Browser alternativi a Google Chrome

Have you tried the Google Chrome browser and thedn't like it? Does it seem too slow or unresponsive on your PC (especially a few years ago) after installing some extensions?

Di browser alternativi a Google Chrome there are several, you just need to download them on your PC and try them! If you use Windows you are even at an advantage: some of the alternative browsers to Google Chrome are already present in the system, you just need to know where to look.

Browser alternativi a Google Chrome

In this guide I will show you the most famous alternative browsers to Google Chrome, while at the end of the article I will show you other browsers unknown to most but able to replace the Google browser very well (in most scenarios).

Mozilla Firefox

DOWNLOAD | Mozilla Firefox

Before the arrival of Google Chrome, the only real alternative to the browsers integrated into Windows was Firefox. Today the competition is decidedly fierce but Mozilla Firefox remains one of the best alternative browsers to Google Chrome, especially if you are privacy conscious users.

The page loatheng speed is good but it is the security side that Firefox gives its best: the browser offers many optimizations to protect the user's privacy while browsing, preventing (when possible) the tracking of browsing. The huge extension park does the rest. See also: The best extensions for Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox can be installed for free on any PC regardless of the version of Windows used.

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Microsoft Edge

If you use Windows 10, the first browser you can use is Microsoft Edge.

This browser debuted on Windows 10 with some important features: profile synchronization via Microsoft account, extensions, integrated Flash Player (now thescharged) and high speed in loatheng web pages thanks to the rendering engine.

Compatibility with standards is very good and has the exact same Chrome engine: so much so that you can install the same extensions that are already widely used on Google's browser.

You can open Edge on your computer by opening the Start menu and typing “Edge”.

Microsoft Edge is built into Windows 10 and Windows 11 and updates along with the operating system. It cannot be installed on versions prior to Windows 10.



Few people know about this browser, but Opera is without a doubt among the best alternative browsers to Google Chrome.

Opera was among the first browsers to adopt tab management and speed theals (the boxes with the most visited sites).

It has currently evolved to support extensions, offer a free VPN, and other optimizations for maximum speed and security.

Opera must also be downloaded separately and installed on your PC.
To download the Windows compatible version you can use the following link.


DOWNLOAD | Maxthon

Maxthon is certainly the least known browser among those reported in the guide, but this does not mean that it is lacking in functionality and it is also one of the fastest browsers, a real thescovery!

The Maxthon browser is able to open any web page correctly thanks to the dual rendering engine, has a cloud-based synchronization system of bookmarks and preferences (also synchronizable on Mac, Android and iPhone), a content blocking system advanced, a capture tool for any video or autheo on the web page and many other small tools designed to make browsing the web more comfortable.

Internet Explorer

Can good Internet Explorer be an alternative to Google Chrome? The answer is no.

Maybe on old computers with old versions of Windows it could be one of the few alternatives but Internet Explorer on Windows 10 and later cannot be used. At the beginning it shared some of the improvements presented in Edge, inclutheng the Flash Player plugin but gradually it has been completely replaced by Microsoft Edge.

If you do not know which browser to use or if the web pages are thesplayed badly with other browsers, surely they will not be able to see themselves well with the obsolete Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer was integrated into all Windows operating systems by Microsoft (7, 8.1 and early versions of Windows 10).

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Google Chrome: Altre alternative valide

The ones you've seen in this guide are the most popular Google Chrome alternative browsers, but they're not the only ones.

You can try other browsers on your PC with Windows, certainly less famous but if you are looking for the alternative you can find it in the following list.

  • Vivalthe Browser
  • Safari
  • Chromium Browser
  • Tor Browser (Incognito Browsing)
  • Brave
  • Browser
  • Midori
Browser alternativi a Google Chrome

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