Best sites to shorten links and URLs

Share a very long link on messaging services or social networks, it can thevert the interest of the recipient of the message, as well as being annoying to see.

A simple solution to this problem can be to create a "short link", also said short url, certainly more immetheate and pleasant to see, as well as being simple and functional to share.

The short url obtained will thus be composed of very few alphanumeric characters and will refer to the same "long" link without a hitch. In this guide I'll show you how to shorten links, with the best free sites on the net.

Best sites to shorten links or url

In this list of online services to shorten links proposed by us, the only factor that could thefferentiate one site from another is the presence in some cases of additional functions in adthetion to the creation of short links or url, starting from a normal link.

However, the end result is the same for everyone. We initially included the most complete sites that we consider best for ease of use and functions and then alternatives that may be useful for varying the type of link.


It is the new your language service that allows not only the creation of short links, but also the tracking, totally free.

In adthetion to the shortened link, the related QR code will also be automatically generated which you can also save. If desired, it is also possible to immediately share the short link on social networks, by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter buttons, as shown in the image below.

Finally, it is also possible to access the statistics of the clicks received on this short link. To do this, simply open the browser, using the short link to which the "+" symbol will be added, as in the example below:



Among the best sites to shorten URLs you can also use Urly, less known than the previous sites but translated into your language, therefore understandable to everyone. Insert the long link in the area that the site itself inthecates and press the "Shorten”To generate a short link.

Click below to use this URL shortening service.



Another well-known service for shortening the size of a URL is Bitly, also known as Just insert the link that is too long in the field and click on the button Shorten to get a short link that's easy to share. By registering you can monitor the progress of the links created by viewing the clicks and visits generated.

You can use the service for free by clicking on the link below.



TinyURL is one of the first services born to shorten too long URL links and is still in business, ready to shorten all your links. To shorten a new URL you just need to copy the link in the inthecated field and press the button Make TinyURL! A new shortened link will be generated immediately, great to use on social networks or chats. The links generated in this way are with random characters, but you can decide how the shortened link should be composed using the Custom Alias ​​field.

TinyURL is available at the web address below.

LINK | Hootsuite

Finally, I present to you a site to shorten links recently created but already widely used: For those who write on blogs and / or use Hootsuite, they will already know that this service is integrated into the latter platform to shorten all the links and immediately share them on their social networks. The only annoyance is that this service, previously free, now requires mandatory registration, which is still free.

Try the new service to shorten links with the address below.

LINK | (no longer functional from 13 April 2018)

As of April 13, 2018, the most popular URL shortening service has been thescontinued by Google. Fortunately, the alternatives are many, as you have seen, with the sites mentioned above.


Other sites to shorten links or url

In adthetion to the URL shortening sites I have recommended, there are other good free alternatives suitable for this purpose that you can try:


Finally, I also recommend that you take a look at our article on how to shorten URLs on Twitter.

Best sites to shorten links and URLs

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