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Microsoft Teams is a focal point for teams who need to work together remotely. This group collaboration software allows you to make video calls, have conversations, share and collaborate. The service also offers other collaboration tools designed to simplify the implementation of specific classes, teams or projects. Microsoft Teams can be used for free, but larger teams can access additional features by paying per user.


Download Microsoft Teams for Android

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What is Microsoft Teams?

It is a communication medium that offers users the possibility to access shared files, but also to chat with each other through voice, text or video chat. It is a workspace, in Microsoft, designed with the primary objective of simplifying group work. It allows you to work effectively remotely with other people.

The tool offers various features like private calls and meetings. It is compatible with all Microsoft applications. The service supports around 93 languages ​​and dialects. Microsoft Teams is primarily for people who regularly use Office 365. Hundreds of thousands of organizations, businesses, colleges, schools, and universities around the world are already using it. The platform now has more than 75 million daily active users.

All the features of Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, it is possible to open multiple channels or chat rooms within a single team. This makes it easier to follow up on conversations, categorized according to specific threads.

Discussions can be chained from top to bottom and each time they are updated, users will be notified. Very practical, all it takes is a single click to have a voice or video conversation with the other members of the channel. Typically, a video upload and group chat can have 250 users. To this end, communication in large groups is facilitated thanks to the Kaizala messaging service integrated with Microsoft Teams.

In addition, the service offers an “Advanced Communizations” user license which is able to support active meetings with more than 1 participants and events with more than 000 participants. This license also includes an additional module providing brand funds, including the telephony function, “Teams Calling”.

Since the platform is integrated with Microsoft 365, it is therefore linked to the other services of the Office pack, including Excel and Word. Thus, it has cloud sharing and storage services like PowerPoint, SharePoint and OneNote. Now you have access to all of these features on Microsoft Teams. You can sync all presentations, spreadsheets, and shared documents. Plus, you'll have a copy placed in OneDrive. If a member has sharing rights, they will be able to access the latest version.

Moreover, shared content is possible thanks to collaborative editing. All users will then be able to make changes in real time from the Office software. This way, a user will always be able to access the summary of a call, meeting or recording.

How do I manage Microsoft Teams features and updates?

Access to internal Microsoft Teams sites, files and dashboards is done automatically from Microsoft 365 Groups. You can proceed to create a new group or link the team to an existing group. In addition, the software includes a reporting option that allows you to indicate an important update at the level of any option.

It should be noted that new features are being added all the time. This is for example the case of Teams for healthcare organizations. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the software has been the subject of several updates.

For example, you can take advantage of the new “Together” mode which places you in a shared virtual space. This makes it possible to create an effect of conviviality between remote workers. Users of Microsoft Teams channels can also connect with outside services. Using connectors, organizations can link their own internal applications directly to Teams channels. Among them, you can already take into account updates from Zendesk, GitHub and Evernote.

When it comes to security and data protection, Miocrosoft Teams submits to Tier C service. This two-factor authentication includes single sign-on through Active Directory and encryption of data at rest and in transit. In addition, the platform offers control commands that ensure the protection of sensitive data against possible leaks. Through information barriers, it is possible to reduce the team members who can participate in a small group conversation.

How to create a team on Microsoft Teams?

To create a team on Microsoft Teams, it's easy. Go to the Microsoft Teams website and sign in if you have a Microsoft account.

Otherwise, you can register for free. Then follow all the instructions for setting up your team. A download Windows application button will appear and click on it to continue. You can also go to the download page. Start the Microsoft Teams installer. Once the app is open, you can sign in to the Microsoft account you created earlier.

Tap Continue when the Welcome To Teams message appears. You will get a link that you can share with other members to invite them to your team. You will also receive this link by email so that you can use it at any time. Press "I have it" then continue to the onboarding process.

You will be able to understand how chat, channels and meetings work with several tooltips. On the left side, you'll see a tab that will allow you to quickly switch between private chats, files, and notifications. To join a team, all you have to do is ask a member to invite you and visit the link in your browser.

If necessary, enter your details and then tap Send request. Once the request is approved, you will be able to sign in to Microsoft Teams. To choose the team you have been invited to, just click on the drop-down list.

Zoom on the use of the Microsoft Teams application

The principle of Microsoft Teams is based on being able to communicate through file sharing and group emails. However, loss of messages and files are risks that you might face with the platform.

The main advantage of Teams is that it can be integrated with Office groups and services. Users can use it to seamlessly transition to dashboards, document editing, and planners. By going through video calls, group chat and voice calls, you can easily access all these shared services.

In addition, the service embeds an instant messaging which makes it possible to send messages such as a discussion to any address. The platform also supports call waiting and resuming. You can also access their history. The tool offers all the features that allow identity masking, call forwarding, multiple call management and extension dialing.

Microsoft Teams compatibility and availability

Microsoft Teams is available in multiple versions and offers "part" availability for its users. The software also offers a whole series of features put in place to support teachers and students with regard to time management.

Thanks to the OneNote functionality, it is easier to extract school information by serving as class notebooks. Finally, it should be noted that it is multiplatform. It is compatible on Mac, Windows, Android, Linux and iOS as well.

Who are Microsoft Teams' direct competitors?

Microsoft Teams competes directly with several flagship apps like Google Meet, Slack, GoToMeeting, and Zoom. These aren't as robust and comprehensive as Microsoft Teams, but they dominate some of the market.

Slack, for example, was launched before Teams. It is used with Google Apps for Work. This association offers a particularly easy way to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. Moreover, the application has nearly 500 users. In addition, the platform is accessible as a Freemium product: its price is characterized by personalized pricing. In this case, it can be adapted to the different needs of each user. This is not the case for Teams which offers a professional version with a single and complete subscription.

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