How do I enable Razer Chroma support in Vivaldi?

If you are equipped with Razer equipment (headset, keyboard, mouse…) and you use Vivaldi , did you know that you can synchronize the colors of your devices with those displayed by the browser, or even with those of the websites visited?

Completely useless, therefore essential.

How do I enable Razer Chroma support in Vivaldi?

1. Go to Vivaldi settings. They hide at the very top left of the interface.

2. Head to the “Themes” menu and scroll down. There, check the “Enable Razer Chroma support” box, then check the devices you want to integrate.

Now, if Vivaldi is accepted in Razer Synapse (you can check it in the app, in the Apps menu), your Razer peripherals will adopt the same color as the Vivaldi interface. It also works with scheduled themes and themes that automatically change color depending on the sites visited.

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