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One of the situations, unfortunately the most frequent and at the same time most unpleasant, is the one in which the screen breaks due to the fall of the phone. Have it broken screen it means making your mobile phone or tablet unusable.
In this article we want to address this problem by considering the possibility of recovering data (photos, contacts, Whatsapp messages, videos, applications, notes, music, etc ...) from an Android device with a broken screen. There are two possible programs that can help you in this case, below we see them both.

Solution # 1. DrFone for Android

Dr.Fone via Android was the first software designed to recover data from Android devices. The latest version of this program also allows you to recover data from Android (Samsung Galaxy) devices with broken screen or with touch screen no longer working. Here's how it works.

First download and install the software on your Windows PC:

After installing and starting the program you will see this window

From this initial screen of the program click on "RECOVERY”And from the window that opens click at the bottom left on“ Recovery from broken phone “. You'll see:

From this screen you will have to select the data you want to recover (eg. Contacts, messages, call log, Whatsapp chat, photos, audio, video and documents). Then click on NEXT per I will proceed.

Then you will have to say the type of problem you have with the phone and click on one of the two cases:
> Touch screen not working or unable to access the system
> Screen all black (or broken)

The following window will then open:

Select the model of your Android device. Some Samsung devices are currently supported. Then click on NEXT per I will proceed.

As you can also see in the figure above you will have to carefully follow the instructions shown by the program to put the device in "download mode", which is essential to install the firmware and access the memory. Click on START and then:

> Turn off your phone
> Press and hold the text "Volume down" + "Home" + "Power key" at the same time
> Press the volume to enter download mode.

If this procedure is done correctly the program will be able to access and scan the memory of your Android phone and will start recovering all the data present in it. At the end of the scan you will see a window with all the files found and you can select those to save on your computer.

Solution # 2. MobileGO Android

If you don't have a backup of your device content, you need to use “Android Manager” software such as MobileGO per Android. It was the first data management software designed for Android devices. With it you can manage and view contacts, SMS, photos and videos on your Android phone, right from your computer (Windows or Mac).
With this program you can export any files and information from your Android device to your computer, in order to have a backup, even if the phone screen is broken! The only requirement is that the USB DEBUG mode must have been previously activated on your android phone! Or, if you find yourself with a broken screen (but the phone turns on) and the USB Debugging mode is disabled, you can use a OTG cable (available for a few euros here on Amazon) which allows you to connect the phone to the PC and then use the mouse to navigate the phone Settings and activate this USB Debugging mode.

Download the trial version of MobileGO (for windows or mac) from the links below:


Guide: How to Recover Contacts from Android with Broken Screen

First of all make sure that your Android device can turn on and be detected by the computer, otherwise the program will not be able to retrieve and extract the contacts you are looking for.

Launch the MobileGO for Android program on your computer and you'll see a splash screen like this one below:

Phase 1. Collega Android to Computer
Connect your Android device to the computer. If there is an unlock code, enter it (even if the screen is broken) so that the phone is up and running. As soon as the program will detect the device and display its photo in the main window.
On the left of the main window you will see a series of folders: Messages, Photos, Music, Contacts, Videos, SMS, etc…. they contain all the data currently stored in the device.

Step 2. Recover Data
Access the data you want to recover now. For example access the folder Contacts and from here you will be able to see all the address book saved in the Android phone. At this point you just have to select all the contacts (or a part of them) and click on the button at the top Import / Export to export to your computer (Windows or Mac).

Contacts can be saved in HTML or vCard (.vcf) format in order to be able to easily import them into another Android device.

As you can see, even with a broken screen you can recover your Android phone's address book! In addition to contacts, through MobileGO for Android you can also save SMS, Videos, Photos, Apps, etc….


I used to have a Samsung galaxy J 7 and it crashed and now it has the all black display I can't see anything.
I bought a wuawei t 20 lite. How do I find all phone numbers of old Samsung cellphone?

