How do I add a video to YouTube's Watch Later playlist?

YouTube is full of videos, each more interesting than the next. It may happen that the user does not have enough time to consult all the content that interests him. Foresighted, the developers of the platform have thought of everything: they have created a special playlist, accessible directly from the YouTube homepage. Named "Watch Later", this list is ideal for storing videos that you haven't had time to watch yet.

The "Watch Later" playlist is available in the left column of the YouTube homepage. Unlike the waiting list, it allows you to keep your unwatched videos as long as you want. This tutorial shows you how to use this useful tool.

Add a video to the Watch Later playlist

If you want to keep the videos even after closing your browser, we recommend going through the “Watch Later” playlist instead. This list is pinned to the left column of YouTube and can be viewed at any time. Here is how to use it:

1. Go to the YouTube platform.

2. Below the chosen video, click on the three small vertical dots and this time click on “Save to “Watch Later”.

3. You can also hover over the video thumbnail and click the clock icon.

You will find the video in the "Watch Later" playlist, visible by clicking on the three vertical lines at the top left of the YouTube home page. This list has several sorting options:

  • Chronological or reverse chronological order. 

  • Popularity. 

  • Publication date.

You can delete one or more videos whenever you want and give content a reading order. To do this, just drag and drop. You can also click on the icon in the form of three small vertical dots to place a video in the first or last position.

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