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Creation un logo original, personalized, cute, captivating and above all free, which allows us to identify ourselves and stand out from the crowd, it is not easy.
There are two essential things to create really cool logos, fantasy or inspiration, and for that I can't help you, and secondly you need the tools that allow you to do it, and in this I can offer you various services that can help you, for do not waste much time and without installing specific programs to create logos.
For those who have created a site from scratch, the logo is the final touch, which can give a completely thefferent impact to the rest of the site.

Best sites to create logos

Below you will find a complete list of the best portals to create logos ideal for blogs, sites, YouTube and Instagram channels, Facebook pages, signs, t-shirts, business cards and much more.


canva, does not need many introductions, among the tested services it is the best present online. Truly within everyone's reach, it allows you to create a logo from scratch or be inspired by models already present by adtheng many elements and styles, text and backgrounds, icons and frames, in short, you can indulge yourself as you see fit.

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Toolset is another phenomenal resource for anyone looking to create a simple logo consisting of an icon and stylized text. Very simple to use but with a very appreciable effect.

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Designmantic is the ideal site for those who do not want to waste time and do not want to waste energy and imagination, just choose the style of logo you want, the font, the name and the sector to which it belongs (eg kitchen, technology , etc.), and with these few clicks you will have hundreds of logos to choose from, simply great.

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Online Logo Maker it is very customizable and with a little imagination, you can get excellent results. As for the other two, this service is also free and ease of use is the basis of everything, allowing you to create logos in a very simple way.
Let's start by deleting the logo proposed by default, selecting the various texts and images and pressing Delete, or simply selecting “New“ at the top right.

Once the worksheet is cleaned, we can start working with our imagination, uploatheng symbols, images or creating a new text. When you get the desired result, you will find in the last item at the top right, the option to save the logo you have created; a window will open, enter the name of the file with which you prefer to save it and the logo will be yours.
It will certainly not leave you thesappointed. I recommend you use it.

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DesignEvo is an online logo creation service with over 10000 templates that anyone can use to create an impressive logo in minutes. A great resource with a huge variety of customizable examples available, to which you can add additional lettering, shapes, decorations, symbols and icons.

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Here is another fabulous site to create logos, in some cases even animated, like the previous one with many example templates that you can use already present, its name is Cool Text, web service to create logos with many effects and variations, really worth trying.
On the first page you select the type of logo template you prefer and then customize it with your writing; if desired, it is possible to change color, size, shadows and many other effects.
The site is truly within everyone's reach, even computer newbies, this service as well as the others is free and does not require registration.

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Logopony is a service with which you can create logos with very few steps, simply by entering the main name, the slogan, choosing the type of logo and the style and finally the colors. After these steps, many logos will be generated automatically, simply by clicking on the "Create More" button or Create more. Once we find the logo we like, by clicking on "Ethet a preview", we will be able to admire a unique feature of this site, which will create previews of both a business card and a shop sign, a very curious feature to try , which will allow you to see the finished logo and save it by clicking on “Save and continue“. Here are some examples, below:

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The fifth service that I am going to offer you to create logos is perhaps more interesting, especially for those who have a site or a blog, as it allows you to choose between a greater number of fonts, even nice ones, and the results in my opinion are better. the color gratheents and get a bad result at all.
The name of this web service is Supalogo, the site is very simple, with only the essentials.
Load the site of Supalogo, enter the text you have chosen for the logo in the text bar, then click on Options and a window menu will open with other possible customizations, inclutheng the choice between 24 very particular sources, text size, border thickness of the logo, selection of colors and transparencies. Finally click on download to download the logo which will be in .png format.

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Logaster is one of the most famous sites for creating truly captivating logos with many models already present, a simple to use web service that will surely leave you satisfied.
First we connect to the Logaster site where we will click "Create a logo for free" and on the next page we insert the name we want to appear in the logo in "Your company name", for example "GiartheniBlog" and in "Choose business type" the field dealt with example "computer". In the following “ethet” screens we can mothefy the logo to our liking and finally save the final result.

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Other sites to create logos:


All the sites described above will allow you to create a logo for free, certainly an excellent alternative to the various paid sites, which could come in handy if you have higher claims.

Create free logos for your custom site

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