  • Hi this morning the display of my huawei p20 pro broke so suddenly it darkened, it had a line that went from the left corner to the right that most likely started the display with the pressure of the jeans ... now the cell receives phone calls, rings, notifications I was able to call thanks to emi (like siri) but I could not disconnect because the touch did not take me well. In that phone I have too much data to retrieve and I have not debugged. Someone has some idea or has been able to solve .dr round tried but nothing, there is no huawei among the compatibles. Helpoooo

  • I have (had) a Samsung S8, half-destroyed screen due to a fall of “face”, the tel worked but you could only see the upper part of the screen (about 1/3 of the screen). The tel would work, but obviously you can't do practically anything, apart from turning it on or off. I did like this:
    1. I have temporarily inserted my nano SIM in another friend's phone, in order to enter the SIM settings and disable the SIM PIN.
    2. I put the SIM back in my broken phone, turned it back on and connected it with the cable to the pc (I point out - I don't know if it is needed - that the broken phone had wifi on and connected to the home wifi, so some data transmission to the phone arrived, even if blocked)
    3. I connected to the Samsung website and started the “Find My Mobile” function (, having already registered with a Samsung account. Once inside this function, there is the possibility to unlock all the locks on your phone, including fingerprints, iris recognition or other PINs (but remember first to remove the SIM PIN which is independent from the phone, as described in point 2)
    4. once all the blocks have been removed, always with the phone connected to the pc, start the Samsung "Smart Switch" app from your pc (if you don't have it, download it) and make a nice complete back-up of all data , photos, documents, address book, images, etc. both of the phone's internal memory and of any SD cards added to the phone.

    At this point your data should be safe in your pc, waiting to be transferred to another phone, always with the Smart Switch app.

    it worked for me.

  • hi i have a huawei i have data to recover my cell has a broken display how i recover them are important data

  • Broken and black screen, I connect it to the computer but it is not recognized, what can I do? if it had been recognized it would have been easier to recover data such as photos, videos, files, music, etc. but the main problem is the recovery of the samsung notes where I kept important conference notes

  • Hello, I downloaded the application but I can't solve a problem.
    I have an Honor 10 device with a non-working Touchscreen (not sensitive to touch at any point). I need to format the phone when I need to make a return. After downloading the application I am prompted to enable USB Debugging, but since the phone is restarted, without entering the password (I cannot enter it) and since the touchscreen is not working, I cannot enable it. How can I proceed?

    • Unfortunately with a broken screen and USB debugging not activated it is difficult (if not impossible) to reset the device.
      Try taking a look here too:

  • but and for a fee to me everything went well I also see all the contents of my mobile phone but for a fee

    • Unfortunately yes .. you need to purchase the license of the program to proceed with saving the data. This kind of programs is impossible to find free because they are very complex.

      • but I would like not to lose money that is I do not know if it is safe I am still 50 euros

      • If you have already done the scan and preview the data found by the program then you risk nothing. After purchase (usually within 20 minutes of purchase) you will receive a program activation code that will unlock the function to save the data found on your PC.

  • can someone please tell me why the dr.fone screen does not open it to me completely? in this way, I cannot click on 'start'

    • Try increasing your PC screen resolution….

  • hello, I would like to know how long does it take to recover the data? I started the procedure and it seems to be going well, it has recovered over 5000 photos, but it is still at 95% of the scan and the remaining time, when it reaches 0, always starts again from 6 minutes more or less .. do I have to do something? or just wait?
    In the preview I see the photos I was looking for, but I can't download them until the scan completes.
    help me!
    thank you

    • You can also stop scanning and save the data.

  • With the first method, I have succeeded.After many attempts, I have succeeded by following well the guide for the dowland - which for the less tech-savvy like me is not a simple thing -

  • Hi I have an S3 with screen lock on sign, the problem is that the screen is broken, I would like to take all the photos and data, because I'm sorry that they are lost. I tried with this program but it fails to interact because the phone is blocked, I also tried with the Samsung KIes, but nte. Is there a way to unlock the screen from the pc in order to access the phone? Thanks

  • My Asus zenfon 2 phone has been dropped now it has frozen what can I do can it be repaired if I take it to fix?

