Dragon Quest XII the Flames of Fate announced: a dark fantasy chapter coming?

A few hours ago the celebrations for the 35 years of Dragon Quest ended. On the occasion of the event, several important news were announced, among which the confirmation of a twelfth chapter of the upcoming saga stands out. Dragon Quest XII will have The Flames of Fate as subtitle and for now it has no reference launch window.

Dragon Quest XII is under development

The conference saw numerous noteworthy announcements, but the most emblematic of all is undoubtedly that of Dragon Quest 12 The Flames of Fate, which was presented via a teaser trailer that showed very little of what the full title will offer players.

Already from this very short video, however, it is evident that the atmospheres have changed, in favor of darker and darker tones. An element also confirmed in the announcement, when it was described as a more mature Dragon Quest than usual and intended for an adult audience. A nice change of paradigm, if we consider that the saga has always made carefree and colorful atmospheres its trademark.

In addition to this, the title will also have a revised combat system, but no further details have been disclosed in this respect. What we do know for sure is that the game will have a multiple choice system which will actively influence the course of history and, we imagine, its ending.

Again this is a big news for the saga. It therefore seems that the goal of this twelfth chapter is innovate the playful formula that has made the series great over the years, a courageous choice that we can only appreciate. We look forward to more precise information on this, since at the moment we don't even know on which platforms it will be released.

All the news and other titles coming soon

However, the news does not end there, since there have been numerous other confirmations to accompany the announcement of Dragon Quest XII. First of all the arrival of Dragon Quest X Offline, the version completely released from the online counterpart of the tenth chapter.

The new version of the game will arrive together with an unprecedented expansion in 2022 and will be proposed as a nice return to the past, with super deformed graphics and pixel art. For the moment the title is dedicated only to the Japanese market and even in his case, the platforms on which it will be possible to play it have not been announced.

Always on the line of the new editions we also have Dragon Quest III HD, a full-fledged remake of the third Dragon Quest. The title was created in collaboration with Team Asano (Octopath Traveler) and the guys from AMATA KK and re-proposes the adventures of one of the historical chapters of the series in HD version, combining the Pixel Art technique with 3D effects.

In his case, the release will be global, but the reference platforms are not known.

Finally, the last confirmed title of the conference was Dragon Quest Treasure, a Dragon Quest XI spin off starring Eric, a party member from the eleventh chapter, and his sister Mia. Square Enix has been very cryptic about this latest game, limiting itself to showing the trailer and declaring that it will be centered on the theme of treasure hunts.

The announcements, in short, have left nothing to be desired and it seems that Dragon Quest fans will be quite busy starting in the next few months. We, for our part, can't wait to find out more about each of these new titles coming soon.

You can view the full event on the Dragon Quest official YouTube channel.

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