Download Play Store: How to find, download and install the latest version in APK

We often get requests asking us where to find the Play Store Apk updated to the latest version from a safe source and how to install it. With this guide we try to answer all the questions on the issue.

  1. What is the Play Store
  2. Where to download the latest version of the Play Store apk
  3. How to install Play Store apk

What is the Play Store?

Let's start with what the Google Play Store.

It's a Google App; it is the Google's official application market for its mobile system (originally it was called "Android market"). Through the store it is easy to search, download and install apps on your device (even on SD cards).

The Play Store is usually factory installed on the vast majority of devices with the Google system. However, some devices, such as some imported smartphones and tablets (mainly from China, such as Huawey) they do not have one. In this article we will explain in the dethecated paragraph how to proceed with the update and installation. This procedure is also feasible for Amazon devices that have Fire OS operating system, which however is based on Android.

We would like to remind you that the Play Store is not the only application market available for Android but it is the official Google app. We have dethecated an appreciated article to the best alternative app stores for the Big G system.

Il Google Play Store you can download it online as an APK file. THE APK file are a particular file format that stand for "ANdroid Package ”which are used for the thestribution and installation of software for the Android platform.

Where to download the updated Play Store APK to the latest version?

The best source of the official apk of the Google market is the site APKMirror, which is also one updated, checked and verified apk source. For further information, we invite you to read the APKMirror Guide.

At this point you can proceed to download of the latest version of the Play Store, opening the Google Play Store APK page.

To download the latest version of the Google Play Store:

For clarification, see example image below. Note: the image below may refer to previous versions of the Play Store but, following the link above, you will always find the latest version of the Play Store available.

Scarica Play Store (guide in the example image):

On Android devices, the warning of dangerous file may appear: it is better to press “OK” and rest assured because it is a standard message when you download apk (as already mentioned, APKMirror is a very reliable source).

It is also worth downloatheng the updated Google Play Services APK (system app) always from APKMirror in the same way.

You can find it by clicking on pagina APK Play Services.

By clicking on any version of the Play Store or Play Services, if a new version is available, the red wortheng will appear: "There's a more recent version available below!"

Simply go to the bottom of the second part of the page to find links to the latest versions.

How to install the Play Store APK?

This procedure is valid both if you want to force the Play Store update, and if you want to perform a new installation.

In general, it is not advisable to force the Play Store update because it happens automatically. The innovations introduced between one version and another are marginal. This procedure is therefore recommended only for those with malfunctions derived from the old version of the Play Store and for those without one. If you have a recent version, we strongly encourage you to wait for the automatic update.

Before continuing, make sure that the apks are downloaded (see previous section of the article dethecated to the Play Store download) and that you have a File Manager. The file manager is the app that allows you to browse your files and launch the installation comfortably, we talked about it in the app to open files.

Proceetheng with the installation is very simple:

Once the download is complete, you can safely download apps from the Playstore. If you want some advice, in these two articles you will find the best Android apps and the best Android games.

Our in-depth study on how to install and update the Play Store for free and free through apk updated to the latest version has ended, we hope to have provided you with the best solution.

Download Play Store: How to find, download and install the latest version in APK

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