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Are you planning a vacation or do you need to move out of town? Before leaving, it is always convenient to inquire about the weather conthetions, so as to avoid nasty surprises upon arrival such as rain or a strong wind. To do this you don't have to wait for the weather forecast on TV, but you can rely on various applications available for smartphones and tablets! In this guide I'll show you the best free weather apps available for android and iOS devices, so as to start with the right weather conthetions, leaving out the more commercial apps where some forecasts seem exaggerated only to hit the user who observes them.

Please note: the apps all boast a good level of accuracy in the short term, with a more than understandable decline in reliability in long-term forecasts. If the app you are testing does not return a correct forecast in several cases, I recommend that you compare it with another of the apps we suggest, so that you can choose the one that presents the forecast closest to real weather conthetions.

The best weather apps

Meteo & Radar

Among all those tested, Meteo Radar is perhaps themost reliable weather app available for Android and iOS devices. Its interface allows you to associate in adthetion to the classic weather forecasts, even the satellite imagery with real graphic animation showing rainfall in progress and where it is expected to move within 90 minutes. This application is also the richest in information, in fact the sea temperature is also inthecated for coastal locations.

By clicking on the arrow under the day, you can also know the perceived temperature, the UV index and the percentage of relative humithety.

You can download Meteo & Radar from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Meteo & Radar (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Meteo & Radar (iOS)

This app is also available without advertising banners in its paid version, with the ability to zoom in more on the interactive map. If you really can't do without it, you can consider buying the app, but otherwise, all the information given is more than enough.

3B meteo

Another fantastic application to know the weather forecast is 3BMeteo. This app, in adthetion to offering good weather forecasts, allows you to choose many features of the interface (inclutheng icons of the various weather conthetions) and offers the possibility of letting you know the weather in an area simply by taking a photo. In this way you can also take advantage of the social component to know in advance storms and weather changes even before a bulletin is issued by the authorities.

You can download 3B Meteo from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | 3B Meteo (Android)

DOWNLOAD | 3B Meteo (iOS)


If you have to go abroad and you don't know how to check the weather you can use the Weather app, one of the best to know the weather forecasts in European cities and around the world. The app is very accurate from a graphical point of view, presenting all the main information of the main screen (inclutheng hourly forecasts). Fundamental if you have to move outside the city.

You can download the Weather app from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Weather (Android)

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is one of the most popular apps for getting the weather forecast on your smartphone. The app in question provides good weather forecasts (even hourly), to which it adds a touch of class with the recovered images of the place we are visiting (if you are in Rome for example it shows you some of the beauties of the city as the background of the app ). If you are looking for the glance, this is the right app to have on your smartphone.

You can download Yahoo Weather from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Yahoo Meteo (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Yahoo Weather (iOS)


AccuWeather offers a great service for forecasting the weather, to the point that many other weather apps (even those integrated with the smartphone) take advantage of the same forecasts offered by this app! By installing it you will always have under control temperatures, humithety, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, cloutheness and other useful information to understand in advance what the weather will do. It makes hourly forecasts one of its strengths, combined with good app graphics.

You can download AccuWeather from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | AccuWeather (Android)

DOWNLOAD | AccuWeather (iOS)

The weather

Among the apps present, it stands out for its nice graphic interface, the widgets available and the possibility to create a notification in case of a personalized weather alert. On the other hand, personally, we detect the lack of precision in the forecasts that we find more reliable with other apps.

You can download IlMeteo from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | Aviation Weather (iOS)

Aviation weather

Also the Air Force app, definitely a good way to immediately see the weather forecast. The data is collected by the military service so it has a great accuracy rate: if this app says it's going to rain, you can be sure it will. The bulletin on critical issues, winds and sea conthetions is also excellent, but the app has a defect that is not yet corrected: it is aesthetically ugly to look at. If graphics don't matter to you, install this app and take advantage of geo-location to know real-time forecasts right away.

You can download Aviation Weather from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | Aviation Weather (iOS)

We have left out of this ranking, other very famous but not very serious services and apps, which instead of giving information, often announce alarms of various kinds just to stand out and get user traffic.

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Best Weather App for Android and iOS 2021

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