Esselunga and Coop skip the line applications to avoid queuing outside supermarkets

Esselunga e Coop they are experimenting with two applications skip the line to avoid doing the fila out of supermarkets. But what are these applications and especially in which supermarkets do they work?

Esselunga and Coop skip-the-line applications

Esselunga e Coop - for a few days now - in some of their supermarkets they are experimenting with the use of smartphone applications that allow you not to queue. Yeah, because if you've gone shopping at least once in the last month, you'll have stumbled upon 1 or 2 hours of something out of your local supermarket. Admissions are limited and for this reason we have to wait outside. 
It is precisely in this case that some smartphone applications come to our aid that allow you to obtain the famous "numerino" and then enter the supermarket only when you are called. 

But what are these apps and how do they work?

Esselunga app skip the line how to use it

The experimentation of Esselunga it has not yet been officially communicated but has been sponsored in some points of sale in Milan (Viale Umbria. Via Feltre, Viale Famagosta), Sesto Fiorentino, Biella and Verona. 

Esselunga uses the functionality ofUfirst smartphone application which already offers a similar service of saltacoda for banks and public offices. Just download the application, geolocate yourself in the city of Milan and select the active point of sale. Once these operations have been carried out, you will have to "queue" virtually (in Milan it is allowed to queue up to two and a half hours before closing in one, up to an hour before in the other, and in other cities up to one 'hour before).

Through this app available for both iOS and Android, you can see the queue trend in order to understand how many numbers are missing before your turn, thus allowing you to reach the Esselunga store you have selected. 

We hope that this functionality will also be extended to other stores because it could really help to save a lot of time but above all effort. 

Esselunga skip-the-line with the Ufirst application. Milan among the first cities

A Milan the Esselunga stores in which the skip-the-line service of Ufirst are 10:

  • Esselunga Milan - Adriano
  • Esselunga Milan - Via Feltre
  • Esselunga Milano - Rubattino
  • Esselunga Milan - Lausanne
  • Esselunga Milan - Piave 
  • Esselunga Milan - Washington
  • Esselunga Milano - Solari
  • Esselunga Milan - Via Famagosta
  • Esselunga Milan - Lorenteggio

Download QR-Code ufirst Developer: U-First s.r.l. Price: Free Download QR-Code ‎ufirst Developer: U-First srl Price: Free Coop skip-the-line booking CoD @ home


Il skip-the-line project by Coop instead it is called CoD @ casa. This is not a real smartphone application but an electronic management service for bookings for access to points of sale directly from the Coop website at this link.

As reported on the Coop website, i shops currently involved in the initiative CoD @ home I'm:

  • Ipercoop Bonola
  • Ipercoop Piazza Lodi,
  • percoop Baggio
  • Coop Milan Palmanova supermarket
  • Coop Milano Arona supermarket

After registering on the site and once the time slot has been booked, the user will receive an e-mail with the following information:

  • The chosen store
  • The time slot to access
  • The reserved reservation number

With the reservation number, and only after being contacted again by e-mail, will you be able to physically go to the store. Here an operator will verify the reservation and allow entry (Check-in), and at the end of the shopping will register the exit (Check-out), in order to allow subsequent access.

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