  • hello everyone I did the whole procedure with dr.frone and I was able to find everything from my tel. the problem is that when I click it recovers in order to save everything asks me to buy the package which costs 60 euros. how do i bypass and save? in the explanation it said to do the trial version and then at the end select what I wanted to save but I get this purchase screen. thank you all

    • The program is not free ...
      You can save something by purchasing the program from this link: https://www.{marca_origen}

  • The former only works if you have a Galaxy
    The second only if you are debugged on

    I have an alcatel pop c7 with broken monitor (black and debug off) and I'm going crazy to find something that works
    I will keep you updated and do it too if you find a solution

  • the site tells me to put email and the license code but how can I find the license code?

    • It is obtained by purchasing the program license.

  • If your device supports it, use an otg or mhl cable to connect your mobile phone to a mouse (if the touch does not work) or if you can't see it, connect it to the hdmi monitor

  • Go to the Find My Mobile samsung page here Find My Mobile | Samsung Content & Services and log in with your email and password. Your phone will be there. By clicking on it there will be various options, including the “Unlock Screen” option. This option does nothing but unlock the phone as if it were in USB Debugging mode. To be able to unlock it, click on it. Then connect your mobile phone to the PC via USB and open Kies and…. Kies will be ready for you to backup your phone!
    Obviously the phone will also be unlocked as a mass storage, so you can enter it and recover photos, videos and files.

  • Guys, you know when a pastry chef is asked to reassemble an engine?
    Here I am in these conditions !!!!
    There is someone in Treviso who can help me
    obviously contributing to a modest sum
    thank you

  • guys, kindly tell me where the contacts recorded on a smartphone go to (I would like to know the path of the folders)

  • hi everyone I have a little problem the program does not enter the samsung s3 cell phone asks me to go to the cell settings but I have a broken display.

  • My smartphone broke and the external sd card was encrypted .. how do i recover photos, videos and whatnot thanks

  • That of the mouse is cool and solves a lot of problems, unfortunately it does not work with all terminals, the old ones do not digest the OTG cable, hello

  • If you have broken touch and debug mode OFF, but the device is working correctly, the solution is OTG cable + mouse! (just done on Xperia Z) If the screen is broken but the cell works, you can try with a usb-hdmi cable connected to a tv, but it must be considered that the usb input of the cell is only one, I don't know if it is possible to manage tv + mouse with a splitter. Another alternative to evaluate is the recovery mode or remote control from the Samsung website (if obviously you have Samsung and you have registered when you first screwed the smartphone).

    • I have a sony xperia c5 ultra dual. the i screen broke and the tuch doesn't work so i can't enter the screen unlock code. Any software I have tried (drFone, Mobile Go, Sony Companion) is not useful to me because it cannot connect to the smartphone as there is, in fact, the lock code. DrFone allows you to type the code from a PC but only for Samsung models.
      Can someone help me? Thanks!

      • Unfortunately there is still no tool capable of unlocking this device ... as you said, only some samsung models are currently supported

      • Stan you are a great you saved my life, I confirm that it works great on xperia z3 compact, and then inside the package there was also the cable, so perfect, great Stan!

  • Hello everyone same problem but with a s4 "broken monitor" I should also recover some contacts and obviously photos and everything how should I do if I can't insert the pin into the phone ...?
    then I am not very familiar with the PC so I ask someone for a hand if they can help me

  • hello… ..I don't have a samsung…. and me too the pc sees the device but does not connect… .how can I take the picture if I don't see anything on the screen?!? !!

  • Gianluca can you explain me better x please?

  • unfortunately I have not even done the samsung registration ... what a mess !!!

    • hello same problem broken screen, no debug, no registration and even phone locked by password and yet after countless attempts drivers and programs nothing to do POI Genialata you download a distro of linux xubuntu for example that is light and runs from cd and then connect the ptphone you see the phone icon and mount the unit (right button -> mount) and enter the device from there copy all the folders in the C disk (windows wuello) visible and it's done !!

      • Hi Gianluca,
        Could you please describe in more detail the procedure you used?
        I have a mess of data to recover in a galaxy s3 and I don't know where to turn anymore! Help…

        Thanks so much

  • hello everyone, I also have an unusable screen but the cell turns on, I downloaded the program, connected the cell via usb, but I also can't find the debug… .if I need the data inside, how do I do it ??? help

  • hello, same problem, but in addition the pc nn reads me the device, tells me that nn finds it !! what can i do?

