Google Play Store begs you to uninstall old apps you no longer use

Le Google Play Store starts sending notifications to users, encouraging them to remove old apps that haven't been used for several months.

Android offers a big sweep in its applications. The Google Play Store is starting to send notifications to certain users telling them that one or more software on their smartphones has not been opened for several months.

The Play Store scans installed apps for unnecessary software

The software store offers to immediately uninstall these unnecessary applications to make room on the smartphone. Once the deletion is done, the Play Store displays the disk space recovered on the smartphone.

The notification is currently for users who have downloaded a lot of apps from the store and may potentially have issues with storage as the installations progress.

This measure is accompanied by an overhaul of the notation, which will drop the overall rating of an application. The proposed score will no longer be calculated only on all review published and the most recent comments will carry much more weight than opinions dating back several years.

These changes, which will be active as of August of this year, will allow developers to be rated on the most recent versions of their apps, and not on features that are obsolete today.

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Google is deep cleaning the Play Store

Google is aiming to thoroughly rework the Play Store this year, after a series of incidents that have affected the platform in recent months. The company wants to increase security and prevent its users from downloading malware or falling victim to spyware.

Just days ago, Google banned a major publisher after an analysis by BuzzFeed found that its software shared user data with the Chinese government.

Source: BGR
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