D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH Review: Is This Camera Worth Buying?

D-Link DCS‑8600LH is a wireless camera dedicated first of all to the outdoors, a solution designed to withstand the elements and which, on paper, is particularly interesting. But how does it behave in real life? To find out, we tested it for a few weeks and now we are ready to draw our own conclusions.

A winning design

The first thing that will catch your eye is the design: simple, minimal and, as was the case with the cameras of the mydlink Pro Wire ‑ Free Camera Kit, extremely similar to that of the competition. In short, the points in common with Netgear's Arlo are wasted, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. The D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH blends in seamlessly with any environment, including indoors, so you can use it truly anywhere.

To be successful then it is the magnetic holder that you will find inside the package, a support that you can easily hook to the wall and that helps you to orient the camera without too much effort. Why am I talking about the wall? Because that's actually where it's really comfortable. On the other hand, placed on a shelf, the support will become tremendously difficult to tame.

Feeding is also not very easy. No battery for the D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH, just a classic plug flanked by an equally traditional cable. Don't worry though, her 3 meters will help you to position everything without too much difficulty.

Finally, I remind you that the camcorder is resistant to water, snow and dust, so don't be alarmed by some downpours. The D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH will still be able to do its job.

Installing the D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH

Setting up the D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH is very easy: download l’app mydlink - available on both iOS and Android - and then follow the instructions on the screen. In less than 10 minutes everything should be fully functional.

D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH Review: Is This Camera Worth Buying? D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH Review: Is This Camera Worth Buying? Download QR-Code ‎mydlink Developer: D-Link International Price: Free+ D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH Review: Is This Camera Worth Buying? Download QR-Code mydlink Developer: D-Link Corporation Price: Free+

Remember that, by default, you can use the SD slot to save movies locally. Alternatively you can iscrivervi al cloud mydlink to keep the videos online, but pay attention to the prices: the free version of the service provides for the conservation of the recorded videos only for 24 hours, while to get to 7, 14 and 30 days you will have to pay a subscription ranging from 24,99 to 99,99 , XNUMX euros per year.


How does the camera work?

Let's start with the obvious pros of the D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH. The 2 megapixel sensor delivers Full HD video, at 30 fps, with a 135 ° viewing angle and 4x digital zoom. The images are sharp and quite detailed, while the night vision it is convincing and helps you to see at a distance of about 7 meters.

Also promoted the detection of sounds and movements, which are notified within a few seconds via push, e the audio has had its day, which means you can both hear voices and noises and use the microphone to talk to anyone around.

The real sore point is the mydlink application. The interface continues to be unnecessarily dispersed and complex, geofencing is still missing and the more advanced features, such as Planning and Automation, are not particularly intuitive and easy to reach.

Finally, I would like to spend a few words on integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. I had no particular problems with Alexa and my Amazon Echo Show. An “Alexa, show me the D-Link camera” was enough to follow in streaming what was happening outside, with a truly excellent video quality. I haven't had the same success with Google Nest Hub and Google Home - I eventually gave up and manually started streaming to Nest Hub, while I gave up casting to TV via Chromecast. The same sentence, “Ok Google, show me the D-Link camera“, did not in fact lead to the same result.

If you want to see these two tests live, I invite you to watch the video below.

D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH: buy it or not?

D-Link DCS-LH8600 è a great product penalized by an incomplete and confusing app. On paper, it has everything you need - great video quality, two-way audio, and simple installation - but you'll have to be willing to make some sacrifices.

D-Link's Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera is available for 189,90 euro.

D-Link DCS‑8600LH Videocamera Wi‑Fi Outdoor Full HD

Pro D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH Review: Is This Camera Worth Buying?
  • Minimal design
  • Installation within everyone's reach
  • Excellent video quality
  • Two-way audio
Cons D-Link DCS ‑ 8600LH Review: Is This Camera Worth Buying?
  • App to review
  • Integration with Google Assistant to be fixed
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