    • If it is not recognized by the PC, it means that it is off or does not turn on….

      • It works thanks to the phone working but the display is broken .... it also recognizes my EX UMI C1 fantastic ..

  • But how do I enter the pin code of the card if the touch screen is broken and it is completely obscured?

  • I recognize the tel that is connected to the usb but nn I get no screen on the mac ... only that of connection between tel and pc nothing

  • Hi, if I have to put j contacts in a Windows phone, can you tell me how I could do it? Thanks

    • late but… move pin card to other phone and disable pin security. the PIN request is stored in the sim, not in the phone. With android, you can also access your phone, messing around with it, even with a PIN entered and debug off. but "special" knowledge is needed

  • this program does not work if you do not have the debung usb setting active .. but you can solve it by going to this site if you have registered to samsung when you bought the phone, enter your data (email and password) and go to "unlock screen" once unlocked open the KIES program that you find on the internet for free .. with it you can download everything from your phone.
    Hi everyone

    • right…

      • good night… but if the cell has a broken screen, it can no longer be accessed because you cannot enter the Pin findmymobile does not work…. we are point to head.

      • Great .. Thanks to you I did it right away .. And anyway you can also download Smart Switch .. (Also for mec)

    • Hello I tried to follow the procedure but unable to unlock the card (pin) there is no connection nn I can unlock the screen ... can you help me ??
      Thank you

      • I confirm with smart Switch that replaces Kies, in addition if you want to know where the backup folder on the pc resides, go to documents / samsung / smartSwitch / Backup / device name and click many times until the backup list appears, for example contacts / photos /etc. etc..

  • same problem I worked on it for more than half a day and all evening, looking for information on all possible sites, with different search formulas, fed up with the eyes out of being hours and hours on the pc to the point of nausea ... nothing solved.

    • If you don't know how to use smartphones, operating systems and don't even understand what is written, avoid making empty comments!

      • but what the fuck do they have to steal from you? The photos from the school trip? And who has to steal them from you, if you have a broken phone with a black screen ????? But please!

    • What an idiotic comment… Do you think that with an iPhone you would have solved it? Yes, maybe if you had let Apple store all your cabbages with iCloud, maybe ...
      You don't set debug settings on an iPhone just because… they don't exist. iOs is a closed and armored system for users, but only for them since there have been galore of data thefts in the Apple environment.
      And I'm telling you this not because I'm an Android fan or an Apple hater, as I own both terminals and work on both PC and Mac.

      • Sorry Patrizia. Obviously my comment was for Lucio who writes "throw it all away ...", I had clicked "reply" on his comment. I don't know why he put it here.

    • with apple it's even worse….

  • the debung apparently on mine is not active: it is more than five minutes that I recognize the usb connection and therefore the animation but does not recognize the device ... how can I do? there are no other apps? there is some content I need. Thank you very much, I await an answer

    • i have the same problem as matteo - black screen, device connected with usb and recognized, but it is impossible to continue.
      some tips?
      thank you!

      • Throw it all out !!! What a crap operating system !!! To recover data from a broken screen phone you need to set options from the screen !!!!! That being broken you can't do it, so it doesn't help a damn thing !! And to think that I left Apple for Android !! It fits me well.

      • Sorry but the fact that you cannot easily recover data is a sign of greater security and therefore is an advantage of the operating system. Doesn't it occur to you that if it were easy, anyone would take your phone for a moment and steal your data?
        USB debugging is not active by default for this very reason and those who do it know that on the one hand they will be able to recover the data, on the other hand they run the risk that ANYONE can recover the data ...

  • and if the debung usb is not active what do you do ???

    • unfortunately it is necessary for the device to communicate with the software ...

      • so what can you do ???

  • but it does not work with broken monitor if the mobile phone cannot activate the usb debugging from cell!

    • no, if the usb debugging is not already active on the mobile. Many activate USB debugging on the newly purchased mobile phone precisely because it is an option that allows you to access the device in case of technical problems.

      • How can you scan that code if the screen is neroooooooo ?????????

    • I performed the procedure correctly until the last step where I have to hold down the volume and it should start the downlod .. but then it makes me retry indefinitely.

    • does the program exist for the mac?

      • Unfortunately not yet

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