How do I activate two-factor login on Facebook?

The security of your Facebook account is essential if you want to enjoy the famous social network with complete peace of mind. And the juggernaut understood it well! In order to protect its users, it has therefore implemented a two-factor authentication system. Thus, anyone wishing to connect to your account will have to provide a second code in addition to the password.

This tutorial will explain how to enable two-factor login on Facebook. And I promise, it's much simpler than it looks!

Enable two-factor login on Facebook

  1. See you in the Menu of Facebook, represented by an arrow pointing down, at the top right, then click on Parameters.

  2. In the right column, click the tab Security and connection.

  3. Scroll until you reach the part Two-factor authentication And click Edit.

  4. In this new page, click on Start to configure the activation of two-factor authentication.

  5. In the dialog box that appears on your screen, enter your password again, Then click on the button Send.

  6. Choose authentication method which you prefer (authenticator app or text message) by checking the appropriate box, then do Next.

If you chose the SMS authentication method

  1. In the next step, you just need toadd your phone number in the form and click Next.

  2. Wait a few minutes, you will receive an SMS on the number indicated above. Enter this code 6 digits before clicking Next.

  3. Finally, click finish in the new dialog box that appears on the screen to activate the two-factor authentication method.

If you chose the authenticator app

  1. In the next step, a QR code appears in the dialog box. Scan the QR code or enter the series of numbers and letters shown in your Duo authenticator app or Google Authenticator. Then click on Next.

  2. Your app will show a 6-digit code, code that you must enter in the dialog box on Facebook before clicking on Next.

  3. Finally, click finish to enable this new two-factor authentication method.

Your account is now much better protected against cyberattacks. But you can also go further by configuring other optional systems provided by the social network: use of a security key, recovery codes... Everything is done to make Facebook safer than ever.

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