love the genre: they can vary every time, without ever getting bored.

Unfortunately, if you are not passionate about the genre, the title could be boring after a few missions. Excluding this, I can say it's worth it so the choice is up to you: get ready to take off!

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Pro Ace Combat 7 Review: Skies Unknown - Master of the Sky
  • Great graphics
  • Captivating soundtrack
  • Missions that vary
  • Points to customize
Cons Ace Combat 7 Review: Skies Unknown - Master of the Sky
  • If you are not passionate about the genre, it can be boring
  • Muliplayer not compatible with VR
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